Book Of Life

Here in Lisbon I went to the oldest
bookstore of the world
That, since several ages,
holds inside so many stories
I asked the owner
if our book of love was in there too
He said it was
with both our names in gold
written on the cover
I asked if I could have it
to read further our story
He smiled and told me
he could not yet give the book
as we first need to live the words
I said I understood
But as I walked outside
The owner called me
I turned around, the old man said:
‘I read the book and
for what I can tell you
It’s a beautiful,
breathtaking love story.’


The Bird That Came To Serenade Her

And by the river
She leans her back
against a white wall
She closes her eyes
and bathes herself
in the soft sunlight,
in the sound of the water
and in the wind that plays
with her hair
and blows her head empty

A bird comes close to her and
sings his song at her feet
A beautiful serenade
And if she let the wind blow
just little bit more
to remove all barriers
She hears the pure music
of her beloved in it


I Try

I try not to miss you
And to see the Lisbon sun
although it’s cold this morning

I try not to let it rain inside
And to keep my eyes focused
at what is ahead of me
although my vision now is narrow

I try not to let my heart drown
in a sea of longing
And instead to swim back
to the surface
although the current underneath
is pulling me

I try not to miss you
And to feel your arms
to hear your voice,
that says,
not to miss you but to enjoy
the day, the sun and Lisbon

I try, my love, I try


Eternal Love

(With video below)

Here in Lisbon it’s like time doesn’t exist
And history is now
All what lies between us is erased
All what will happen has already been written
The stars in our eyes once told the story
Nothing to worry, but a lot to smile
As I walk in the streets, I float
in the eternal space of our love


At The Airport

And here at the airport
On a stormy, early Monday morning
I watch people come and go,
airplanes arrive and leave,
rain move down on the window
and my heart moved by you

Soon I’ll fly above the clouds
While on the ground you’ll sing your song
and will lauch your love up into the air
My heart will broadcast it
all over the planet


Working Together

We still walk hand in hand
As we work together
in heart and mind
to weave our world of love

And although our faith is being tested,
challenges arise in front of us,
clouds of confusion pass by,
that make look everything black and white,
and we can’t see where we’re heading to,
we still keep going on our path of love

For we know that each step brings us closer
And any obstacle
will only make our love beat stronger


Point Of View

And the ‘he’ and the ‘she’
entered the text
They created some distance
When things felt too naked

But then the ‘I’ came
that wanted to be
the first person
And in full authenticity
the ‘I’ claimed the text
and owned the self


Into Flesh And Blood

As you touched my heart
I touched yours
And stirred your waters
of deepest emotions
to wake you up
from your sleep

As you touched my eyes
I touched yours
And made you see
You shed the illusions
the false layers
to be the true you

Please touch my body
touch my skin,
As I touch yours
Land in me, I land in you
and together
we ground this love
from heaven
into flesh and blood


You Are Rising

My king, you are rising
As you step into your power
more and more
You took your horse and your sword
You rode out
and left the comfortable shelter
behind your walls
To follow your strong beating heart
on the path of love

Know that your queen has your back
She is your spine
Every time you fall
She will help you to get up and rise

Hear how she whispers
her words of love
and support
in your ears
See how she sends
an army of angels
to accompany you
Feel her hands
on your shoulders
Her scent in the wind
Her taste on your lips
She is behind you
in front of you,
next to you
inside you and all around
As she holds your hand
She holds your heart
And loves you
for all that you are


The Beauty Of Silence

If I get distracted
by all the outer noises
By the ringing in my ears
The sounds and voices
in the open sky
And I dig myself
in too many words

I go within
to trust
the beauty of silence

To open up
to feel those whispers of love
between your heart and mine
that are without any form
without sounds or words

To listen to the purity
of vibrating silence
and let its love messages
speak for themselves


How The Worm Transformed

Once there was a worm
Living in the dark places
in the womb
of mother earth
It was like he was digging
his own grave
As he hid himself
in sadness and fear

Mother earth who saw
the lonesome worm struggle,
one day asked him:
‘Why are so unhappy,
my dear one?’

