When the things around us
are overwhelming
and it’s all too much
Let’s make it a little
by pulling down the blinds
of the window to the world

by little kisses,
a little dance
a little movement,
a little music
and much,
so much love


If I Stand Up

If I stand up alone
in a crowd
for what I believe
is right
and people cannot see and hear
my underlying message
of unity, understanding
and love
will you stand by my side
do you hear and see
’cause sometimes,
it’s just so lonely
to be in a crowd


If I Stumble

If I stumble and fall
in my clumsy attempts
to just be myself
and to do good
for you, for me, for us

If I stumble on
negative thoughts
and harsh judgements
about myself
with one leg
in the old story
and with the other
in the new

Will you reach out your arm,
your hand, your heart
and will you catch me


Where Union Is Found

Union is not found
on lower grounds
in distance, in miles
in narratives
in fear, blame, guilt
suffering and shame

But union is found
in the truth of our hearts
It’s you in me and me in you
It’s to look up and rise above
the lies and the illusion
of separation
and to see just one sky,
one love
and an always, eternal ‘us’


The Illusion Of Separation

Hell isn’t a place
somewhere in the afterlife
But it’s suffering
here on earth
It’s the deepest soul pain
of what is one
but is perceived as
cut in two
Divine love counterparts
with sea, land
stories and silence
between them
It’s missing you
– my best friend,
my everything –
sensed like a paralyzing,
burning pain
in my body
Hell is the illusion
of separation


Where The Blue Skies Are


I wish we could have celebrated
this day together
But on your side of the world,
you have the happy blue skies
to look at
Whereas here around me
I don’t see anyone,
I don’t see anything
all around me is so dense and dark


You look at the wrong place
Instead, look inside your heart
There, all you will see is light
all you’ll see is the vastness of love
for there, I’ve painted blue skies
for us both


New Horizons

Sing away the clouds
in my mind
Sing the sun
into the vast sky
of my heart
Let me look into your eyes
as I need new horizons
to look at
To focus only on me, on you
and on love
Away from the dense
world outside
to find the whole universe
within us


Love Watches Over You

And now the night
has covered your side of the world
with darkness
and you lay down your head
to fall asleep
I watch over you while I bathe
here in daylight
I send loving thoughts
as soothing kisses
I write poetry
to weave you a blanket
that keeps you safe and warm
And with the pencil of my heart
I draw you images
so you have something sweet
and colourful to dream about


The Magic Of Twilight

Outside birds sing their last song
right before sunset
to serenade queen moon
so she can make her way
up into the sky
And in the moment of twilight
when the veil is thinnest
and day and night
magically meet,
she kisses king sun
in a fiery embrace
and whispers to him:
‘My love, good night’


The Higher Truth

When my eyes are too pained
by what they have seen
When they have seen too much
beyond lies and illusions
behind politics and media
I close them to find
my vast world with you
behind the veil of my eyelids
to look deep into
the higher truth of our love


Longing For Home

I so much long to sink deeply
in your arms
to rise and fall together
on our synchronized breath
to listen to the song of our hearts
to see the stars in your eyes
and touch infinity

I long to feel the comfortable warmth
of your body entwined with mine
to know that all is safe, all is well
even if rain and thunder rage

How I long as I long for home


Do Not Resist What Is

While I walk in the pouring rain
and the waters of my heart
pour from my eyes,
I feel so much resistance
against a reality I do not want
lines drawn by others I don’t
want to follow
and with every step, every breath
I fight my way forward

But then I feel your sunshine
inside of me
Your smile that says
Do not resist what is
but move along gracefully
Rain it, shower it out
Do not use your strength
to battle yourself
Feel my inner kisses that soften
your heart
Accept where you are right now
dance your own way forward
and then change will follow


Palpable Dreams

Sometimes the fine line
between day and night,
between a dream and the real,
the ethereal and the physical,
waking and sleeping, fades
When the desiring echo
of a dream of two lovers
dreamt at night,
is still papable
under and on the skin
and naturally merges into
awake daydreams



With all the division,
the wild emotions,
the storms that rage in the world,
let me find peace in the home
of your arms
let me merge with you
as we testify with our lips,
our hands, our bodies,
to the truth in our hearts
Our vision of oneness,
unity and love


A Force Field Of Love

My love, from the outside
it may look like
you are alone
as you stand up bravely
before the world
as you know, we know,
how strong love is

It is strong enough
to hold your hand
to stand by your side
this force field between us
that makes us connect
and shine our light together
over thousands of miles
of sea and land



I hear the sea in my ears
or is it you
whispering a mantra
of sweet words to me
like kisses
water that ripples
begins to fall
and rise higher
as I float on waves
of arousal
breath becomes the sound
of the sea
that swells
a wild dance
a vast love
that is oceanic