Let’s Make A Number-One Summer Hit

Let’s make a Summer hit together
and a video clip along with it
Some easy-going tunes
In a hot scene on the beach

But we don’t need tequila’s
For you can drink
from my sensual cocktail of love
And then we get that shiny skin
of passion
Without needing any sun

Actually, we also don’t need
other people around us
Let’s make it a Summer hit
of just you and me
We watch the sunset together

And then in fact,
we don’t even need additional music
For we listen to the sound of the waves,
hear the desirous beating in our hearts
Which makes the best Summer hit ever
A sparkling melting into One


We Fall Into Place

The 3D world around us
falls apart into a thousand pieces
What we once thought was real
The world wherein we sought
but never truly found,
its construction of illusions
comes down
But the more things fall apart,
the more we fall into place
We fall into each other
Into a love that is the only truth
that still and firmly stands



And I lie down with a sick body
Heat that burns
Muscles that hurt by fever
Is it my desire for you that got too hot,
the flame that burned too high,
that it makes me boil from inside
Flowing lava that causes pain
reaching every part of my body
It is a thin line between desiring you
and missing you
between passion and feverish longing


Smaller Letters, Bigger Message

It is a year ago that she received a letter
That swept her off her feet
It had big letters with sharp edges
that pierced brutally her heart

Letters were blown up
as they contained a small message
Underneath there was
just fear and insecurity
Big letters protected, hid and fought

But since then things have changed
the writer has grown a lot
and gained more courage
to show his heart and use his naked
writing hand
And the truer and bigger his message grows,
the smaller his letters can be


Deer And Stag

The deer in the forest has put
her words like strong beacons
around her
To protect herself and to light up
the way home for her stag
The small animals on the ground
may think she is so strong
and invincible
but often she just stands with her big brown eyes
shaky on her legs
And then she is so scared that her stag
won’t find her
That life will send predators her way
and obstacles she can’t overcome
That she will be trapped and lost
in the forest forever

Oh dear deer just trust and relax
Squint your eyes and look
through the veil
See how an army of angels is there
to support you and your stag
And to bring you back together
as divine love is always divinely protected
You are both loved and safe
Just play around with the butterflies
Continue to dance and to write
For there is magic in the forest
And love itself will find the way


User Guide Of My Heart

Congratulations you received
this unique, priceless,
one edition only, very precious heart
It is fully uncovered
For it didn’t fit in any box
It is customized for you
See how your name is tattooed in it
It is all yours
Take it in your hands
At first, you need to charge it
So press it softly against your heart
Fill it with love, fuel it with your heart’s desires
And then it will strongly beat
and sing you its heart song of love
But please, be careful
for this heart is sensitive and vulnerable
So don’t break it, don’t let it fall
And once you have it, it can’t be returned
Forever it is yours


The One And Only

And in the forest the nightingale sings
her words of poetry
Other birds may listen
and may think
her messages may be for them
But there is only one bird
she serenades with her songs of love
It is the nightingale she met almost five years ago
Not in dreams or imaginary
but in real life
The bird she recognized
as her true love
And only his heart has her full commitment


Your Perfect Imperfect Love

And I want to do it all so perfect
on this journey with you
I want to write the perfect lines
Say and do the perfect things
Be your perfect woman,
be your perfect love

But please will you still love me
even if I screw up
if my words do not rhyme
if my English fails
and I say the wrong things

Will you still love me even if
I’m out of tune,
if I stumble and I’m clumsy
If I do not look like a queen

Will you still see my beauty
even if I’m messed up
Will you still love me if I’m just
imperfect and then
can I be your perfect imperfect love?


Your Temple

Your body, the temple of your soul
Its construction of muscles feels tensed
As some pillars took on them
too much weight
Some parts hurt as they’ve been
neglected for too long
And they just yearn to be cared for
and to be lovingly touched

Let me restore your temple for you
I stroke its outer layer carefully
and remove all the stored hurt
I treasure the outside as much as the inside
I massage all the tensed spots
From the roof to the root
and make all smooth and soft again
And then I add a new layer of paint
with my kisses of love


On A Bench

My fairy man, you sit on a bench
in a park in Utrecht
With a melancholic heart
you write poems in your notebook
Some stay on the page
Where others flow into a melody
and find their way to the strings
of your guitar

