And you have to get up today
and straighten your back
to stand up once more
even if you’re shaky and afraid
of what needs to be done
and the task seems difficult
Just breathe
feel that anchor, that bond
with him, your precious beloved
and be armored with
the power of love


She Believes In Him

It got dark
as the sun dimmed
and clouded himself
with self-sabotaging thoughts
But she believed in him
She had seen his light
Her eyes had caught it
and had kept it burning
in her heart
along with her own light
Inside of her their flames
always danced and shined
together as one

And the sun, who watched her
from a distance
hiding behind clouds, wondered:
How come she shines so bright?
Until he truly dared to look into her
and saw his own reflection
he saw she was his moon

It was the moment that the sun
started to believe in himself
that the dark dissolved
and the light broke through


Our World

We let the world be the world
with its drawn lines, drawn borders
its wide, blue painted seas,
its scale of distance,
separate countries
and we step into our own world
in which the only lines we draw
are those of poetry
we draw with our fingers
on each other
and the only distance we measure
is between two kisses



Close your eyes
and take flight
with me
to leave my heavy heart,
my heavy body
filled with pain
Like birds we soar
in endless skies
of possibilities
to see again
beyond the earth

And when my own skin
calls me back,
my beating heart
seeks its owner
and her beloved
and we land together
back in the home
of the body, of the heart
where you belong with me,
then please keep reminding me
of the birds that we are
and that whatever it is
it is safe to feel


Falling In You

Like the sun that sinks
in the sea when it sets
I fall in you
into your waters
where I merge, wave
and sway with you
calm and wild
to the tides of love
and as I rise again
your water in me
my light in you
mirror and reflection
become one
we climax together
on the horizon
in a fiery explosion
of colour and light