Not The Girl Next Door

I’m not the girl next door
You find in every street
But I’m the girl overseas
You need to surf waves for me
Brave your deeper waters
And sing your songs
strong enough for me to hear

I’m not a flower you find in a garden
But I’m the wild rose
That dances freely in the fields
You need to dance along with me
And find your freedom at heart
So you can love me wildly
and openly

I’m not a girl of ‘just a girl’
Or ‘another girl’
But I’m the girl of ‘THE girl’
Of ‘your girl’
Your wild rose overseas


Cocoon Of Love

I wallow in our love
And make a cocoon of it
To seek protection
against swords and thorns
of the world outside
And then I’m in there
together with you
Like two butterflies
Holding each other
in the knowing that
Our best time
is yet to come


Hold Me In The Now

Hold me, my love
As I need to forget
In your arms

Please, sing for me
Read your poetry,
Dance, jump, play
Make love to me
Tell me stories,
tell me jokes
And hold me
even closer

Just do everything
you can imagine
To stop those tears
running down my cheeks

And hold me
in the now
Far away from past
And future


Be Ghosts Together

Previous: Trash

My love, when I feel like
I’m just trash to others
And I am like a ghost
that does not belong

Can we just be ghosts together
That belong to each other
And then we say ‘boo’
to the people that hurt me
And left me alone

And out of the trash
that is thrown
we make a treasure
to keep


Ask The Stars

When you don’t know how or when
Or which road to choose
Just ask the stars
And they will show you
The connecting dots
The story of us
The map of our fate

Do you see how the shine
of some of them is still to see
Even when they’re already
gone many light years ago?
Can you still feel my embrace
How I looked into your eyes
Even when you don’t see me no more?

Ask the stars
And they will tell you
about the lasting impression
The indelible mark
you left on me
And how the constellation
of the two stars
that we are
is meant to be


Be Mine

Be mine, my love
In heart, body, mind and words
In spirit, on earth and far above
Forever and far beyond

Be mine when you wake up
Be mine when you take
your steps into a new day
Be mine when you eat and drink
and smile and sleep
Be mine in all what you do
and what you leave

Be mine in your failure and in your success
In your tears and in your happiness
Be mine when you rise and jump
Be mine when you fall and bump
Be mine in motion and in stillness
In dreams and in what is real
Be mine when you miss me and I miss you
Be mine when you’re far away
and when you’re near

Be mine when you want to
walk away
Be mine when you wish to stay
Be mine when the sun shines and when it rains
Be mine signed on a paper
and in name
Be mine without any proof
and just in trust
Be mine for the laughter and the fun
Be mine for serious business

Be mine when you make love to me
In my arms, in my heart,
in my body, in my art
When you lead and when you follow

Be mine now and right on time
Be mine when you’re late
Be mine when you’re cold
and when you’re hot
Even moody, gloomy, clumsy
Be mine anyway and for sure
Naked and with clothes
Be mine when the door of your heart is open
and when it’s closed
Be mine when I am yours


Do You Feel Me

Do you feel me like I feel you
As a presence always around
Almost touchable sometimes

As a presence in my heart
A glowing, connecting warmth
As a waterfall of love
coming down

As a presence in my thoughts
An image before my inner eyes
A presence in my poems
In every word palpable

Do you feel me like I feel you
So we are never without
Even when out of sight
We both have us within
And have each other around


Love Magnetic Forces

Do you remember
How are eyes locked
and pulled us together
It seemed not of this world
A force that worked
beyond us
We did not have any control
Magnets we carry inside
our hearts
That pull us to each other

Like the sun and moon
pull the ocean
and let the tides arise,
We are pulled by love magnetic forces
Stronger than the own will of the ocean water,
Stronger than us
A force that always keeps
and pulls us together


Let Me Shout

Let me shout for once
Let me scream
All of my hurt
All of my dark past
From the deepest of my being
I will cry and roar

And then,
let me come to terms
with life and with myself again
In your arms,
Against your chest


The Sun In My Sky

You’re the sun in my sky
The flower in my field
You’re the colours of my rainbow
The bird in my tree
You’re my Spring after Winter
The water in my river
You’re the coral in my sea

You’re the chocolate of my cake
The flame of my candle
The exit of my maze
You’re the oasis in my desert
The painting on my canvas
You’re the heart of my matter
The love poem on my paper

