White Paper

We’ll be like a white paper
without the stories in our mind
without the memories and what we tell
ourselves about the future
and then there will be only
the blank page of the now
on which our kisses,
our dance of love writes
new poetry


Somewhere In The Stars

And if I just fly up to the stars tonight
will you do the same
and will we meet and dance and kiss
somewhere where we do not miss
where worlds aren’t split
but where I’m just with you
and you with me
as it should be
as it is wished for
will we pick up our dreams tonight
somewhere in the stars


In Sight

Are you watching the cat
from a distance
how she licks her wounds
but still tries to move gracefully
to find her way home

Or is she watching you
how your heart is wounded
but is still beating determined
and strong

Does she watch,
do you watch
just to see if you still
have each other
in sight


Ebb And Flow

If it feels like the sea
has abandoned her
and she’s been left
scared and alone
on her shore
as its water pulls back
its waves
roll away from her
she just needs to breathe
to see the sea
doesn’t go anywhere
and the tide will turn