The Katydid

A katydid comes inside my
living room and speaks:

‘I’m here to bring a message
to the girl curled up on the couch
with tears on her cheeks
and a pained heart
because of the longing
for her beloved
and the tough journey
they are on

Girl, do you see my lightness
with which I hop around?
This is the lightness that again
you need to find
You need to surrender
even deeper and more
And let go of control
Leap forward in faith
over any obstacle in your mind
Attune to your intuition
Just like me you have the ability
to jump across time and space
and to cross worlds
Leap even more in trust
in your true love’

I wanted to thank the katydid
but when I blinked,
it was gone


Living Our Dream

What we dream of is real
Our union already exists
in energy
It is already there
Feel it in your heart as a fact
How much we are together
To draw it into our tangible world
We only need to align
with the energy
And embody the love
in thoughts and actions,
follow the map in our hearts
so we can live our dream


The Turtle

There’s a turtle on the beach
She lies upside down
with her feet helplessly
up in the air, she seems lost

Oh turtle, what are you doing there?
Did the storm of your thoughts take you
and turned you around?

You looked at the horizon
and waited for the tides
to bring your beloved
You were full of hope

But then suddenly, you started to fear
that he wouldn’t come for you
that he would float
far away across another ocean

But dear turtle, you need to turn
around your thoughts
into positive ones
flip yourself over,
You need to trust
him, yourself, the tides, the journey

You are an animal of the water
and of the earth
Flow through emotions
Slow down your thoughts
and stay grounded
Remember your quality
of patient endurance
Remember the longevity
of true love


The Clumsy Fairy

She was a fairy that looked
for a tale to fly into
She searched everywhere
but couldn’t find a tale that suited
Until she saw one in which
her dream prince walked
She jumped from above
right into his arms
Though the prince was shocked
and started to run
She chased him and screamed:
‘Please stop, my dream man
come to me, I want you’
The poor man was overwhelmed
and said: ‘Who are you?’
She said: ‘I’m the fairy
and you need me in your tale
to have a happy ending
But besides that, I do love you!
And besides, besides that
I’m the one who makes the stories
How come that my lines,
you don’t follow?’
He answered: ‘Because I’m a fairy man
and I have my own magic
Sure, we can together make
a happy ending
But first, I need to know
if you truly are my fairy woman
Show me your magic!’
Thus the fairy started to write,
she wrote more than 1000 love poems
But when she was finished,
she looked around and saw
that her man was on the ground
so much love had completely
made him pass out
So quickly she kissed him back alive
But then because of her nerves,
accidentally, she kissed him into a frog
Though she didn’t care
for she loved him unconditionally
And it was a good opportunity
to kiss him again and again
until she found the right spell
to kiss him back the fairy man
who now was convinced,
after so much magic,
that the clumsy fairy truly was his


On Your Way

My beautiful bird,
flying high above the ocean
near to the sun
The beat of your wings
is strong and determined
as your third eye is focused
on the other shore
where she is

And sometimes, it may feel
you’re not a bird up there in the sky
But you’re the lonesome sailor
down there
that floats lost on an endless sea
of memories between two continents,
wondering how the ocean can be crossed
while he dreams about his dancing girl

But my bird, feel the wind of love
behind your wings
Just take it one beat at a time
Most important is,
you hold the vision
and you’re on your way


How The Two Lovers Of True Love Solve The Problem Of Global Warming

And I say: ‘Oh my cutest cutie,
I almost burn alive
here in the extreme heat
of the Dutch Summer’
You say: ‘Oh yes, my sexy sweetie
I have the same trouble over here
I’m on fire in this hot Californian night’

‘Oh no! Could it be that because
our love is just so hot,
the flame of our passion burns so high,
that that causes the global warming?’
‘You could be right, my sexy sweetie,
it would actually explain a lot.’

‘Oh cutest cutie!
That means we need to cool down!
But how can we do it?
For every time when I think of you or feel you
the fire gets stoked up,
the temperature increases!
I eat ice creams all day,
I take cold showers
And I even went to the local supermarket
to be in their walk-in fridge
But nothing seems to work,
the flame can’t be extinguished!’