You sit under the trees
It seems you are lonely
You drown in the past
and look for me in memories
You reminisce about what you have lost

My love, look up
I’m not in those old films,
you rewind in your head
you can find me in the now
Look how close I am
as I cuddle up to you on the bench

Just dream and write, my poet
I trust you to shape our world
of love
away from the past
and to write us a new future



And I drink my morning coffee
in a restaurant in town
With the cup in my hands
of course, it is you I think about
And then I just float away
Stare into the universe,
dreamy eyes, happy smile
As I fly with you together
among the stars

And when I land back
on earth again
and look around
Still in ecstasy
after my trip into space
I see a dozen people look
and smile tenderly at me
It seems like
my spacy state of love
is highly contagious


Poet, Make Your Poetess Melt

My dear poet, since you
have your artistic license
to do whatever you want
with your lines
Just write me a poem
Let your words touch me
softly and warmly
Write a palace
for your beloved poetess
draw me in with your pen
Improvise freely with me
Until I’m caught by your words and
I fully surrender to the flow of your ink,
the beauty of your metaphoric world
And the poetess melts in the
embrace of the lines of her poet


Life Matters

And every night
She dances through the living room
Makes weird moves,
Climbs on the furniture,
stretches her arms
to catch with both of her hands
a fly or a moth
And when she finally catches one
Carefully she brings it outside alive
and sets her insect friend free
For life matters to her
And she doesn’t want to kill or hurt
(But also doesn’t want to be disturbed by a fly)
Then she needs to go inside
very quickly and close the door
Because animals seem to like her
And if she isn’t fast enough
They just fly with her inside again
And then the catching ritual starts all over


She Roars

Like a tsunami she spits her anger,
stored in her belly since she was a kid,
onto the shore
People that kept her small
and put her down by making her feel
guilty and bad about herself
Often so subtle, that she didn’t even notice
that they played with her feelings
that boundaries had been crossed

But not anymore
She sees it all so clearly and she acts
She is the empress that defends her land
She is the lioness that breaks free from
karmic cycles that tied her to guilt
And she stands her ground
What gives her the strength is
that she feels her beloved,
her lion stand and roar
with her in her heart


A Funky Poem

At the start of this poem
I turn on some music, a funky beat
And then we dance together
we move the words, as if
they are our bodies
And we dance the lines
We turn and twist
and let letters touch each other
Come a little closer, hold my waist

Let those words dance, my love
Shake your hips, move your feet
Let this poem spark, my love
Shine your eyes, light your heart

Set poetry on fire, my love
Move my curves, move my hips
Let your body rhyme with mine, my love
Lead my heart, lead the verse

And even if around us
it may seem a mess
It may rain and storm and
things collapse
We just dance as our love
has got the rhythm
Our feet find their ground
and we just funk



Just a little P.S. to my poems
In case you still don’t know
– which would be unlikely
Though you might like
to be reassured
Or maybe, just because I like
to say it
And can never say it enough
As those three words roll
so sweetly over my tongue

P.S. I love you

P.P.S. I very much do



There is this battlefield around us
An army of fears, pain
disturbing thoughts and shadows
comes our way
My darling, we don’t need to fight no more
We don’t need to fight with ourselves, with life
For love is no game of win or lose
Our love, strong and unbreakable,
can never be defeated
So put your sword down and retreat
You don’t need to strive for love,
all is already gloriously yours
Go within and find me there
I retreat and find you too
In our hearts that know
all the answers
that know which way to go
And that, with every beat
pulsate love through us
fluidly and naturally
in an everlasting, connecting,
peaceful stream


A Restless Seeker

There are moments that are perfect
when I feel you so strongly with me
as though you were here
Your energy as a presence
around me and within
That makes me feel complete
and deeply in love

And there are moments when
energy is not enough
And I crave for your physical presence
To feel your arms, your skin
Your body
To hear your voice directly
To smell you and look into your eyes

And then I’m a restless seeker
Cut into two pieces
Soul pain that is physically felt
A body that is homesick
And I could scream, run
look everywhere
for you, my other half
The way Isis sought
her Osiris
The way Juliet grieved over
her Romeo
And then I’m just an earthly
character in our story
And can do nothing but
to wait for angel wings
to save me once again
as they let me rise above
the illusive world


