The wind itself is invisible
we can only sense and see it
when it makes clouds float
and hair dance

Even when we are still and quiet
Even when love itself is invisible
it makes things move,
just like the wind

Emotions that roll like waves
Thoughts of you and me
that float like clouds
Longing that feels like a tornado
Each heartbeat, each breath
that moves us closer to each other
as the air between us vibrates
with love


Green Fields

She wanders in the fields
among the howling cows
and the singing birds
windmills rotate on the horizon

And she could only focus
on the grey, grieving sky now
she could feel
how much she misses him
But she could also see
the green grass underneath
the wideness of the view
herons flying by in the air
two white swans
that build their nest
And she could feel
how much she loves him


Especially Today

And even though
the sky is grey
raindrops fall
and last night’s
been cold
and sleepless
Even though
she’s here and he’s
far away,
she knows
blue skies will come
and there’s always
a dance to dance
poetry to make
– especially
today –
as she celebrates


Such A Cold Night

A night in Spring
can feel like a night in Winter
when it feels so cold
in bed and I shiver
with missing you

And if you were here now
your arms could warm me
your legs could hold
my feet

But you are there,
somewhere far
and instead, you whisper
love into my heart
to keep the flame burning
and to help me to believe
in Spring


Peace Begins Within

The worst enemy
is the enemy within
When thoughts come
like soldiers
judging the self

And then
it’s a long night
the officer from the past
that hits again
a heart that bleeds
and it’s war inside

Thoughts accumulate
and battle each other
Then it’s also war without

I see
enemies everywhere
and I become very small
expecting to be attacked

I see
longing that hurts
screaming ‘I miss you’s’

Until I connect with you
through the heart,
connect with love
and find back peace within
to see peace without


When Love Moves

There’s something about the way she dances
Her eyes that seem to look
into another universe
Her feet that seem to sense music
that no one else can hear
as if she always hears her troubadour
and he plays his music through her

There’s something about the way he
moves his fingers on the strings
and how he sings his songs
His eyes that seem to look
into another universe
as if she dances music into his heart
and she dances through his voice

As if love moves them both


Our Song

I follow the path into the woods
Trees make sacred arches
above me
As I leave behind the noise
of the world and
the noise of my own mind
I open myself to the stories
and the songs of the forest
Ancient wisdom echoes
the voice of my own soul
until I only hear love


The Best Coffee

There are many different coffees
and mostly, coffee is just coffee:
a hot drink of ground beans

But there’s one coffee, so epic
that makes you feel alive
in spirit and body

Heavenly aroma
captured in full flavour
Sipped with passionate lips
and thirsty eyes

for the best coffee ever
is coffee drunk together
with you


Under The Linden Tree

She sits in a park
underneath a linden tree
a roof of heart-shaped leaves
and honey sweet blossoms
that lure the bees,
above her

And when she listens
to the rustle of the wind in the tree,
when she squints her eyes a bit
and looks carefully, she sees Freya
protecting all the lovers
that once came together under the linden
to proclaim and strengthen their love
by pressing their thumbs
on the bark of the tree

And she smiles as she looks up,
while thinking of her beloved
and instead of pressing her thumb
she writes poetry on the linden
with her finger
to proclaim her love


Under The Stars

Here in the east I look up
A roof of stars above my head
that offers comfort
Thousands of little lights
twinkle softly to me in the dark:
‘let go of the old
give your pain to us
we have a better story
we have destiny
written here for you’

And in the west
I see Venus in the sky
shining brightly
pointing to where love can be found,
to where you are



When the chemistry between us
the flames burning in our hearts
make us visible
to each other and to the world

No matter where we are,
no matter the people
that are around,
the power of us makes
everything else fade away

And then there’s just
you and me
highlighted by love



I searched for you
But you were the one
that came to me
and found me at dawn
– you always come to me
like the blackbird
Singing me alive
and awake again
to my own heart

And maybe,
you didn’t even come
for you were already there
as you always are
and always will be
I just needed to open the eyes
of my heart
to see you here with me



We do not need to see
a rainbow
a silver lining,
the light at the end
of the tunnel
or what’s next to come
to know that there is hope

We do not need to speak
to hear each other
We do not need to touch
to feel

We do not need to see
to know that there is love


Two White Butterflies

I watch two white butterflies
dance together in the air
playfully and lightly

As if the dark times in their cocoon
have finally been left behind and forgotten
As if renewal and change
although it’s been hard,
have set them free
and now they’ve refound each other