‘My sexy sweetie, I know, I know
Last night when I played my guitar
I almost set fire to the audience
because of the passion that flamed
from my strings
Maybe we should discharge
it a bit
in controllable measures
Let’s just continue to write
our songs and poems’

‘Cutest cutie, when you speak
about discharging,
I have a much better idea
Just come fly over to me
and I will show you
how, at least for a moment,
we first bring the climate to a climax
But after that,
I bet we are much cooler’

‘You are brilliant, my sexy sweetie!
I’m on my way,
Let’s together solve the problem
of this global warming.’


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Inside The Package

I have a present for you
and if you unpack it
and take off the wraps of
poetry, spirituality,
the past and the future
the ego, the karma,
the twin flame concept,
the words, the labels,
what is then left
inside the package
is just a beating heart
full of love for you


A Romantic Scenery

It’s already late and I sit
in the garden under the rosebush
I look up at the stars
The summer night lays its warmth
around me
A breeze gently strokes my skin

And it seems such a romantic scenery
That could make hearts sigh and melt
The perfect entourage for a poem
The only missing piece in it is you
Though the universe is generous
and sends me an army of mosquitos
to keep me company instead


Ripples Of Love

Come my fairy man,
we go deep into the woods
Where white butterflies flutter around,
robins sing their song for us
and trees wave with their branches
as we walk together
to our sacred pool of love
Look into its water with me
Do you see those two reflections
in the mirror
You and me, he and she
The masculine and feminine
The more we balance them
within and without,
the more the water of love
merges them into one
Yin and yang that flow
into each other
Clearer becomes the water
Purer become our hearts
Let’s walk into it together
We let our bodies bathe
in each other
Your yang surrounds me
My yin takes you in
Lips find and unite
And every touch,
every kiss makes a ripple,
has an impact
and causes us to grow
bigger and wider in love



She drew question marks everywhere
as she questioned her beliefs
and the world around her
A lot of unconstructive sentences
she ended with a dot
She erased and struck through
for they didn’t serve her anymore
Some things that were no longer relevant
she captured with brackets

But what she did give
an exclamation mark
and what she underlined,
was the connection and the love
she felt between her and him


A Love We Cannot Lose

Whatever we do or don’t do,
there’s always this strong bond between us
A love that can’t be taken away
We don’t need to struggle or fight
to keep it
We can’t break or run from it
A love we cannot lose
and cannot leave

A love always available
if we tune into our hearts
and let it flow
There’s always you here with me
And I there with you
No matter the distance
between our bodies

A love on which we can float
in which we can wrap ourselves,
lay ourselves to rest
and find comfort and peace


The Dropping

God let him and her meet
and see heaven in each other’s eyes
A gaze that left forever an imprint
in their hearts
He let them feel a love so deep
and beautiful
that they would never be able to forget
and after that he took them both
and dropped them separately
in a big forest

He gave them the assignment
to find back each other
and to return home in each other’s arms
But first they needed to show
that they were strong and independent enough
to carry such a great, true love
that was only for the braves

So in the forest he made the two lovers lost
He let it thunder, storm
and he placed obstacles and tests
On their own they needed to face
their worse demons and shadows
He let them battle with their minds
and shed their ego
The only compass they had
was placed in their hearts

And while they both struggled
their way through the forest
and were being tested
to choose love over and over
They both made a trail of poems and songs
that send GPS signals into the sky
to show each other where they were

God gave them angelic support
that showered them with signs
and performed miracles along the road
And the more they trusted and believed
and put faith in love and in their journey,
the more the path unfolded
before their eyes
that finally led home


Home run

I put all our fears, our insecurities,
any left obstacles between us
into a ball
and with a bat I hit it very far

So take my hand, my love
we have all the space now
to run undisturbed together
all the way
around the playfield
to our home base



And all the Dutch people are complaining
about the weather today
for the temperature has gone wild
and has broken all records
with 40 degrees Celsius

