Keep My Smile Safe

Will you keep my smile safe for me
for I’m afraid to lose it
My laughter, my light dancing steps
Store it carefully in your heart

When life’s challenges keep
crashing onto me
like tidal waves that brutally
seem to take it all away

Please keep my smile safe for me
So I can always find it back with you


Setting The Tone

Take my hand and
we leave the old year
the old year
There may be tears but
there is love

I turn on some music
Dusty Springfield’s
‘I only want to be with you’
fills the air and
here we are, a new start,
a new year

I dance you around
in my heart, in my words,
in my arms
’cause there is love
Oh gosh, so much love
there is

So dance with me
with your heart,
with your soul
with your lips,
with your hips
to set the tone
to set the love
for new year


The Poetry Of Yoga – A Love Practice

With both feet on the ground
I stand strong in my foundation
Strong in love
Like a mountain, I stand in faith

And I breathe in
My arms reach for the sky
I look up and between my hands
I hold a ball of light
I hold you, my beautiful sun
that lights me up
Big stretch and
an opening of the heart
I let you sink in even deeper

I breathe out
and bend forward
Hands to the ground
Right foot, right leg backwards
I rise up like a warrior
a warrior of love

And I balance myself
to the other side
I balance myself within
to balance with you without

I breathe
lots of love in
lots of love out
With every breath
I move my body
and flow with you

Feet step back
next to each other
I rise
Anjali mudra at the heart
Both hands before my chest
honour you inside of me
And I salute you, my love


Matching Hands

I tend to rush towards the end
of the story
Eagerly and impatiently I devour
the pages
My right hand burns with desire
as it holds the pen that dances
towards the fiery climax

While your left hand goes beautifully
through the chapters and writes them
one by one and step by step

Our matching hands that balance
For we need your hand to build
a foundation,
solid and peaceful
And my hand to burn
the fire onto the pages
as we write together our perfect love


The Hand Of The Sun

The moon hid herself
and left me alone
in the dark, cold winter night
And I wandered in circles
in a maze of impenetrable thoughts
where I searched for you

I screamed my yearning
to the moonless sky
that kept silent
But just when I thought
I was lost forever
The sky lit up
as the sun stretched his hand
to take mine and
lead me back to myself


The Devil And The Angel

Missing you is like a little devil
on my shoulder that tells me:
‘Look, your eyes can’t see him.
He isn’t there, he isn’t there!
Your pen can’t reach him
Your words die a silent death’

While the angel on my other shoulder
softly whispers:
‘Look with the eyes of your heart
He is there, always
You cannot miss
what fills you up inside
True love cannot be separated
Not by a devil,
not by physical eyes
You don’t need your pen to reach him
As love connects purer and truer
than words’


In My Creation

Get lost in my words
Wander in my metaphors
Lose yourself in my creation
Dream my dreamed images
Yearn for my sketched desires
Fly from syllable to syllable
And free-fall into the spaces
in between

I will catch you
with wide open arms
at the end of my poem



You’re balm to my heart,
balm on my skin I am rubbed with
You absorb or do I absorb you
as I feel you all over me

You make me so soft and so smooth
You regenerate, rejuvenate
and hydrate me
You make me look shiny

You calm, you nourish and soothe
You heal and protect
You suit like a second skin


On The Move

See me in a floating cloud,
in a shooting star
See me in a swooping bird
in a whirling leaf,
a dancing petal

See me in all that moves around you
and inside you
See me in your passing thoughts,
in your flying dreams
In love that comes to you
In a poem that skips and sings within

for I’m always on the move
to you


It’s In The Cards

I am your Queen of Hearts
Your card of love and beauty
Passionate red attracts
Adorable as I adore you,
my King of Hearts

And although the deck and
the hands that play may change
We may be shuffled and turned
upside down, invisible for the eye
We know who we are
and where to find each other
In our Kingdom of Hearts
we always play a winning game


I’m Not Gonna Miss You

I wake up early in the morning
when it is still quiet and dark
I blow a kiss across the ocean
and wish you a merry Christmas
I close my eyes and find you
in my heart

I Iight a few candles
on the breakfast table
While I listen to ‘Ave Maria’
I bake bread in the oven
The smell of it fills the house

And I hear exciting children voices
My two sons have woken up
And I thank God that
their Christmas childhood memories
will be much better than mine

We have the days for ourselves
We are free to do whatever we like
Maybe, we will visit a palace,
have an ice cream
or do some ice skating in a park

And although I could miss you
(and I do, oh God, I do)
I’m not gonna miss you
I’m just gonna feel you here
with me


Losing Game

I can never compete with tomorrow
I always lose
No matter how much I love you today
No matter how much my heart
overflows with love now
and how it expands with every beat,
just because you are inside,
it will always be less than tomorrow
for each day I love you more



It’s so easy to lose ourselves
in the little pieces of you and me
in a piece of sadness, a piece of fear

But as we put all those pieces together
Light pieces, dark pieces
Pieces of you and me in all
the colours of the rainbow,
We see the bigger picture
We see a beautiful mosaic