You’re the cheese of my Netherlands
The dike of my land
You’re the altar of my church
The castle of my sand
You’re the wizard of my magic
You’re the king of my kingdom
The American of my dream
The Irish of my coffee
The ‘you’ of my poem



When you overthink
And your thoughts are like
jumping monkeys in your mind

Just play your music
Ground yourself in good vibes
And sing, sing, sing
Imagine me in front of you
How I mirror your smile

And over sing, over play,
over dance, over joy,
over smile, over love
your thoughts


The Troubadour

He is a troubadour
He travels the world
on his horse
And he rides and wanders
Through Summers and Winters
Through light and dark days
And wherever there are people
that want to listen,
he sings his songs
about love and melancholy
to come in from the cold
and to warm himself
and the people he meets

But then he gets restless again
As he is a stranger everywhere
And he longs for a fire that
burns and shines him
right into the heavens
And he knows

There is a house of poetry out there
There is a kingdom for him somewhere
There where she is

And he could travel and travel
And search and go
ride over the whole world
Sing his songs everywhere
But he knows,
Oh how he knows

At her fireplace
there is his home
And only there,
with her flame
he can truly warm his heart
and his songs will be warmly heard


Turn Me On

Write me into your words
Rhyme me into your poetry
Sing me into your songs
Let me be your melodies
you play every night
Tune me into your music
Voice me into your sound
And turn me on


Logic Doesn’t Make Sense

It goes against all odds
It is not logical
As the storylines of the past
speak against it
And if you would look at it
from outside
It wouldn’t make sense
There is no rhyme or reason to it

How happily in love I feel
with you
How I trust and believe
Where others would already
have lost hope
long time ago
Is it because my heart,
my soul just knows?
And then it is the logic
that doesn’t make sense


In Contact

There are different ways
of contact
There is the talking and the listening
The writing and the reading
There is the eye to eye
The body to body
There is the direct and the indirect
In closeness or in distance

And there is the contact,
There is the knowing that
we are in contact always
Our thoughts that talk with each other
Our feelings that exchange
Our dreams that interrelate
Our hearts that communicate


Good Night

And she closes the curtains
Of her house of poetry
It has been a long day
And now it’s time
to go to sleep

But there are still new poems
That eagerly want to be written
and read
They are like the flames
of the candles
That make dancing shadows
on the wall

But now, she really says good night
to her fairy man
Good night to her poems
Tomorrow will be a new day again
The last tale she’ll tell today
is how she’ll fall asleep in his arms


Read Me

Read my words
Taste them on your lips
Every single letter
will pull you
more into my world

Read my eyes
They are an open book
to you
Hungrily they wait
for their reader

Read my hands
Read the storylines
on my palms
How they continue
on yours

Read my lips
And how they whisper
About all the kisses
yet to come

Read my heart
Our love is written in it
Your name is engraved

Read my body
Read its language
How it moves around you
And how all its senses
are made to sense you

Read all my pages
All my chapters
As all is filled with me
and you


Like You Dance With Me

Dance with your guitar
Like you dance with me
Hold me closely against
your body

And dance me playfully
Dance me softly
And then dance
me strongly
Bring me in harmony
with you

Dance, my love
and move us around
Dance me freely
Dance me heavenly
Dance me as I dance you


Spring In Autumn

On this cold, dark, rainy
windy November day
I’m in Spring
As I walk with my head in the clouds
Butterflies inside
and everywhere around
My heart a flower that is blossoming

I dance in the rain,
I fly with the wind
I warm the cold
and burn the sun
back into the sky

It has no doubt
Everyone can see
How completely
in love I am
with you



We pick up the broken pieces
The pieces that we lost
along the road
Pieces of hurt
Of childhood wounds

Pieces that scattered
Or just flew away from us
Sometimes we didn’t even know

Pieces of betrayal
Of heartaches
Pieces of lost dreams
Of lost hopes

We pick up all the pieces
We pick up you and me
And we make us one
We make us whole


Trust Me

I know, it’s not easy to be loved
if you expect to be abandoned again
If you think love can
be taken away from you anytime
Like a thief in the night
that steals your heart

If you think love has conditions
And you need to meet certain standards
If you think love is a game
and you will lose in the end
If you think you will never be good

So you tested the waters
You threw rocks into it
You let huge waves arise
And made thunderstorms
in the sky

But look, here by your side
Do you see how this love has never left you?
That it passed all tests
And that it loves unconditionally?

Do you see how I am still here
Holding your hand
Can you now believe in love again
And can you trust me?