And while I lie on my back in a park
and look at the clear blue sky
and the crown of a tree above me
I can only smile and say:
You already think this is hot?!
Then you don’t have yet felt
the burning flame of true love,
the passion for my man
within me


Moon Landing

She was his moon
Her mysterious glow amazed his eyes
and enchanted his heart
She danced for him every night
Sometimes she showed only part
of her naked body
Other times she showed him
her full, glorious shine

He watched her pirouettes and circles
from afar
and let his heart dance to her sacred rhythm
While he wished upon every star he saw
that his wildest dream would come true
that he would be in her arms
and dance together with her

Though there were so many things,
so many fears and barriers in his mind
that held him back, held him down,
tied him to the earth
that prevented him to fly
and to reach for his dream

So he tried to cover his eyes
and not to look at her anymore
But even in the complete dark
He could still feel and see her
with the eyes of his heart

And one day, one night
her call got too strong
and he could not resist anymore
With the fire of his love and his longing
he inflamed his rocket
and he flew straight through
the barrier of his fears
to land on his moon, to land in her

It was a big step for him
a giant leap for mankind as well
as from that day on
they shined their love
together upon the world


She Told Him She Loves Him

She told him she loves him
but instead of using words,
she closed her eyes,
imagined him before her
and then with her finger
she drew hearts
on his skin all over his body
From afar she kissed him
as she let her loving thoughts
travel to him
and gently land on his lips
She exhaled the love
with every breath
and let the wind circulate it
around him
so his heart could inhale
She danced her love
across the ocean
and on the other shore
let his feet catch the rhythm
She smiled the love
and let the sun shine it on him
She told him she loves him
and didn’t need any words



I stand with my feet in wild water
And around me a strong wind blows
Though my belief is unwavering
For my heart is anchored in love

And I see you standing there
With your feet in the wild water
It storms through your head
Though you tap into the same source
as I do

Close your eyes and feel me within,
I close mine and feel you
From our hearts we let
the glowing ball of love and light
radiate out towards each other
True love that always believes
My light will catch you,
I will be caught by yours
Like two lighthouses
that shine each other home


What Words Cannot Say

What words cannot say
But what is in every bone,
every cell, every molecule
of our bodies
Written in our DNA
Running through our veins
Glowing in our gaze
Felt in the depth of our being
Where no one else but
you and me can reach
Expressed in our dance
Burning in our hearts
Moving in emotions
Captured in our thoughts
What words cannot say
This love that has
more letters than the alphabet
And more meaning than all the
words together


The Search Engine

As I missed you like crazy,
I looked for you everywhere
and walked randomly around
Though nowhere I could find you
‘Cause where to look
for you seem to be everywhere and nowhere
So close and far away at the same time
Then I had the idea to use a search engine
I googled your name
and asked where you are
I was lucky for it showed me only one hit,
that said: ‘In your heart’


The Rainbow

No matter how it storms
Or how much rain falls
There is always a rainbow
between our hearts
A path of faith to walk on
in all the countless colours of our love
A promise of light
A bridge of hope
that reaches into the heavens
and bonds the two of us


In Mysterious Ways

I bought myself a cup of coffee in town
and went outside to sit down with it
I put the cup on the table
But when the cup was empty
and I wanted to bring it away
Suddenly, I saw there was a heart
drawn on the table
right underneath my coffee
I had not seen it before
Your love is sent to me
in so many, mysterious ways


Loving Self-Talk

If you feel down and you talk
negatively to yourself,
Just imagine what I would say,
what I would write to you
How each word would caress you tenderly
and would immerse you in sweetness
Let my voice sound inside
and let it soothe you
So you always have me with you
as your best friend



Do you feel this instinct in your heart
This craving
Like a hunger, a thirst
that seems unbearable
A lion inside that wants to break free
and run towards his counterpart
Almost out of control
Driven by the force of true love