Deep In Love

And here I fall in love with you
again and again
When I just think of you
Look at your picture
Or feel you on my heart
And every time I fall a bit deeper
in love that has no bottom
And now, I’m already that deep
in love
That no way, I could ever get out


The Sound Of True Love

The sound of true love
is jazzy and bluesy
It is sexy and moving
Groovy and crooning
It is salsa and tango

Happy tunes,
deep tones
Swinging and singing
Electrifying guitars
And a bass you feel
in your belly

It is the wide range
of the piano
Close harmony
Vibrating strings
Wild drums and violins,
melancholic banjo
The pure sound
of the flute
And the sensitive
magical touch
of a sweet soft harp


As Above, So Below

My fairy man, let’s go up
We fly through the veil
And see everything from above
Under us are just the storylines
that unfold themselves
A world that moves fast,
that twists and changes
But here we are in the realm
of the soul
Where truth is consistent
And time does not exist
There is just love
We are together here always
Don’t pay so much attention
to what you see down under
But focus on this feeling, on us
On our hearts that are connected
Every day even stronger
And as we strengthen
our world of love
we bring it from here
down to earth


A Fiery Rocket Kiss

I opened the roof window
and blew a fiery kiss for you
into the sky of a hot
Dutch Summer night
that made it flame even higher

And like a rocket
I saw it go up and
at full speed disappear
between the stars
to reach you
without losing its heat

So if suddenly your lips
start to burn with desire
And you feel
stoked up from inside,
know that you’ve received
my fiery rocket kiss


A Virgin White Page

A virgin white page before you
Your name written on it
Like you long for a new start
You own the story
But you don’t know yet what to
write or how to portray
the visions you have in your heart
Are they still too naked,
so much you and as pure
as the white of the page
Are you afraid to be seen
so bright
Or do you wait for the new,
for the blank page
to be filled up by me

My love, let’s take together
our first steps on the white
We make the page our dance floor
Just secretly when nobody watches
Just you and me
And we leave our footprints of pure love


Home In My Heart

You have your home in my heart
In my castle of love
Deep in my core I carry you
In the centre of me you reside
Where the poetry springs from
The home fire burns
Where my passion for you pulsates
through my veins
and drums me alive

A home that is blessed
Where you just can be you
Where it is safe
to be naked and vulnerable
Where you rest and recharge
And where your girl
is always there for you
with wide open arms
to welcome you home


We’re Gonna Make Some Jazz

Light the candles
Lean back in my arms
I’m gonna move you
We’re gonna make some jazz
Lazy jazz

The piano plays
Please touch my keys
And make a riff
We’re gonna make some jazz
Sexy jazz

The trumpets join
My hips go round and round
Feel the rhythm
We’re gonna make some jazz
Swinging jazz

Tunes go wild
We dance on the frontline
Free and in extacy
We’re gonna make some jazz
Wild, fast jazz

Laid-back tones again
We make it the Big Easy
We’re gonna make some jazz
Easy jazz

Music stops
Our hearts take over
and beat a melody of love
We’re gonna make some jazz
Deep love jazz


Into The Real

Oh my storyteller, sweet daydreamer
My man of make believe
My lyric sorcerer,
Draw me in front of you
Paint my contours
Sing my colours
Fantasize my moves
And make me come alive
Do you want me to kiss you
Just let me kiss you
You can imagine me
to do anything you like
My wizard, make me dance
through your dreams
And then go a little further
and use your magic
to manifest me right there with you
into the real


Time out

My love, we take a time out together
from this stormy journey,
from our worries, our tears, the longing
Just some space to breathe
Between one poem and the next
Between the past and the future
We step out of the story,
out of the roller coaster of emotions

We lay down on the grass
in each other’s arms
we sink into our love
We watch the stars
And we are infinite again
For one moment
together we time out



The Mirror Of My Eyes

You stand before me
Please, look into my eyes,
look into their mirror
see what they show you
see your own reflection in them

Do you see that man
with his beautiful, pure heart
A man that is loved
beyond the moon and stars
Do you love him like I do?

Do you love his flaws and his struggles,
his gifts, his talents, his body,
his mind and his soul

Do you love the child in him
his past, his path
how he once came from far
the man he has become

Do you love all what he creates
Every song, every poem
every piece of art that he makes
and that is all part of him

Look a bit better, look deeper
Can you see now, this man
that is reflected in my mirror,
that this is you?