The worm said:
‘I have this dream
of being a songbird
to fly free in the clear open sky
But I am just a worm,
buried in heaviness
for no one to see’

Mother Earth replied:
‘My dear worm, first learn
to embrace yourself
for who you are
See your own value
Learn to embrace your dark parts
And then believe in your light’

And the worm took
these words to his heart
He learned more and more
How he as a worm helped to transmute the earth
And how out of the darkness
new flowers could grow

And one day he took the risk
He made his way up to the light
And at that moment
a beautiful songbird flew over
That made a dive,
swallowed the worm
and took flight
The dream and the dreamer
became one


Finding Salvation

He wrote a piece about himself
Perhaps the most honest and vulnerable
he had ever written
His courageous heart naked under the open sky
He dropped his ego masks
Didn’t hide his pain in sarcasm or
jokes no more
But let all his light shine on the dark
parts of his past
To find salvation in his pure true self
While the arms of true love hold him



And the birds are just birds
they do their bird-like things
they both fly and sing
and don’t ask why
they don’t pretend
or say ‘what if’

They surrender
to the seasons of life
They trust themselves,
the branches
and the wind

To see that all what happens
is a lesson
An opportunity to grow

I surrender to life,
and to you, my love bird
We just do our things,
what we were born for
We both fly and sing
and nest ourselves in love


The Moon Singer

You stand on the moon
in a hilly, bare landscape
with the guitar in your hand
you sing your own songs

Did you fly all the way up,
my astronaut of love
to bring an ode to the universe
as the brightest star
among the stars

Serenade me your heart
And I will fly to you
I just close my eyes,
I count to three
to let my wings of love
take me to you

Let us be moon dancers,
earth gazers,
mystery spacers
love makers
in the light glow of the moon


I Read You

I read you like a book, my love
I hear you as a piece of music
And see you as a painting

I hear each vibration in your voice,
read each emotion between the lines,
devour every letter, every tone, every detail
And always see you full coloured


A Song Of Hope

And the bird flew
and made a dive
as he sang a new song
for everyone to hear
The wind spread
the free sounds
of his tender voice
all over the land

It was a song of love
A bright song of hope
With his vulnerable heart,
his breakable wings
he flew strong

He sang of what he had seen
when he had dreamt
above the clouds
about the clear blue skies
that would appear soon

He sang it straight
into the heart
of his beloved
where he let his tunes
make rainbows


The Gift

You gave me a gift
It came as a seed
planted by your eyes
when we first met
and you looked
full of love at me

It needed to grow
It took some time
Before the seed
flowered and reached
its full potential
and I became
all what you had seen
in me
and had sown
and watered
by your eyes


While The Full Moon Gazes At Me

And while the full moon gazes
at me through the window
I think of
how you always gazed at me,
how your beautiful eyes lit up
in the half dark
when they looked for mine
to lock with
And then it’s almost
like it’s not the moon
that watches me
But it is you
who watches me from afar
and hypnotizes me again
with your bright glow


Planet Rose Girl’s World

She is like an alien,
an Alice in Wonderland
that sees the world and its people
every day anew

She smiles and walks in the streets
While she observes
and tries to connect by her heart
with the people she meets

She likes to dance
And to sit by the river
to stare at the water and the clouds
She likes to take pictures
As she sees beauty everywhere around

She doesn’t watch television
or read newspapers
She is not interested in discussions,
in politics, in money or status
as the only thing that matters to her
is your heart

And at night she returns to her planet
Where she sits in silence
Where she dreams,
she loves, meditates
and writes her stories, songs and poetry


You Colour My Sea

In an ocean of millions of drops
You are the only drop for me
that shines brightly among all the others
And colours the whole sea

In a field of hundreds of flowers
You are the only flower
that catches my eyes
And makes my heart bloom

In a sky full of stars
You are the star I gaze at
And wish upon