Crows fly over us
Freer and lighter
closer to the sun
than we are

And they bring us
an omen of change
movement and good fortune
with their intelligent foresight
they see it all

My love, may we see
what those crows see
May we fly along with them
lighthearted and free



Yes I can stand strong on my own
But just like the moon that needs
the sun to shine
I need you to witness me when I rise
Your energy around me to ground me
and to feel safe to open
like a flower to the world
I need you to hold and protect me
when I’m naked and vulnerable
I need you to just be you
and to stand by my side


Up and Out

And we have both often fallen so hard
but got back up
We died so many times and came back to life
only because of a promise, a dream,
the eternal thread between us,
the light that we saw in each other’s heart
that pulled us up and out


The Look Of Your Heart

I see you sitting outside
with your back against a fence
among white roses of hope
and peace
as though you honor me

A guitar on your lap
for there’s so much music in you
your face, your smile, your skin
your gaze so pure, so soft
You have the look of your heart,
the look of love,
the look of you



Even when we are worlds apart
the ocean, all those miles between us
It doesn’t even matter
that messages can’t be sent
If the internet would fall apart
that you couldn’t read my words,
my poems
that you couldn’t see my eyes
in my pictures that tell you stories,
let you look into my soul,
that I couldn’t see yours
for we communicate always
and anyway
through our hearts


Conversations With Yourself

And if you are on your own
and you have these
conversations with yourself
tell your you how beautiful he is
tell him that all is safe and well
that he is loved beyond measure
and is never truly alone
That he is carried by the earth,
the wind, the water
inspired by inner fire
and shined upon
by the moon and sun
talk to yourself, say the things
that I would say to you


It’s Not Just A Poem

And I go to sleep
on a pillow of love
like I lay down my head
on your chest

And the wind that blows
through the open window
is like your breath
that calms, that strokes
that sings to me

The moon is like the light
in your eyes
watching over me

And I listen
to the sound
of my own heartbeat
like it is yours
for you are in there

And then it’s like
it’s not just a song
it’s not just a poem
a sweet lullaby
it’s not just me
but it’s you that is here
in so many things



And it’s 8/8
the Lion’s Gate is open for us
my love, take my hand
and we’ll both be brave
we step, we dance
through it
towards a future of light

And although we may see dark now
It’s only our shadows
that cause
illusions and fear
we’re always protected by love

If you are afraid
Just dance with the journey,
dance with me
we’re always dancing together
Our brave hearts lead the way
For it takes courage to love
like we do


A Beautiful Summer Day

It’s a beautiful summer day
not because I lie in a hammock
that gently swings in the wind
under the shades of trees
not because dragonflies
and butterflies flutter around me
not because skies are clear
and the sun shines brightly
but it’s a beautiful summer day
because my heart sings
of you


Always Here

I watch the last light of the day
fade away to make room
for moon and stars
And I think of you
you’re so much here
all those miles
could never separate us
for what’s above
day and night
and distance
is love
What’s in the heart
is always near, always now,
always here
and never far


On Our Way

I lie on my back in a boat
sailing on Dutch waterways
The wind blows through my hair
and strokes my skin

I am sun kissed
when I think of you
And I see the blue skies
that you promised me
even with my eyes closed
I see

What your heart has painted
what the water,
the wind sings to me
waving on love
We’re on our way


Moon And Stars

When she watches the night sky
she always sees the moon and stars
full and brightly shining
even if the heavens don’t show them
and hide them behind clouds
she always finds light in the dark
for she has love in her heart
and carries moon and stars inside


Whenever You Need

Whenever you need
I’ll always have a hand
to help you
A heart to listen
to what’s alive in you
Eyes to see you beautiful
Two arms to embrace you
Feet to dance with you
Dreams to fly away with
Prayers to give you faith
And an endless source of love
to nurture you


Putting Down The Sword

She has fought her whole life
She fought to survive
She fought for others
for justice, truth and love
She fought even
when she was in fear
even when she was broken
And if there wasn’t a battle outside,
she continued to fight within

But what if she now, for one moment,
wouldn’t fight no more
and would put down her sword
would she finally find peace?


A Purer Language

I wish I could tell you
about the details,
the storylines
the ups and downs
in many words
about everything that’s going on
but maybe now
as words are silenced,
we just learn
to speak a purer language
through feelings, images
and knowing, through love
transferred wordless
between our hearts