The Old Ways

The old ways are the beaten tracks
The well-worn paths trodden down
by the same footsteps

They are anchored in gone days
Safety nets for just in case
But they never really bring far
As they go round and round
The repetitive circles
The loop in your brain

Until you learned your lessons
And you step your way out
onto a new path


A Lot To Hide

You tried to hide your beauty,
the treasure of your heart

You barked like a dog
Showed your teeth
Dropped your shit
Jumped around
and ran like crazy

And I looked at you in awe
And could only see
how beautiful you are
for you have a lot to hide
if you act like this


Who Are You

Who are you
Is it what you were told
What people project on you
The words they give you
How they describe you
The image you have

Are you what you think that they think of you
What others want you to be
What you want yourself to be
Their expectations or your own

Or are you what you know
in your heart
The truth in your soul
And what the eyes of love
have reflected you?


You Flame In My Soul

You are in me
like I am in you
through the love we breathe
and that our hearts beat
through our veins

Through the words we write
The melodies we hear
The dreams we dream
The thoughts we think
The future we taste

Through what we know
What we create
Through what we have seen
And what is our fate

You flow through my body
You dance in my heart
You sound in my song
You fly in my mind
And you flame in my soul


My Like

I wanted to react to your post
But I couldn’t find an emoticon
That would express:

‘I love you, I support you, I adore you,
I’m proud of you, I see you, I hear you
I appreciate you’

So then I just hit the like button
But please know
that my simple like
means all of the above


I Miss You

Missing you
can sometimes
hit me so hard
it takes away my breath
it squeezes my heart
it panics my mind

And then
I run for my words
to fill the
‘missing you’ gap
to build a bridge
And to find
you back
at the end
of my poem


Drifting Sand

You came to visit me in my dreams
last night
Your eyes were sad
and your heart weighted
heavily on you
You could not move

I was glad you were there
And like a cat
I cuddled up to you

Your skin absorbed me
We drifted into one another
like sand
And you were brought back
in motion
by the touch of our skin

And when I woke up
You were gone
but on my cheek and my neck
I could still feel your touch
Until it drifted away
like sand


In My Heart

I feel you so strongly
in my heart these days
Is it your longing
for me that pulls you in?
Like you’ve found
your home there
and you have no intent
to ever leave

And is it my longing for you
that lit the home fire,
the light that your eyes
sought in the dark?

And that wants you to stay
forever in my heart


What’s On The Menu

What’s on the menu
in our restaurant of love

Do you want it spicy
and really hot
Or sweet and sugar-coated
Fresh, surprising,
Nourishing or
juicy and full-flavoured

We can have an appetizer
Or go directly
to the main course

Do we drink champagne
or passionate, red wine

Do we eat slowly
or jump head over heels
on fast food

Do you want me to taste
your songs one by one
On my lips and on my heart
I will feed you my
poetic words
and will let you swallow
my melodies of four stars

And then
do you want a dessert
to cool down
Or do we go for
another round?


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The white mill stands
like a white church
among the clouds

It connects
heaven and earth
Its reflection caught
in the water

Its wings will be turned
like a wheel of fortune
in the wind
By the gentle hands of angels

Change and movement
will come soon
Stay strong
and have faith


* Photo taken in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

And We Look Up

And we both look up
I see the stars and moon
And you on your side of the world,
you see the sun

See my face, my smile
in the rays of light
Feel my love for you
in its warmth
And let it shine
upon you

I will see your splendor
glow in the moon
And the stars shine out
your love for me

Please let us both
keep looking up
We say our prayers
Make our wishes
upon the stars and
heaven’s grace

For all good comes
from above


I Heard A Scream

My fairy man,
Is it you there
lying on the ground
in the woods
You left yourself for dead
In your eyes the silent imprint
of grief and loss

I came to look for you
As I heard a scream
echoing in my heart
in the middle of the night
And I didn’t know
if it was me or you

But here I am,
your fairy woman
I kiss you alive
I dress your wounds
and warm you at my fire
You have to get up yourself
But here is my hand


Love Refugee

You left your place
And now it’s all empty
Were you that scared
and anguished
that you did not even
closed doors?

Did it all overwhelm you
were you too naked
behind open windows
and in the light of the sun?

Did you feel sad and anxious
Your home not your home
Your mind that chases your heart
And you just started to run?