I Hear You

I listen to your silence
and I hear the unsaid
I hear all your
unspoken words
and I Iisten even deeper
I hear your soul song sing
and how it harmonizes
with mine

I listen to your silence
and let it speak, let it
sing to me
And I hear the orchestra
of your heart,
your uncensored voice
of wisdom

So don’t be afraid, my love
if your throat cannot voice
For even a silence
cannot silence you
You’ll always
still be heard by me


Let Love In

And sometimes it’s good
to put down the pen
to take a pause
and be like the white
of the paper
and hold space
to receive the words

And instead of only
sending love out,
letting love in,
letting you in

To open the blinds
before my heart
and let the rays of your sun
shine its love letters
on my inside


Closer Than We Think

Do you long for home
like me
For our bodies to connect
Our arms to entwine
Our eyes to lock

Sometimes it feels so close
that you can already taste it,
smell it, sense it
As if you only need to reach out
your hand to open the door

And at times the mind may
fool the physical eyes
and it may look like home is
miles away, a world apart
And the journey seems so long
and exhausting
You seem lost and you wonder
how long it yet will take

And sometimes, it feels like
you have arrived
and you are home
You feel me, I feel you
As if we’re already there
And you taste me, I taste you
You smell me, I smell you
In the arms of the heart
we have enclosed each other

Home is here, my love
It is waiting for us
Do not let your mind,
your eyes fool you
But feel it, taste it, smell it
and our feet, our hands,
our arms, our eyes will follow


Free Birds

Our love is like a free bird
that flies high and gracefully
in the sky
We couldn’t catch it
We couldn’t cage it in our hearts

But instead, we had to break
free from the chains,
from what held us down
We had to grow our own wings,
rise above ourselves and
surrender to the wind

Just like our love,
we had to become
free birds as well



The full moon,
I don’t look for her outside
But I find her within me
as a glowing ball
inside my heart
that is lit up
by your internal sun
And I feel the tension
between those two
the attraction, the pull
deep love
Your sun, my moon
perfectly aligned

Together we can light
the whole world


I’m Eating Your Chocolate

I’m eating your chocolate now
The chocolate that I had bought
especially for you
I’m so sorry, but it wanted to be eaten
and could not wait for you any longer
I really had to help the chocolate out

But just close your eyes and imagine
How you taste it through my senses
The hazelnut chocolate that is hard at first
Then melts so sweetly in the mouth

Just sense this heavenly burst
of taste, touch and smell
How it glides over the tongue
How it dances up and down
and back and forth

But hey, my darling,
don’t be so greedy
Is this still me and the chocolate
Or are we actually French kissing?!


P.S. I will buy new chocolate
for you, I promise
And if necessary (probably it is)
I will buy it again and again,
no problem

To Love Fully

You handed me a gift
It was wrapped in several
layers of paper
It took me many years
to unpack it

At times, when I took off a layer
and I got a glimse of
what could be inside,
I got scared
and again, quickly covered it

At times, I even put it aside
stored it on a hidden shelf
But it always seemed to
catch my attention
and to demand my
devotion and courage

The more layers I removed,
the softer it felt
and the more love glowed
from inside

Until I was brave enough
to fully face it,
to not run away from it no more
Until my eyes were strong enough
to handle its brightness
Until my mind had become
humble enough to serve
Then I took off the last layer

I saw that you had gifted me
my own heart in all its beauty
and purity
You had made me unpack
its ability to love wholly and fully
And there, I found you inside


Soul Deep

I am your silky soft paper
Write your words on me
Kiss them one by one
slowly onto my lips
Breathe them into my heart
Draw ornate letters
with your tongue
Let the ink flow abundantly
on my body
And make me quiver with
touching poetry
from head to toe
and soul deep


It’s The Heart That Makes A Queen

She looked at her beloved, her king
Then looked at herself and said:

You seem to have so much
and I seem to have so little
The words with which I build
my poems are not perfect
My house of poetry
doesn’t look perfect either
Does that make you
a big tall tree
on your high throne
for everyone to see
and to be admired
and me just a small wilde rose
hidden in the grass

The king kneeled
down before her,
took her hands and smiled:

You don’t have little
You have the whole world
inside of you
We both are two tall trees
that reach for the sky
and dance gracefully in the wind
And we are two wild roses
that colour the fields
with their love
It is not about the perfect words,
the perfect clothes
with which you dress
yourself up
But it’s about the light
that shines through,
it’s the heart
that makes a queen,
it’s the heart
that makes a perfect poem


My Cosmic Family

When I was a child
I was the strange bird
in the nest
I didn’t fit in, I didn’t belong

I always imagined and hoped
that my family wasn’t
my real family
And one day my real parents
would come for me
to save me from the nightmare
in which I grew up

But no one came,
the nightmare continued
Was I then completely alone
in this world,
I wondered for a long time
Until I met you
and you woke me up

And I saw that mother earth
had always carried me
Father heaven had protected me
The angels had my back
as my family
And I had and have you
always by my side