Oh the places I’ll write,
the places I’ll dance
my poetry for you

I’ll write on your lips
I’ll write on your cheeks
I’ll write on your mind
I’ll write in your dreams

I’ll write the places you go
the places you’ve been
the places you long for

Every corner of your world
Every spot of your body,
your heart, your soul

I’ll travel, I’ll dance
and I’ll write
these places all again
until you’ll see
your world is
nothing but love
and poetry


The Story Of Us

We’ve been in so many stories
Our minds entangled in narratives
But stories of the past were
created by the past
They are not the present moment
They are not the future

For if all stories have ended
the book is closed
what still continues
beyond the pages
written in our hearts
is the story of love
what lies before us is
a new story of us


Look Deeper

On the surface
it may look like
the rose in the shades
has been abandoned
and ignored
by the sun
and this could easily
have panicked her

But in fact,
if she just stays
where she is
rooted in herself
she will see
that the sun
just makes his turn
in his circle
to find her again
while constantly
rays of light
within her heart
as there,
in the depth
he never left her


In Your Gut Feeling

Dive deep into your soul
all the way down
Find me dancing
in your depths
Find me nude
in your emotions
Find me kissing you
on the inside
Find me as
your high priestess
in your gut feeling
Find me loving you
and tap into this source
deep within your soul
to find and love yourself


Behind Your Eyes

There’s a world behind your eyes
when they look at me from the picture
and reveal a whole spectrum
of sadness and nostalgia

Your eyes that are separated
from mine
A camera, a screen in between them
Though in your hands
you firmly hold the music,
A guitar that gives access to
a world of art where we connect

And my eyes look in yours
and erase the time lapse
erase the screen
erase the sadness
when they hold your eyes
in the depth of love



A thousand words flutter
around inside of me
They all eagerly want to tell
you something
Though they don’t want
to cooperate
and make just one poem
as each word already is
a confession of love,
a melodic poem on its own



Sun fires his light in the sky
when he rises
His rays stretching out like arms
that embrace me
to reassure me of passion
that still burns
between lovers that are on
opposite sites of the world
as he bears witness to
his fiery love for the moon


Higher Ground

The body may suffer
from sickness and ache
The mind may spin around
in frightening thoughts
Emotions may make
big waves inside
But there’s always something
that is above all,
peaceful on higher ground
– when I connect with you
in love


Love Melts Snow

Winter Wonderland didn’t last long
this morning
for when she turned on her heart
and stoked the fire inside
all snow instantly melted
and underneath green grass appeared
as a soft carpet
for her and her fairy man
to dance their fairy tale into Spring


When My Songbird Wakes Me Up

From a dark place of nightmares
a songbird wakes me up
that sings his joyful song
of a new dawn
underneath my bedroom window

I get up and look outside
the world is covered with snow
Like a new blank page on which
it invites me to write my poetry

And my songbird continues
to sing his song in my heart
until all dark is gone
And as his tunes fill me
with light and love
my poetry starts to write itself
on the page of a new day


When The Ghosts Of The Night Haunt Me

I am so scared at times
When the ghosts of the night
haunt me
and it is between me and God

When I think of all that I’ve lost
To be without a family
To have nothing to hold on to
but the truth in my heart

And then I can only pray
and I pray for the ones that have
hurt and abused me
I pray for myself, my children
and I pray for you, my love, always
I pray for us

I pray the dark, the fear away
until the light within catches me
the angels, God, you catch me
as I pray myself back into trust


The Hole In The Road

Walking my path
my footsteps light
and dancing
as I have my dreams
before my eyes
and you in my heart

And then suddenly
out of nowhere
missing you
is like an unseen hole
in the road
that makes me stumble
and fall

Down to the ground
Into a world of
and separation

But then love
reaches a hand
and I hear again
the song of union
And I wipe off the dirt
and I rise
with you in my heart


Cycling With Headwind

And when I cycle
through the storm
A strong, cold wind and
heavy rain against my face
water that runs over my skin
my legs that battle
with the brutal force
of the elements
I feel so much alive
and determined
as nothing, no force can beat
a strong heart filled with love


You Can

My heart,
can you read it
Its subtle movements
Its small letters

Its desires,
can you feel them
like big waves
that come
rolling towards you

My heart,
do you get it
even when
it doesn’t make sense

My heart,
you can soothe it
You can light it
You can stir
for you made it love



I look at you,
you look at me
from the picture
with eyes that have
the depth of an ocean
A smile that makes
a reflection on my face

I see your innocence
I see the child in you
the purest you
the perfect you
And I could look
for hours
My eyes absorb you
and take you deep within
where love erases words
and makes fountains
and then I just sigh
and swoon


When I Drive

I like to drive long distances
When I am between
departure and arrival
My eyes between
the white stripes on the road
and the white clouds in the sky
When the view is wide and open

‘Cause when I’m nowhere
and there is no set point
but my heart and daydreams
I can be anywhere with you


Dance Of Emotions

Dance the dance
of emotions with me
even if there’s sadness
even if there’s anger
even if there’s fear or pain
Stay present
Full awareness, strong legs,
strong feet
Heart lifted, chest open
Energy in motion
Let it flow
Let it be art
For as long as we hold
each other,
As long as we dance it
we release


Sway The Day

Let’s bring a little sway
to the day
Put your hands on my hips
and let your body
dance along with mine

Hearts come alive
and rock the passion,
rock the love

Words move
from left to right
and sway poetry
across the floor

And even thoughts
can’t stay stagnant
can’t stay stuck
when we sway

Things just look
a little brighter
and more flowing
if we bring
a little sway,
bring some swing
to the day



If life on earth is like
a stay in a hotel
and we are the guests
that have checked in,
let us celebrate, dance together,
drink champagne and
make love all night long
in our king and queen size room
before we check out
and leave the temporary
to continue our journey
of infinite love


When Love Speaks

We have our own language
that speaks through
thoughts and feelings
signs and synchronicities
through reminders, dreams,
songs, music and poetry

A language that travels
far and reaches deep
that uses the inner and
outer world,
decibels, energies
electrical signals and frequency,
painting its metaphors
all around us
to transmit the messages
between our hearts

For everything serves
and conspires
when love speaks