I feel this instinct in my heart
An untamed lioness that craves
her lion


Take Your Pen

My arms lie on my desk
My head rests heavily on them
‘Take your pen and write,’ an angel
whispers in my ear

‘No, I can’t do it anymore,’ I reply,
‘I am too tired, the journey is too hard
My heart is full of sorrow
And it doesn’t matter, whether I write
or not
He knows I love him more than
anything in this world
When my words knock on my door
I will just let them sing silently
within me’

The angel whispers:
‘Take your pen and write
Words that knock on your door
need to be written
Your voice that sings within you
needs to be heard
An angel that whispers in your ear
needs to be listened to
For it is your own soul that pushes you
to do what is right
You cannot run from your destiny

Take your pen and write
For your pen is your sword of truth
It is your magic wand
Love needs to be written
And light needs to shine’


Explore Me

Oh my explorer, sail to my land
Find my treasures, make your discoveries
Although, you’re well-known
in my heart,
behind my words there is yet
a world to explore
Deep within me
in unknown territory
Maybe, even unknown to myself
There is the exotic, the wild
and the pure
Draw your map
Leave your traces
Where no one has gone before
Place your mark there
And raise your flag
as my land is yours


It Is A Beautiful Day

Although the day may look grey
It is a beautiful day to take a stroll
through the city
To sit on a bench and dream of you
To feed the pigeons and watch
the city life pass by
To give the beggars some coins
and to write a poem

It is a beautiful day to let
my tears flow when I miss you
to go with the flow
wherever the waves may take me
It is a beautiful day just to love you


I Dance For You Tonight

Let me dance for you tonight
Lit by the full moon
I dance the stars into the sky
I make our wishes burn fiercely
above us
I dance the kisses onto your lips,
the sparkle in your heart,
the passion in your eyes,
your knees on the ground,
your desires reaching out
Love moves my curves
Graceful and sensual
Follow my body for it tells you a story
And only you can read,
only you can see
I dance a silent dance
But you’ll hear the words
You’ll hear the music
You’ll feel its meaning
As I dance for you
For your eyes only


Two Wizards

They were both wizards
in their world of make believe
They let their love be the magic wand
that could bring them to any place
and that could let them take any form
They made their own fairy tales
Just by the power of true love
So one day they both closed their eyes
They felt the love in their hearts
and imagined to be two birds
so they could fly and cross an ocean
to be with each other


Shared Melancholic Longing

A Portuguese photographer told me
that my eyes have the perfect
Portuguese look
as they express saudade,
this sad, melancholic longing

But then I saw your pictures
And oh man, it was like I looked in the mirror
for your eyes have the same
expression, the Portuguese look

Or is it just the melancholic look of
two lovers that miss each other,
the pain of physical separation,
visible and tangible in the eyes
Two counterparts that already longed
for each other the day they were born
Even long before they first met


Divine Interventions

Two small yellow trams
glide through the streets of Lisbon
Each has its own destination
But then, they suddenly seem out of control
Is it because she is in one of the trams
And he is in the other tram?
The strong magnetic attraction
between them even make trams
go their own way
and drive towards each other
until they almost collide
Because the whole universe will conspire
and will push and pull
to bring two lovers of true love
back to each other
and then will even make trams
to its vehicle of fate and fortune


Poseidon And Amphitrite

The ocean between us may look
calm on the surface
But my Poseidon, do you feel
in the deeper waters our waves of
longing and passion roll towards
each other?
The sea is our kingdom, our throne
The space is all ours
We drowned for too long in still
waters of sadness
We made the sea our dark grave of grief
as we were deceived by a Fata Morgana
That showed us we had lost each other
But let’s turn the tide
Our deeper waters true and pure
do call us
So let your mighty waves move
Let the tides go high
and make love
to bring back our sea to peace


The Composition

The piano starts to play ‘Für Elise’
a composition Beethoven once wrote
for a girl he wanted to marry
but was too shy to ask
And while this music plays
we zoom in on a scene
in the Dutch countryside

