Ground control to your heart:
Fly high and then even higher
Reach for the stars
As our hearts are connected
by a thread of love
the higher yours goes
it will uplift mine
from the heavy ground too



Can you hear me, love
Can you hear my tears
even in the lonesome silence
Can you see,
can you witness
all my fears
even in the darkest darkness
of the night
Can you feel every piece,
all of me

Can you feel
yourself here
with me



A singer starts to sing
a guitar, piano and violin
and she lies down on the old floor
in the dark
at the back of the church
in the house of
Mary Magdalene and Yeshua
she surrenders
hands hold and caress her
music envelops her
tears run down her cheeks
like holy rivers
as she deeply longs for home
she longs for him


Noon Dance

I danced with you midday
in the midst of the turmoil
I landed in your arms
My chest to yours
Did you feel my breath
while everyone was watching
but nobody saw it
this secret between me and you
that we danced through the heart


A Last Kiss

A last kiss of the sun
before he leaves
‘But do not fear
I’ll be back’,
he whispers softly,
‘In the meantime,
I asked the moon
to catch my light
and shine it in your night
so you’ll still have
something from me
that is with you’


I Still Feel You

Cycling under a bright shining moon
I still feel the heat
of the sun on my skin
as if he in fact, didn’t leave
but is still there
as an imprint in my cells
in the reflection of the moon,
in the reflection of thoughts
I still feel you


Heart Balloon

As you lose solid ground
and the world beneath your feet
becomes smaller
hold on to your heart
rise high in love
you will float among clouds
and stars
cross mountains and oceans
as your heart brings you back to me


All The Same

The sun rises
and the sun sets
it’s another day
he sings another song,
sleeps another sleep
Is it all the same?

And she stares at the sky
from her bed
it’s another day
she cries another tear,
dreams another dream
Far away
Is it all the same?

Or does love grow
and heal
beyond the days
beyond what they
can see?


What My Silence Means

My silence only means
I’m fighting to open
I’m fighting to close
Help me to find my voice
in the darkness
I’m dying inside
I’m trapped,
I’m broken
Fear wants to run away
I want nothing more than
to connect
But can’t reach your hand
Hear my screaming silence
through the walls
and love me