See how the love sparkles and flows
from my eyes
Can you now receive
From yourself, from me?


The Fruits Of Avalon

My love, I take you on my boat
to Avalon
The island where apples grow
all the year round
We don’t need to fear abundance anymore
No fruit that is forbidden
The love that we tasted
The apple we once took
The snake that awakened us
It was a love that we first had to
grow strong enough for
Our hearts had to heal and expand
We had to travel solitary
on rough, dark seas
through the underworld
of separation and duality
in order to find back the light of our Avalon

And now that we have shown
that we can hold such a love
with dignity and grace
We can taste all its fruits
and don’t need to fear no longer

My love, we can be naked again
Pure as our fruits
Please, lay me down on a bed
of rose petals
and make love to me
with all what is in your heart
Let it be a dance of love and passion
wild, sweet and tender
We reunite the heavens with earth
and enjoy all the fruits of Avalon


Amor Fati

I watch the clouds float by in the sky
and think of how life flows
The story of you and me that
unfolds itself
Every event that carries meaning

Even in pain light can be found
In tears lies healing
And missing you is just love
The stronger the feelings
the deeper it goes

In life there’s no regret,
no guilt, no victimhood
But just lessons to learn
An expansion of self
and soul growth

My heart that is fated to you,
fated to love
Only learns to love you
more and more


One Of The First Days Of Summer

And I wake up
after a short night’s sleep
The first light that shines on my face
turns the music on
The first birds sing along with it
And then the first thought of you
dances around
The first poem starts to write
and records it all
An exclusive performance
to watch and to hear
on stage of one of the first days
of Summer


Alive And In Love

My fairy man, please take my hand
and dance with me around the fire
As the sun reaches the height of his power,
Let’s celebrate the light inside of us
The flame of our ever burning love

We dance on the line between Spring and Summer,
on the Solstice when the sun seems
to majestically stand still
We make the longest day ours
We dance through our tears,
through the ‘I miss you’s’ and
the longing for each other
We dance for we are both alive
and in love

I crown you with a garland of
wild flowers on your head
You’ve always been and always will be my king
Crown me too and take me as your queen
like I always was and always will be

May the sun once again marry us
May we wear the ring of light, love and hope
And as the fire reaches higher
May it take all our wishes,
our dreams and our prayers
up into the heavens
And may it be shined back on us


A Bond So Strong

Just by going inwards
and feel you on my heart,
the love that flows between us,
I connect so deeply with you
And we talk without sound
Feel without touch
See with closed eyes
All those miles between us, dissolve
the only distance I need to travel
is the distance inwards
from my mind
down into my heart


In The Open Space Of Me

I cherish you in my heart
Like a beautiful rose that grows there
I water and nourish you with my love
Keep you safe and hold space for you,
Shine upon you with sunny thoughts

I honour your thorns
as they’ve wanted to protected you
from being hurt
I won’t force you to blossom
For I know, a rose will open up
only, when it’s time and it’s willing
to share the fullness of its beauty
And then, in the open space of me
I will receive


You’re My Page-turner

You’re my page-turner
You completely turn me on
I cannot wait to read you further
I devour every part of you
And only want more and more

I lick my finger
and then quickly I page through you
You thrill me and
take me on a wild adventure

You’re a novelty
A novel of suspenseful romance
A never ending story
Pure literature that draws me along


Your Name

I say your name
as if it is a prayer
with sincere intention
I let it find its way to you

Slowly and delicately
I take each letter in my mouth
I taste it
as if each contains
a little bit of you

And with my Dutch accent
and the tender tone of love
I make your name
as unique as you are


Slow Dancing

My arms around your neck
Yours wrapped around my waist

I look into your eyes
And I sink deep into your heart
You sink into mine and

we take it slowly
Our hearts move our bodies
as we step out of time

Silent passion and
stillness in motion

Lips that dance tenderly
Hands that stroke slowly

Our bodies that caress each other
move to a song they hear
from deep within

Do we dance love
Or does love dance us


My Traveller

I honour the path you walk
Each step you take
You move so perfectly
at your own pace,
to your own rhythm
I bow for your struggles
And how you have overcome

You came out of the dark woods
And now, you walk
step by step towards the light
Your feet dance so beautifully
They move me to tears of deep love

Do they know where they heading to
Do they know what’s waiting
on the horizon