But come,
find a shelter, here in my arms


Flying Birds

The bird flies in the open sky
And with every beat
her wings get stronger

She learned to sing
her own songs
The wind amplifies
the tunes of her words
that stream from her heart

And sometimes
She still longs back for the land
Where she can hide in trees
Where no one can see her
As the open sky makes vulnerable
and those on the land
can shoot or can withhold
their appreciating eyes

And over there in the distance
behind the fog bank
She cannot see him yet
But she knows,
there flies her beloved
As he took flight at the same time

Still he hides
And just like her,
sometimes he returns to the land
But his heart song gets stronger
And he trusts his wings
more and more

Both birds face their fears
Until they will be ready
to dare to fly
through the fog bank
and to each other
on the other side


Can You See

Can you see
Now the curtain
has been pulled back
All that blurred your eyes
has been removed
And illusions have been lifted

Can you see
Now all that mattered
does not matter
no longer
Your heart has clear sight
Focus has shifted

Can you see


The Chinese Restaurant

And in the Chinese restaurant
we are the only ones
that are left
The place is empty
And it is just me and you,
the red dragons and
exotic sounds in the background

The characters on the wall,
We do not understand
We are strangers here
And outside seems far

The food is hot and spicy
And your eyes shoot fire
In the half dark

Come, let’s go
For this restaurant is not for us
If you have tasted
the flavours of true love,
Then such a place
will only
feed hunger more


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Art Meets Art

When my poem meets yours
When your song meets mine
When words and melodies first
shyly look each other in the eyes
But then come closer,
start to dance,
entwine and merge,
They burst
together into a new poem,
a new song
And then out of creation,
creation is born


Once There Were A Man And A Woman

And then there was a blank page
A new story to write
Fresh poetry, new lines
At the start of a new year

But the main characters
are still
the man of song that lives overseas
in the land of the sun
And the woman with the rose
in her hair
that dances in the land of the fields and the waters

And the ink that flows
from my pen
still stems from the well
of their love


I Want You To Dream

Lyrics of the song (Video of the song + Happy New Year below)

A kiss on your forehead
My hands hold your face
My heart holds you in love
Until the end of days

Now close your eyes
You’re gonna fly
High up and far
On the wings of love

‘Cause I want you to dream,
to dream, to dream, to dream
Dream yourself free
From the monsters in your head
From the demons and the fears
From your worries and your past

And then, you will land
Here next to me

And if your heart feels heavy
And its weights pulls you down
Then remember you are light
For love you were born

‘Cause I want you to dream,
to dream, to dream, to dream
Dream yourself free
From the monsters in your head
From the demons and the fears
From your worries and your past

And then, you will land
Here next to me


Your Lady

My beautiful man in suit,
I am your lady of the night
In this chic, vintage bar
With dimmed light

I am your moon
My face, my eyes light up
softly in the dark
My mystery will reveal itself
only to you

Elegantly I will dance you around
In my waters I will take you
In my kisses you will find the stars
That one by one fall from heaven
and land delicately on your skin

Please don’t be afraid of the dark
As my light will shine you through


I See You

When you dance before my eyes
Or hide behind locked doors
I see you

When my eyes are covered
Or the night leaves you in the dark
I see you

When you are miles away
And the ocean in between
seems endless
I see you
by the eyes of love
and the light of the soul
that captures your heart

I see you
Even when you can’t see
yourself no more



My wise man, my fairy man,
Shaman of the woods
I don’t need to tell you what to do
Your well of wisdom lies within
Your heart knows more
than your mind can think of

As wise is the man who feels deep
Who dreams with his eyes wide open
Who can see the tiny details on the ground
The big picture in the sky
Who can foresee
what is yet out of sight
But what is written in the stars

Who can hear the whisper in the wind
that comes to bring his music
Who can read what I wrote him in his heart

Wise, as you taught me the most valuable lesson
You taught me how to love
A love that is wise in itself



It was often on evenings that we met
When songs were sung, music was played
In the intimacy of the night
That made the lights in our eyes
shine even brighter
when they connected

And then later we met in letters
in the intimacy of covered, fervent words
That always seemed to long for more
Dictated by greedy eyes and greedy hands
But often didn’t say what they wanted
to say or wanted to ask for

How those evenings long to be filled
with meeting eyes again
And how those letters long to be written
by hearts meeting in uncovered, fervent words



Let’s uncomplicate things
Let’s unpuzzle it all
Let’s make it very simple
and crystal clear
Just feel the love in your heart
And then tell me
What is the difficulty?


