AND TRAMPLE some small delicate words
INTO JUST a small poem


Choose Freedom Every Single Moment

So many thoughts in my head
Rough-edged and angular
Negative clutter that blocks my way
and holds me back to move fluidly

I release the cords attached to them
I let them go up in the air like balloons
I free myself and make room
to dream my dreams
and envision possibilities instead

And to love you endlessly
into all directions,
right where my feet are,
where they come from
and where they’re heading to
Into every corner of my reality
And to choose freedom
every single moment


Seeing Through

When I close my eyes
I see you
When I open them again
I see you
You’re everywhere
in my reality
in my inner and
in the outer world
even when your feet
are not near

Like everything around us
is just a film
and not real
and my heart can reach
through the screen
to see the truth behind the veil
to see you there
always close to me


In The Invisible

The most important work is done
in the invisible
It is before the pen touches the paper
Before any action is taken
It is what you cannot see
But what happens within
It is the work behind the scenes

It is when I am silent
When I heal, meditate
When visions come to me
When I balance my energy
When I work on me, work on us
When I visualize, imagine, dream
When my heart talks with yours
When I just sit with myself
and love you

It is then that I create
the visible


Translation Problem

Every language has a few
expressions that are hard to translate
You can describe it but the words
don’t fully cover what is meant

And so, I cannot truly find the right words
to translate this love I feel for you
from the native language of my heart
into whatever language I choose


From The Inside Out

Many people think they know me
whereas they don’t know me at all
When they look at me they think
they see me
but what they see is only an image
and a story they projected themselves
Only you know my heart,
de deepest of my core
like nobody else knows me
for you know me from the inside out


Trick Mirrors

When my world is like a funhouse
with trick mirrors on the wall
that make things look
scary and illusive
and I wonder what I can trust
what is a lie, what is real
Then, I seek you in my heart
to find, this love is the only thing
that is true



Emotions and judgements
thrown at her like rotten eggs
They try to lasso her
with guilt and blame

And she wants to tell them
about the good intentions in her heart
But they cannot hear her
for they shout too loud
so she just keeps still

They demand of her
to be the person they want her to be
not the person she is
and to behave the way they want
The same words they used
long time ago
she had hoped things had changed
but she is wrong

And she just stands there
while she looks at them
astounded and in fright
what can she say, what can she do
other than to stay true to herself
It could be time to walk away

Family, sometimes it’s not
with whom you share your blood
but with whom you share your heart


In Paris

I asked someone to put a little lock
with our names written on it
on the railing of the bridge
Ponte des Arts in Paris
as a symbol of our eternal love

So when in future we will walk
through the city of love together
hand in hand on the bridge
that crosses the Seine river
we will see that
our love was already locked in there
before our feet touched the streets
like our love already existed
before we were born and
before our feet touched the earth


Poetic In Nature

She wanted to write
about him in a normal way
No curls in the letters,
no dancing words
no metaphors, no rhyme
but straight language

However, no matter
how hard she tried
what came out
was just another poem
for he and the love she felt
were poetic in nature


The Greatness Of Your Gift

The songs you wrote about us,
about me
You carefully crafted them
with your hands and heart
I hear a softness in your voice
I have never heard before

The moving images you painted
with colours and with stars
with the sun and moon together
in the sky
You made your love visible and audible
You painted our universe for me

And I am deeply grateful
and moved to tears
when my heart fully opens up
to the greatness of your gift
As I realize, that nobody
has ever done
anything like that for me

And that indeed,
you must truly love me


Different Sorts Of Silence

It seems like it is silent in the forest
and there is not much going on
between the lovers
But if you listen with the ears
of the heart,
you hear that all the time
the silence speaks

You hear a symphony of love
between the love birds
Sometimes it is a sad song
that makes leaves fall like teardrops

The silence can be stormy,
and full of turmoil
Or it can be the sigh of relief,
the calm after the storm

The silence can scream
with longing
It can be fiery with desire and
crackling with the heat that burns
in the lover’s hearts

The silence waves and moves
It dances
It vibrates, it tingles, it pulls
It is the connecting field,
the presence that is,
It is the space that the forest
holds for the two lovers



Change may be scary
and uncomfortable
For you never know
how the river flows
and as you float
away from the shore
there are losses

Though there is one thing
we can know for sure
the water may be wild
but its stream
will always lead us
to our sea of love


The Mind Needs To Lose Control

As she had many experiences
in which she felt helpless
her mind had learned
to take the reins
as a way to protect
and have a sense of control

When true love found her
her mind still tried to be in charge
It created false realities
based on fears and self-doubts

But in order to be free
and let love flow
Her mind needed to let go
of the ties it still held
For when true love is in the heart
the ego mind needs to lose control



They are connected in
heart, body, mind and soul
Their energies always
entwine, dance and interact
with each other
Messages sent
back and forth

She helps him by helping herself
When she balances within,
he can root in her
When she heals her wounds,
she heals him as well
When she uplifts her thoughts,
she sends him reassurance
When she takes care of her,
she takes care of him

When he stands up for himself,
he takes a stand for her
When he builds on their love,
he builds her up
When he honours his heart,
he honours hers



And he asked:
‘How can you still love me?’

