The Poetry Of Yoga – A Love Practice

With both feet on the ground
I stand strong in my foundation
Strong in love
Like a mountain, I stand in faith

And I breathe in
My arms reach for the sky
I look up and between my hands
I hold a ball of light
I hold you, my beautiful sun
that lights me up
Big stretch and
an opening of the heart
I let you sink in even deeper

I breathe out
and bend forward
Hands to the ground
Right foot, right leg backwards
I rise up like a warrior
a warrior of love

And I balance myself
to the other side
I balance myself within
to balance with you without

I breathe
lots of love in
lots of love out
With every breath
I move my body
and flow with you

Feet step back
next to each other
I rise
Anjali mudra at the heart
Both hands before my chest
honour you inside of me
And I salute you, my love