May We Meet

May we meet in a kiss
from heart to heart
in a thought
from mind to mind

May we meet
in a dream, a poem
in a song, in a sigh

May we meet in longing
in feeling, in desire

May we meet
skin to skin,
word to word
me to you, you to me
eye to eye

May we meet
again and again
for in fact,
we never leave
each other


Where Our Shore Is

As I lie in my bed in the dark
huge waves of fear
come rolling towards
my lonesome land
And I know the only thing
I can do is to breathe
and surrender
for on the other side of fear
there is a clear sea of love
behind the fata morgana
of troubled waters
there is our shore


Sunset Symphony

As I drive home
in the comfortable warmth of my car
I see the sun set on the horizon
A big red fiery ball
that paints the sky in a palette
of tones
Elongated clouds that seem
to dance
Birds fly around a church tower
Trees stand majestically stretched out

And then it’s the thought of you
that is the grand finale
of this sunset symphony


Poetry Beyond Words

At night when my mind is in
overdrive and produces
its aches and fears
Lonely thoughts run
in all directions
too unfocused, too anxious
to make a poem that writes
me into peace,
I find solace in the deep
intimacy of my heart
where I commune with you
as it always poetically beats
for two


Under A Waning Moon

And under a waning moon
she cries her tears
What is she to the stars
in the night sky
Can they even see her
so far away
or is she smaller than small
does she just disappear
in the dark of the earth
and is she nothing at all?

No, they reply to her
we need your heart to reflect
our light
we need your eyes to be seen
your wishes to be received
we are twinkling in the night
for you
for you deserve a place
in our spotlight


White Birds Escape

A flock of white birds escapes
from within
where they once flew
in the vast sky of imagination
and made airwaves in
heart and body
moving invisibly between
one lover and the other
And now they are set free
into the light
seen, heard and sensed
by the world
to bring hope, to bring love
to bring peace


Focus On Love

I could focus on the clouds,
the heavy rainfall,
the lightning that tries
to strike me
the mountains that seem to arise
barking dogs that attack
the leaves in the wind
that leave behind empty trees
flowers that look dead
But instead, I focus on the everlasting,
free shining sun within the heart
I focus on love



No matter how far two shores
lie from each other
How vast the ocean
How many miles the sky above
How great the distance between
two continents, two bodies
How far time has gone
How far thoughts wander,
how often feelings get lost
Love is the unbreakable bridge
that connects us
and brings us home


So What

And when my ego says:
what if
love was never meant for me
what if
shooting stars
won’t take my wishes
up into the heavens
but will let them drift
forever lost in space
what if?

Then I answer:
So what
I’m safe, I’m grateful,
I love and am loved
I feel, I know
as I look up and read
what’s written in the stars
and see you, see my destiny
and all the things the universe
wishes for me