It is the 14th July, some years ago
It is a sun shiny day
and in an idyllic, green landscape
with an old farm barn and cows
and horses around,
another musician meets his girl
They look each other into the eyes
Like they have done it already many times
But this time they seem to find
a whole new universe
as they merge with one another

And a lot could have happened
They could have done and said
so much more
Like they both have dreamt
this moment over and over
But just like Beethoven
he was a bit shy
and instead of telling his girl
Later he wrote a composition to
express what he feels for her
and to play and sing for her
what is alive in his heart


Honour The Path Behind You

As you rise more and more in yourself
You inspire me to honour the path
that lies behind me
as so often I tend to erase the footprints
that brought me to today

I want to remove the old trails
And every day start on a blank page again
But you show me
to become whole within
is to embrace those parts from the past
And see in everything art and beauty

Just like this city through which I walk
that breathes history wherever I look
And that makes monuments from ruins

Let’s turn around together
and see how far we’ve come
Although some things may be ugly
or imperfect
There was and is always beauty
to be found in our love


Walk Here With Me

Walk here with me in this town
Dance with my feet
See through my eyes
The river, the castle, the colourful
houses, the Portuguese tiles
Sense through my skin
The wind from the sea
The warmth of the sun
Hear through my ears
The fado, the pigeons,
the sound of passionate Portuguese
Smell through my nose
The sardines, the salt water
Taste through my mouth
the red wine, the pastéis de nata
the fish, the bica
Feel through my heart
the soul, song and poetry
but above all, the immense love
I have for you that colours my senses
and illuminates this town


My True Fadista

And in the last evening light
in the old neighbourhood Alfama
on the stairs of a narrow alley
I listen to a fado singer
who pours his heart out with closed eyes
Songs of love, saudade, melancholic longing

And how much this singer may touch
And how many other singers I may listen to
There is no singer like you, o meu amor
Every singer I hear only makes me
miss you more
Your voice like an angel
that sings my heart purely into heaven
That cradles me, enchants, entices and soothes

Fado that means fate
is the music of destiny
Then you are my true fadista
Your voice, your song destined
to be received by my heart
Like I am your true poeta
My words, my poems, are fated for you


You Are Here

And when I sit by the river
and see all the water
My eyes wander in the distance
towards the west
Waves of panic roll over me
It is when instead of feeling
this union with you in heart and soul,
I feel the deep pain of bodies
that are separated from each other
Instead of seeing it with the eyes
of the spiritual
I see it with the limited eyes of the earth

But then I feel you in my heart
This strong heart connection
that calls me back to myself
‘Are you there, my love’, I ask
‘Yes I am here’, you say
I hear your gentle voice inside
Your comforting presence
that calms down my heartbeat
I cry and smile at the same time


Melancholic Passion

(With video below)

The music starts to play
and then we are the fado
And in a naked, raw song
we let our bodies find each other
As if we only have the now
It has been too long, o meu amor
My tears drop on your skin
While yours drop on mine
They melt in the heat
of our passion
Lips and hands that seek
and taste desire
The flame in our hearts
We let it rise, o meu amor
We don’t let an ocean divide
no more
I kiss away the salt on your skin
Your lips that cleanse mine
What remains then
what always remains
after the last tone
the last note


The First And Last Word

In the bright city of myths and legends
Where so much history has been written
Where once the Phoenicians,
the Moors and the Romans came
Where a big earthquake destroyed everything
But many hands led by resilience
and dreams rebuilt again
The city from which new discoveries
have been made
And explorers conquered the world
Where people believe in fate
and in the leading hand of God
Here in the Sé de Lisboa, the cathedral
I light a candle for me and you
Like I’ve already lit many
Each as a holy beacon of light around us
Then before the altar I kneel down
And pray for a miracle
Or do I pray for destiny to unfold
May we be reunited
And be brought back together
My Lord, my angels,
please, wipe away these tears
Lift the heavy burden from my shoulders
And help me to have faith
in the divinity of true love
Help me to believe and to see
what my heart and soul know
But my mind seems to doubt
That true love will always have
the first and last word