As if those two butterflies could be
you and me



Venus is graceful in the sky tonight
Shining brightly
next to the moon
warmed by the sun

Named after the Roman goddess
of beauty and love
She reminds us
to always look up
as true love comes from above

We cannot find her
low to the ground
in guilt, shame and blame
fears, depression, in ego
but she makes hearts rise
for love is divine


My Touch

In these times
of social distancing
and lockdowns
feel me closer than ever
my arms reaching out to you
across the ocean
to hold you tight

Let my touch catch your tears
soften your heart
open your mind
and strengthen your hope

As lovers do not follow
the routes, the ways and
the borders of the world
they continue to hold and touch
each other always


The Moment

The moment when a poem is
already in the air
but is not yet written
Inspiration tenderly kissed
onto her by her muse

The moment when a poem is felt
desire awakens
and muse and poetess
make love with each other
to birth their poetry into the world



The muse only needs to look
into the eyes of the poetess,
the mirror of her poetry
to see how beautiful he is
Why then is he still
doubting himself?

Is it because the poetess too
sometimes still doubts
that she is a muse to her muse
and that she is the one that creates
as well as the one that inspires?

If those two muses
would both fully believe
in themselves and would trust
their reflection in each other’s art,
the love they create would be
even more stunning


Holding His Heart

He and she,
two flowers, two lovers stood
next to each other in a meadow

She saw how his head hung down
and his stem leaned aside
Though she continued to bloom
and opened her heart even more
The other flowers were confused:

Why are you not holding his stem
and giving everything to hold him upright?

She replied: I hold his heart inside
and fill it with love
so he can find his strength again
to hold himself


Writing Love

I wish I could write you wealth
I wish I could write you security
I wish I could write you two arms
and physical company

I wish I could write you good fortune,
joy and ease
but I can only write you tons of love
And then maybe, you can find in that
everything you need


Keep Your Heart Up

Soar like a bird in the sky
Fly over mountains,
over rivers and seas
And dream

When you’re high up
everything that’s
going on on earth
the valleys and the peaks
will be relative
and irrelevant
for what is above all
is love

Dance in the wind
Balance your wings
And when you do need
to go down
always keep your heart up
remember your dreams
And land in my arms


A Day Without Words

While I sit in my backyard
in the quietness and the promise
of Easter morning
I cannot find the right words
and then maybe,
love expresses itself
through the butterflies
with beautiful colours
the bees that hum
the birds that sing
and the apple tree that blossoms
and then maybe,
this is just a day without words


Stay Home

If thoughts try to attack
and the outside world looks
scary and unpredictable

If the ego mind creates
the illusion of separation
and spreads its virus
of doubt and fear

If you search for me in the past
or on the empty spot
next to you in your bed

If your own thinking
tries to pull you away
from yourself

Stay home with me in your heart
and reside with me in love


Planet Of The Birds

I walk through the woods
and it’s so quiet here
There’s no one around
but birds that sing
a beautiful symphony
Now the humans
are forced to stay inside
nature takes over
I stand still and listen
In my thoughts I put
my hand in yours
and I think
how perfectly, how naturally
how purely
your tunes, your voice
our love would fit
into this choir of birds


Make The Air Dance

And when the air
feels thick and heavy
filled with droplets
of sadness and longing
with what was
and what will be
but what is not yet,
I breathe some love
into it
May its lightness
dissolve the clouds,
fill our chests,
fill the moment
and make the air
dance again


Sharing Love

Two birds that kept their song
for themselves
only singing it on their own side
of the forest
though always hearing each other
in their hearts,
now find the courage
to sing together
Still in their own tree
softly they sing little hearts
up into the sky
But their tune will become
louder and stronger
as they grow in sharing their love


Finding Peace

Give me your hands
I’ll put them on my heart
let them find peace there

Let them sense
movement and sound
Let them find harmony

Let them rise and fall
and dance to my breath
Let them hold my heart
and receive
all the love I have for you



Sometimes the word
that does not rhyme
is the perfect word

A song sung slightly
out of tune but straight
from the heart
is the perfect song

An image grainy,
pixelated but made
with clear vision
is the perfect picture

Love depicted
Love expressed
in your own way
is the perfect way