Full Circle

How could my words flow like a river so abundantly
If it weren’t your eyes that read and shined into it
If your eyes wouldn’t reflect their beauty back to me
What I then catch in new words again
As my poems are in full circle
with your eyes always


Internal Radar

I have an internal radar
I am programmed in my soul
to always look for you
Like you always look for me
And in every lifetime we’ve navigated
our way back home to each other
Until we reunite
and never separate again


The Very True Fairy You

I want to step
out of the stories
Out of the poems
and the songs

I’m done with
just saying the
With all the ohhh’s
and the ahhh’s
With the ‘cutie’
and the ‘sweetie’

I want things to be
Of flesh and blood
Of sweat and breath
Of touch and taste
Of sound and smell
Of body to body
I want things to be
raw and uncovered
I want things to be
real and true

I don’t want you as a king
Or just a fairy man
A singer or a poet
I want you as you
The only you
The tangible you
The very true fairy you
Here next to me
On a real couch



And she wonders,
Is she still visible to him
Is she in his sight
Do his eyes catch her
Does it catch his breath

Is her house of poetry
marked on his map
with a waving white flag
The place to go
The place to ride to
on his horse
Is it his focus on the horizon
Marked as destination home?

Or is she just a fairy woman
that flies in his dreams
From a land far away
Is she a queen
in a tale,
Her house of poetry
a castle in the clouds
almost too good
to be true?

She wonders,
does he miss her
like she misses him
Not only in words,
in songs, in stories, in poetry
but for the very real?


How The Two Lovers Of True Love Are In Heaven And Prepare Themselves For This Life’s Incarnation

I say: ‘My true love, before we descend
to earth again
Let’s first check the script
of our new life’

You say: ‘Good idea, my sexy sweetie,
It’s a soul contract we have
So we need to sign
it first.’

‘Hey! I thought we are now
in our ego free state
Why then do you
still call me ‘sexy’

‘Your sexiness is timeless,
my sexy sweetie
And even as an angel
you are very sexy.’

‘Okay, as I am without ego
I will not be flattered
But let’s now read
the contract

Oh look what I see here
Oh man, oh man
We will have an age gap
You will live on the other side
of the world
But Mr. Destiny himself
will bring you to my country
And what do I read here
What the hell!’

‘We are in heaven, sweety’

‘Oh yeah, sorry
But oh man, oh man
First you will be really hot with me
But then you will act coldly
And temporarily
We also need to separate

You won’t tell me yet
that you love me
And then I need to trust
and have faith blindly!
Whereas I will reassure you all the time
That you are the love of my life
I will shout it from the rooftops!
This is really not fair
I’m not agree
Can I complain somewhere?
Who wrote this crazy scenario?’

‘It is God
who made this all up
As we need to learn
certain lessons
And he then made
a story of it’

‘Holy shit!
Do you see how many tears
I will cry
about you!
Rivers and rivers!’

‘Yeah, but then read here
How much turmoil
you will bring to my life!
And I need to freak out
about you all the time!

‘I think I liked
our previous life more’

‘May I remind you,
my sexy sweetie,
That you have been killed
In that lifetime
And then it was me
that needed to cry
those rivers and rivers?’

‘Yeah but this is really
a bad story, my cutest cutie
It’s too absurd
No one will believe this
It’s all really not fair
what you will say to me.’

‘But it’s me that will suffer a lot!
As we have this age gap
I need to spend
a big part of my life
without you
And all alone!’

‘Yeah, that’s true
Poor you, poor you.
But maybe,
we can adjust it a bit
I’m willing to sign
But at least,
can I have a romantic wedding
with you in the end?
Oh and can you also add:
I want a romantic white wedding dress
Oh and another thing:
Chocolate cake.
I want a lot of chocolate’

‘You can have it all, my sexy sweetie
But remember, we are in an ego free state
Why then this craving for chocolate?’

‘Because angels do like
chocolate very much too.
But it’s time for you to descend now
Don’t forget, my cutest cutie
Even though,
you won’t see me yet
for many years
I’m always around
I’m always by your side
And I will already appear in your dreams
And you will long for me in your songs.’

‘Okay, I won’t forget
Our love is stronger than strong
Let’s do this,
High five, my sexy sweetie
See you on the other side
That’s the spirit!’


