Enchanting Voice

Your singing voice entices me
Sounds that first fly around,
move the air and then
stroke my skin

Tunes playfully kiss my ears,
charm my heart
and warm me from inside
to enchant every part of me

And I let myself
willingly be carried away
by your voice
into your musical sanctuary
where I’m all yours


The True Depth Of Togetherness

I have opened my petals for you
The sweet scent of love
is calling you home
I feel you get deeper and deeper
in me
as I desire you on all levels
in the depth of your emotions,
your body, your mind, your soul
in the depth of all your desires
of all that you are

And I embrace you
even closer than before,
Go deeper into my heart
And enter my wildest,
my truest and rawest depths

In intimate creation
we whirl, we wave, we merge,
we flow, we lighten
As we connect
deeper and deeper in love


No Defense Needed

Such a relief and freedom
to be like a wild flower
People look at it
and may say that it is ugly or beautiful
One may say its colour is red,
the other may call it pink
But the wild flower is just the wild flower
And doesn’t feel the need to defend itself
It let people have their opinions
and their projections
while it continues to dance in the wind


Rolling In Rhythm

Alliteration was lazy
and already from the start
didn’t want to pull
the poetry train
Assonance and consonance
and even perfect rhyme,
they all refused and complained

So then we decided
to step off the poetry train
And just roll in rhythm together
in the wordless, vibrant fields
of this hot sunny Sunday


Mijn Lieverd

I’ve written in several languages
poetically about you
Most in English as it is
the language we share
But I also wrote in German,
and in melodic, sensual French
I took you into a fado song
and called you ‘o meu amor’
in Portuguese
And in Dutch, my native language,
you are ‘mijn lieverd’ and ‘mijn lieveling’
And maybe, one day I’ll also write
in Spanish and in Italian

From all the single languages
I’ll take the best words,
the most beautiful
timbres and colours
But still, the best language
to express myself to you
is the palpable language of love



And if needed I would write
miles and miles of poetry
to make you a red carpet to walk on
and to roll out the way that leads
back into my arms
I let love shine upon you like spotlights
For in each of my poems you are my VIP


Under A Tree

And in a park I sit
under a tree
I could cry now
– or smile
it is a thin line
between missing you
and feeling you
strongly within
And do I feel
your sadness or
is it mine?

And I balance
on the tightrope
of feelings and thoughts
With my back
against the trunk
I look up
I ask the tree to
root for us both


Where You Can Find Me

While you lie in your bed
I curl up to you
I stroke you to sleep
Kiss sweet dreams
onto your face
And blow fearful
thoughts away

Do not worry
that you can lose me
as I am your fairy woman
and I am always around
You can find me
right where your left me
in your last breath,
in your last heartbeat
You only need to
pick me up in the next


Royal Love

First you couldn’t see
what I see in you
Like I didn’t believe
that you believed in me
But right before your eyes
you lit me up,
you gazed me, you believed me
into the queen I was meant to be

And now I write you,
love you, believe you
into the king you were born
and again you shall be
I write the crown on your head
my lines will pull up your sword
Like you once made my feet move
and made my words sing
I hold up a mirror
that reflects
all of your strength


Love Makes Me Humble

It is love that makes me humble
Such a big life force
that flows through me
and writes poetry on its own
And I go down
on my knees in gratitude
to be able to love you like this,
to love a love that is
not from this world
and yet tangible
in every cell of my body,
in every move I make,
in every word I write,
is a great, precious gift
from the heavens


You Didn’t Go Anywhere

And love hit us like a bomb
It was hot
on the battlefield of fear
I ran, you ran

Yet in my heart
you were still there
As a presence, as truth,
as love, as you
You didn’t go anywhere

And the wind came
and blew you far away
you flew to the other side
of the ocean
Distance between us
was marked on a map

And even miles apart
Yet you are still here
as you didn’t go anywhere
Never farther than
the border of my heart



Be careful to read my poetry
with uncovered eyes
and an unblocked heart
for the love I spread
through my words
is very contagious
It might affect you in
unexpected ways
And its virus is
highly resistant to
any disbelief,
any fears and hate