Heart Guard

If your fears arise
Your mind monsters scare you
And your thoughts attack
Let me be your heart guard
That protects you
I will stand in between
And will chase them away
So you can breathe and relax


Proud Of You

When I saw you
-so beautiful, so sweet
and so much you –
I felt like a peacock
And I lifted my head,
my eyes shined
As I showed
all of my feathers
that adorned me
And my most
precious, eye-catching gem
it was you


Extraordinary Things

It is often at ordinary moments
When I cook, ride my bike
Walk in town
Or wait in a line
The love for you,
The thought of you
just comes over me
When I think of
How you looked into my eyes
Or walked by my side
How you touched my arm lightly
and smiled
How you embraced me with tender arms

It is often at those ordinary moments
I remember those extraordinary things


The Little Lights

The waters seem to dance
Our emotions flow into one another
An undercurrent of desire
makes waves
and moves us together
We shine the shimmer
on the surface
The little lights travel
between your heart and mine


He Will Pick Her Up

And it’s time now
He cannot wait any longer
He needs to have her
He needs to take her
She needs to be in his arms
And everywhere on his body
In his imagination
He already made the move so often
But then his feet made him stop
Or was it his head that took over
But now his soul finally gives green light
And the stars have the perfect pattern
And even if he would stumble,
even if he would fall
He knows she will lift him up
All the struggle, all the suffering
It needs to stop
It’s time now
He will pick her up
And will go on road with her


Eight Letters, Three Words

Eight letters in a line,
you can make three words of it
And then build a sentence
that says ‘I love you’
They are just letters
that sound superficial
As they have been wrongly used
by too many people
Empty characters
They didn’t give me any grip
As I fell right through
the letters and out of words
in the space in between
Hopelessly and straight
into their deepest meaning
When I fell in love with you


The Magic Of The Irish Flute

Previous: The Hedgehog Girl

Who is coming there
It’s the shaman of the woods
It’s the fairy man
With his Irish flute
Looking for his hedgehog girl
She made herself so small
She rolled into a tight ball
And then, off the earth she fell
Down into the ground she went

But where is she
As she can’t be seen no more
So he takes his Irish flute
and starts to play his sounds of love
And she wakes up and hears the call
Her ears, her heart bewitched
And she begins to unroll
She goes up while she follows
his magical tunes

And then she sees him, her own fairy man
She asks ‘why did you come for me,
how did you find me
as you were supposed to forget’

‘My love, the Irish flute can’t forget about its muse
It can’t forget about the one that
breathes the fire into its music
And wherever you may go and hide,
I’ll always find you in your dreams
I’ll always find you in both of our hearts

And now rise again
Don’t make yourself so small
You don’t need your spines
As you have a big light
in your heart to guide
and to protect you’


A Certainty

Your hand in mine
And we walk through the world
We see walls crumbling
We see illusions shattering
And we climb mountains together
We walk through rain showers of teardrops
We hear thunder voices
And our shadows are following us

But still
Your hand in mine
It is your hand that keeps me going
Your hand that comforts me
As we walk through nights without sleep
And days with shaken dreams
We see safe houses breaking down
We see monsters on our path
But we chase the clouds together
We reach for castles in the sky
And we’ve learned to dance on ruins

And your hand in mine
It’s a certainty
In a world where nothing is
certain no more


A Journey Of Soul Love

On this sacred journey of love
I need to believe
what is not touchable
I need to believe
what I have seen in your eyes
The truth I know in my soul

I need to fully trust myself
Trust my own heart
I need to fully surrender
And find this higher faith
Live this higher love
Despite my mind,
Despite the facts

It’s not an easy task, my love
I am blindfolded
And sometimes
it’s all just so dark
What I yet cannot see,
yet cannot touch,
yet cannot hear
I need to find it inside
Hand it over to God
And keep moving forward

I need to go down on my knees
Fall through my thoughts
Break through old patterns,
Leave old pain and old beliefs behind
To find this pure, true love,
To find you on the other side


Having It All

Let the wind come
Let the rain fall
We will dance without clothes
We will thankful kiss the ground

Even if we need to wander
With the sky as our roof
With no other belongings
Than each other and our hearts

We will still have it all
since we have the love


Melancholic Hope

I feel like you.
I write melancholic poems now
Like in the past, you wrote melancholic songs
It seems like we’ve switched roles
Before, in my poems
I held the vision and the hope
But now you seem to have it
Where I drown in sadness
Can we do it fifty-fifty?
And share the hope
and melancholy equally?
Or better, we just skip
the melancholic drama completely
And we only keep it
positive and optimistic


Melancholic Poetry

And she looks through the window
Of her house of melancholic poetry
And she longs for blue skies
She waits for green lights
As her heart feels on hold
Though her mind won’t
take a break

At night her beloved comes
to visit her in her dreams
He sings her his songs
But in the morning he’s gone
Leaving her the clouds
that cover the sun
And her melancholic poetry