When I’d like to say to you so much
but words keep frozen inside
and the only thing that flows are tears,
that are watering my eyes
then feel my unsaid words,
taste them, make them melt on my lips
and in your arms


The Sound Of Your Heart

There you are
behind bars
in your own mind
But don’t listen
to the sound
of your thoughts
that scream, sadden,
seduce and imprison you
that say that you can’t
that you should have done
or shouldn’t do
Instead, listen
to the sound
of your heart
and hear its sweet melodies
and dance to it
dance to break free
from all that isn’t you


Behind The Veil

‘Sun, why did you abandon
my sky tonight
and make everything so dark
and lonely
will you ever come back?’

‘I’m still there behind the veil
of what you can’t see
but feel
and light up the moon
for you instead
to dream with you,
to hold you
so do not fear,
do not hope but know
I will come back
to kiss you good morning’


Close To Me

Are you close to me
even if my skin cannot sense you
even if my own thoughts make you
so far away from me

Are you close to me if the night
shows nothing but darkness
if my calling isn’t answered
if the dawn seems far

Are you close to me if my arm
is too short to reach for you
if every mile seems an eternity
and my eyes cannot find the stars

Are you close
even if I’m far
from me


Rising Sun

Feet in the mud
of the polder
as the cold and the rain
caress my face
The winter wind plays
joyfully with my hair
The grey sky kisses me
the river smiles
as if it is the first time
as if there’s only now

Falcons fly above my head
and promise victory
Birds of the Rising Sun
Ancient Egypt deities
greet me
and I greet you from far
in gold rimmed thoughts
And I know I will,
we will rise


Tree And Bird

My body
was in the hospital bed
but I didn’t know
where I was

Words were too much
Legs couldn’t carry me
I didn’t remember

Eyes were closed
most of the time
but when I opened
I looked through the window
and saw a tree
with a bird in there

Leaves moved
the bird moved
I didn’t move
Still, like dead

Days passed
I didn’t know
I floated away
out of time
but always back
to the tree
to see the bird

Was it you, my love
that had flown
across the ocean
to keep me alive


A Racing Heart

A heart that is beating too fast
that is racing and aching
gasping for breath
is just missing and longing
and running
with all that it’s got
towards you


*I’m dealing with some heart problems (low blood pressure, high heart rate, pain on the chest, dizziness, fainting) in my recovery process after my stay in the ICU/ hospital:

The Unfinished Story

I’ve been absent for quite a while on my blog because I was very ill and was in the ICU. However, I don’t know anything about it as I was unconscious. At first, when I came back, I didn’t know who I was anymore and lost my memories. Luckily, those are coming back.
It’s still a rollercoaster and I need a lot of rest and care but at least and Thank God! I’m able to write again.

The Unfinished Story

Life was eclipsed
darkness covered the eyes
-I can’t even see
myself no more,
memories buried
mind, body gone
into nowhere land,
But then destiny,
the unfinished story
of you and me
sends me its sun