She replied:
‘True love is persistent
Once it has found you
it will never leave
How can you remove
the sun from your sky?
You can put clouds
and walls in between,
wear sunglasses and do
anything to block the light
But that never makes
the sun go away’


Right Where We Are

Sometimes I’m like a fast train
and I head with great speed
fueled by longing
towards the destination
while I disregard the journey,
the view from the window
and I even get ahead of myself

Then I just need
to pull the brake and slow down
to roll in harmony again
with you, with myself, with life
To know that all that I want
is already there,
home is never far
My heart united with yours
Where we need to be
is right where we are
And from there
our destination rolls fast towards us



Some painful memories are
like sharp pins
Dates that are pierced on the calendar
And sometimes still make
the heart bleed

Let’s pull them out together
Let’s pull the nails out of the cross
For we don’t need to suffer no more
It’s time to enjoy
Our boundless love gives us mercy



Can you be my journal
and can I write
every day on your pages
all that’s in my heart

Can I share with you
all my feelings, my secrets,
my stories, my thoughts

A sacred space for me
safely held by your loving eyes

A journal that heals,
that witnesses and knows
Like an open window
on my naked heart

Let me be your journal too
You can fill my pages
with all what wants to come out,
all of your truth

Let us write together in our journals
we do not even need to use a pen
But we just write with our hearts


On Track

Can you hold my heart, my love
for it shakes and shivers
Afraid as it is of the unknown
It cannot see clearly now
And it wonders, if it is still
on the right path back home

Can you hold my heart, my love
tightly pressed against yours
Can you let it hear, let it feel
the echo, the perfect mirror
of its own melody, its own rhythm
Two hearts that
always beat as one
And so with every heartbeat
you keep mine on track


Roar Love

You look in the mirror
and you see a scared cat
instead of a brave lioness

You think you’re small
unworthy of love
You doubt yourself, you doubt life
And want to hide in a corner
till life passes by
and just forgets about you

But you came here to love
and be loved
And be that lioness
Do you hear your own heart and his
calling you out?

How can you fight
and stand up for love
if you allow your own thoughts to mutiny
if you allow your mind not to respect
the authority of your heart

You may think there’s something
wrong with you
’cause that’s what others told you
But the brighter your light shines
the more it will light up their darkness

Does that mean there’s something
wrong with the light
Or do they just see their own shadows?
Who has tamed the lioness inside
was it you or the others?

Roar, lioness, roar!
Roar in poetry, roar in dance
Roar love and let it silence your mind


What Do You Do

What do you do
when worries pop up everywhere
like weeds in your garden
above you dark clouds appear
and raindrops fall

You just take your pen
and write back the sun in your sky
you plant new seeds of hope
and let the rain nourish them

You let your words do a rain dance
and let it clean the dirt
Then you take
the radiant colours of love
to end your poem
with a rainbow


This Moment

Don’t let the day start yet
Let me just stay in this moment
As I think of you
and feel you like a bliss in my heart

A moment that expands
by waves of love
that roll in all directions
that wash away all the other moments
the ones in the past, the ones in the future

And although I have some things to do today
Time already knocks on my door
Let me just stay a little longer
in this moment with you


A Cloud For Two

She is a fairy and lives
in two worlds
up in the clouds
and down on earth

High in the sky
she flies with her beloved
They have a cloud for two
on which they cuddle

On earth
they live in different forests
and it may seem
they’re out of each other’s sight
and there are trees and
an ocean in between

Though they know better
What is perceived
on earth is not real
’cause they are fairies
They have the magic of their love
and a cloud for two
on which they are together


Hand In Hand

Do you feel our fingers
Our hands that hold
each other always

Do you feel a firm grip
when you go
through challenges
to let you know
we do this together
and I’m always by your side

When you feel joy
a playful touch
of our fingers
that dance and
celebrate together

Do you feel courage
in my hand
when you are scared
My fingers that
believe in your strength
to overcome

When you think
you fall down
into a black hole
and you feel lost
my hand’s got you

When you cannot sleep
your hand in mine
and my kisses
pressed onto it
as I stroke and hold
you through the night

A hand that inspires
and sets you afire
when you play and
create new songs

My hand that moves
along with yours
while we are both
on our way home


No ‘I Love You’ Is The Same

I can tell you a thousand times
‘I love you’
And every time I can say it
in a different way
Every ‘I love you’ shows you
another layer,
A piece of my heart that you can taste

An ‘I love you’ that reaches deep,
one that is intense
An ‘I love you’ that warms you on the inside
One that is full-flavoured and one
that is just sweet
An ‘I love you’ that is playful
and stirs up your inner butterflies
An ‘I love you’ that is sensual
and makes you desire me
An ‘I love you’ that massages you,
that makes you feel relaxed and calm
One that reassures you
And one that has a light touch

Let all your senses take in my ‘I love you’s’
in all the rays, colours, flavours and shades
in which you are loved