Our Hearts Will Hold Us

In stormy weathers,
And even if we
can’t hold ourselves
no more

Our hearts will always hold us
closely together
Tightly connected
We can never fall,
can never drift away
As we are held
by the strong arms
of our love

In this embrace
we can relax, my dear
As our hearts
will take care of us


Drown In My Eyes

Only you are allowed
to drown in my eyes
to dive into the depths
of my sea
And then in my heart
You will find the lifebuoy
that will let you float
that will let you dance
forever on my sea of love


When I Think Of You

I think of you
And feel
how waves of love roll
over me
how I get tears of love
in my eyes
by only the thought of you

How I can feel you
so close
as if you were here
when you’re not

How everything around me
looks brighter
When I only imagine
to look in your eyes

How I hear
your songs come alive
in the depths of my heart
In this feeling inside

How I could
dance and dance
to music
only we can hear

I think of you
And by only the thought of you
I love you even more


How The Two Lovers Of True Love Share Their Love Story On Stage

‘Why are all those people
in front of us, my cutest cutie?’
‘We are on stage, my sexy sweetie’
I say: ‘Oh no! I just woke up,
I’m not even dressed up properly’

You say: ‘Don’t worry, my true love
You always look good and sexy
Even if you would be
in your pyjamas
or even with your hair messy.
But all those people came especially for us
They want to hear about our very special love
And we gonna share it with the world’

‘Oh yes, I will tell them
How we met four years ago
How our eyes locked
And oh man, oh man,
How heaven came to earth
And then, and then!’

‘Take it easy, my sexy sweetie,
You start to shine so brightly now
You provide your own spotlights’

‘Sorry, but I cannot help
Because when I talk about you
I always start to shine
I adore you,
I love you so truly
Already from the start.
And look at the audience
They are in awe
I think they really find it sweet

But now I will tell
about what happened next
I will tell all details
about our sweet love story

How you started to run
And I started to chase
How things got a bit complicated
How you did everything
to push me away
You made up stories
And even let a friend do
the dirty job’

‘Oh no, my sexy sweetie,
Can we please leave this part out??!!
Look at the audience, they are all in shock!!!
Let’s not make it too realistic!’

‘No, because we are building up
to the most exciting part
We don’t want it to be too boring
Every story has its struggle
After rain comes the sun again
And it all made our love even truer
And we both grew stronger

So now we come to the spectacular final
How of course, we’ve found each other back
But in fact, we never lost
As we have this special heart connection
then we lived very happily ever after’

‘Ohhh my sexy sweetie,
it even brought tears to my eyes
And look at all the people
They are cheering,
they are clapping
I think it is a huge success
And now we can end the show
And sing our happy love song’

‘But I prefer to dance
And you can sing
Or I will say one of my poems’

‘No, let’s have it all
We dance, we sing poetry
We play the music together’

‘Ohhh my cutest cutie
You want things really
to be wild
You are so romantic
It is getting so exciting
And oh man, I want to do
some other things with you
that are a little bit private
Let’s do that in the after show’

‘Good idea, my sexy sweetie
we’ll close the curtains
And then we’ll have our own
wild private after party.’


Radio Station Of Love

Our energy
is on the same frequency
We share the same waves
We only need to tune
into our hearts,
into our radio station of love
to hear the tunes
of our thoughts,
our feelings,
our bodies,
our dreams
And to dance along
with the sounds of love


Let’s Shake

If you feel those shakes inside
And your thoughts run like crazy
Your nerves almost break you down
Let’s then shake together
We’ll dance the shake
And we’ll shake together those shakes away


Bouncing Back

There is an elastic cord
between us
So in fact,
We cannot get lost
We can never fall
We can never lose
Because in the end
We will always bounce back
to each other


My Dark Parts

Previous: The Trouble With You Is That You Love Me

You see the light in me
You see my beauty
But do you also see my dark parts
And my dark days?
Do you read between the lines
What I hide in my poems?
When I am lost and I
do not believe no more
When I lie on my bed
And can only cry
I am not who you think I am
I am not a queen, nor a fairy woman
And not a wild rose
I am not that strong
and colourful
As my heart breaks on and on
And often, I am just a scared cat
Then I don’t like myself
Please, don’t love me no more
Run away from me as far as you can.

My dear wild rose,
I see you in every poem,
I even see you on a blank page
And on your darks days,
I see your light shine
I see you in your tears
I see you in your smile
And my eyes
find you when you are lost
I see the wild rose blossom
I see how it can blossom even more
If you would only believe
in it yourself
And after all what I have seen
Tell me, how on earth
could I then not love you no more?