If you look at the sky tonight,
know that the brightest star
is me
And that I shine my light
that brightly out there in the world
only, so you can see
and so you always have a light,
your north star,
to guide you when it is dark


Be Still

Go within and let your
troubled water find stillness
Let your light shine
into the lake of silence
So it can reflect
what’s on your heart

The inner space where
God and angels talk to you
Where your own soul
gives you guidance
And where I am
your lady of the lake,
your water nymph
and where I sing
my messages of love

Be still
so you’ll be able
to hear


Déjà Vu

The visions we have of the future
The dreams we dream of togetherness
So real, so tangible
Like it has already happened
The story that has been written
We have seen it
from the first time that we met
when we looked
in each other’s eyes
and saw the happy end
That’s where it started


Sun Of Love

No matter how many clouds
appear in our sky
and all the raindrops that fall down,
the birds of prey that circle around,
no matter how loud it thunders
how many trails our fears
and worries have drawn,
The sun of our love always burns
everything away again
Its heat and its fire clears
what is troubled
and resets us both to hope


Close Enough

You can love me from a distance
but close enough to feel my heart
You can love me in silence
but loud enough for me
to hear it inside
You can love me in solitude
but love enough to love for two
You can touch me on the surface
but strong enough to reach me deep


Lost In Wonderland

I look around and wonder,
Apart from the love, is this all real?
I came here once with you together
When we both had stars in our eyes
And new dreams on our minds
But I chased the rabbit into his hole
I cannot see you no more
And now I’m all alone
and lost in Wonderland


Light Me Up

When I am so much lost
And even my words can’t find
their sentences
When each step without you here
feels sad and heavy
And all around me I see dark wilderness,
Then move me, my muse,
back into my poetry
Light me up with your love
so I can find myself


Together In Art And Heart

Wherever we are, whatever we do
Even if I fly in the air
like a smooth melody
And you wander on the ground,
you feel like in a staccato
Even if you surf the waves
and I am underwater
Even if you chase the moon
And I haunt the sun
Even if you are in the dark
of the night
And I am in the light of the day
We are together always
in art and heart


She Understood

She always wanted people to understand her
And if they didn’t and only judged her
She tried even harder to be understood
By opening up herself,
by explaining her heart
which led to more hurt
Until she decided to let go
of wanting those people to understand her
And instead, to understand herself
so thoroughly,
that she doesn’t need anyone else
no more to be understood


A Craving Desire

I fly in the air like a kite
the strings that are tied
to my heart, my body,
my soul, my mind
you pull them, you crave them
closer and closer to your heart,
from heaven and the realm of dreams
to the tangibility of earth
And willingly and full of desire
I let you pull me in
As I cannot wait to land onto you


In The Ether

There’s so much going on
in the ether
Where the air is thin
And no lines are drawn
Where all is fluid,
energy flows and fizzes
Messages are sent and
through the ether

I can almost feel your breath
And touch your skin
Fervent thoughts
dance back and forth
between us
Your voice in my mind
sounds like music

And from within you kiss me
Warm airwaves move
strongly through me
as our hearts make love
in the ether


Focus On The Sky

Sometimes, the ocean between us
is a big gap
A cruel dark blue monster
that has teared apart our lands
And we both stand on our shores
I call out for you
Your name, I shout it in the wind
Do you hear me or do the waves
make too much noise?

Please, let’s not look at the sea
But let’s focus on the sky
Our wings of love have grown
strong enough
to go up and meet above the clouds


I Danced Before Your Eyes

I read back some old letters
that I once sent to you
How I danced before your eyes
in my words
Did you know back then
that it was you who had put
the music on
Did you know I danced
solely for you
And that in fact, in every letter
I invited you implicitly
hidden behind strong
but shy words,
to dance together with me


The Crown On Your Head

You sit on your throne in my words,
and make glitter and glamour of them
You rule their tides,
their melodies and rhymes

Without you my poetry
would be just an empty,
run-down palace,
a trove without treasure

For a kingdom needs its king
Just like my poetry gives
you the crown on your head