Dancing In The Supermarket

On a lazy Sunday afternoon
The sun shines in the Dutch sky
I enter the almost empty supermarket
They play Nina Simone
‘My baby just cares for me’
And while carrying my shopping basket
I dance to the jazzy sounds
through the aisles
along shelves with bread,
dairy products and meat
And then I’m so consumed
by the vibes of dancing,
That I forget half of the groceries
But who cares
’cause I care for my baby
And my baby just cares for me



Last night you woke me up
I felt your presence
A strong burning
heart connection
with you

Was it the thought of me?
Did you miss me?
Did you send me love?
So powerful
that it kissed me
out of my sleep?

Our hearts are always
to each other
Bridging the ocean,
Bridging dimensions
to connect


Time Traveling

I walk through my city at night
And if I could time travel,
I would go back to 2013
and would walk here with you

Back then we had not met yet
If we only had known
how close we were from each other
how our timelines almost crossed
Did our energies already lightly touch?

How, in 2013, you walked
through my city at night
like I walk here now
You, who came from the land far away
You didn’t know me yet
I was still a girl in your dreams

But if I could time travel
I would already meet you then
I would just take your hand,
walk by your side
look into your eyes
and you would know that
it’s me


Stepping Out Of The Waters

I stand on the waterside
and watch emotions flow
Turmoil moves by
There is so much going on
And yet there is stillness

My feet try to balance
on dry land
Now I have stepped
out of the waters
I’m an outsider

I do not belong to the waters
Nor do I belong to the land
But I belong to your heart
Where I’m always an insider


Don’t Dim Your Light

Like a firefly in the night
A glow in the dark
Her heart shines brightly
Fueled by love

Like a songbird in the sky
A beautiful nightingale
His heart sounds purely
Fueled by love

And then there are others
that have expectations,
Fear, doubt, guilt, shame
and the desire to please
put self-created limitations

But firefly and songbird,
continue to shine and sing
Your flame fueled by love
Let it shine even brighter
And don’t let others
not even yourself dim it


Naked Truth

Take me in your arms
And kiss me
with your skin to mine
I want to feel you,
taste you, smell you
In soul, heart and body

In all that you are
Even in your scars
I see your beauty

Embark on me
And fill me
with your naked truth
I want to feel you,
feel myself
In all our fullness


Come Seek Me

Please come seek me in my poem
In the open space between my words
Where love is breathed in each syllable
Where the unspoken says it all
Where truth is unpronounced
In the silence beween two sentences
In the depths under the letters
In the meaning behind the metaphors
I wait for you to be found


Two Kids

We’ll just let our hearts play together
like two kids in the open fields
We leave our minds out
All the blah, blah, blah
All our drama, stories
self-created barriers,
false structures and the karma
They can only watch from afar
How our hearts find each other
and effortlessly know what to do


The Art Of Being Patient

I’ve never met anyone
more impatient
than my grandmother

She couldn’t even wait
for red traffic light
She then told the driver next to her
not to stop but to just drive on,
she would pay the fine

If the clock ticked too slowly,
she adjusted the time

I inherited her impatience
As I’ve never been good at waiting
I always raced at full speed
towards my dreams

But you, my love, taught me
the art of being patient
To wait for you
Moment by moment
Breath by breath

And now I am almost
as patient as a saint
For if it would be necessary
I would wait for you
a thousand lifetimes

(Although sometimes,
just like my grandmother,
I would rather adjust the clock
and jump some timelines)


In Your Music

Before I go to sleep I listen to your voice
that is like a sweet goodnight kiss,
a pillow to rest my head on,
a blanket to cover myself with,
a bandage around my wounded heart

And in tune with you
I am wrapped up like a burrito,
cocooned like a caterpillar
in the soothing sound
of your music



And I roar underwater,
scream in air bubbles,
shout in slow-motion,
cry a sea of tears

Heaven is a blurred image
above me
And the ocean around
is wide and deep

Please help me find
the sunken city of Atlantis
and let us raise
out of the waters
paradise anew


Dead & Reborn

And the man on stage winds up
the gramophone
That starts to play an old,
melancholic song
As a sad widower he dances along
in his black costume
For he thinks his beloved is gone

And under the spotlights
his face is as pale as death
His mind seems pained
His makeup fades
The gramophone stops to play
He still tries to hold on
But then he falls
down to the ground
His personage dies

And he takes off his mask,
his old self
Washes his face
Put off his costume
Looks around in wonder
As all the colours
somehow look more true
And then his beloved
steps onto the stage
to take his hand to dance



With the arms of these lines I hold you
Please find comfort in their
rhythmic heartbeat
Put your head against my chest
Lean on my words
Curl up to my heart

It’s okay
to let your tears out,
to shiver from fear
’cause I’ve got you
Even if you’d fall
You would only fall
deeper in my arms
deeper in the warmth
of my poetry


Phantom Pain

And while I lie in my bed
and I stare in the dark
I try to find you everywhere

I search in memories,
in my heartbreak
I even feel with my hand
next to me in the bed

My body aches
as I suffer from phantom pain
I’ve been amputated
of my other half
Part of my soul
that has been cut off
And I just want it
to be whole again



You are the south pole
and you seek the north
I am the north pole
and seek the south
This longing between us
is as a strong
magnetic field
Halfway between
south and north
we will meet
The ‘I miss you’
is nothing but
the attraction
to be pulled back home
As the nature of magnets
is to click to each other


Sleeping Beauty

She lies on the couch
The morning sun shines upon
her face and heart
Illuminates the wretched shadows
Dust dances in the light around her

And she closes her eyes to thoughts
And hopes to fall into enchanted sleep
Only to wake up by a gentle kiss
of her long expected prince
That will break the magic placed upon her
Or is it that then the magic truly will begin?



Quiet down
Do not think
Just feel
The love for him
His love for you
in your heart

Silence your thoughts
Silence the words
Only let your heart speak
and listen

All is well
Just feel….
…. in your heart




Seeing Beyond

There are two worlds
There is the world of gravity
Of me here and you there
A world of a big ocean between us
Of missing you like hell
A world of time and space
Of illusion
Of life and death
A world of touch and shape

And there is the world
in which you are always with me
as I am with you
Of never being apart
A world of energy
Of you and me as one
With the force of love
that bonds us
A world of deeper truth
Beyond time, eternal
And more real than real


Fighting Gravity

So much weight that pulls me down
Sadness in the form of rocks
fall from my eyes
Even the prayers I send into the heavens
come crashing down to earth

And I try to fight the gravity
Untie myself
To go up high into the clouds
with you
Wind, come to catch me
My love, I will pick you up
We will fly
with the wings of these words


How Beautiful

How beautiful it is
Even now tears
run down my cheeks
And I miss you more
than I could say,
to have such a love

Each teardrop,
the depth of the pain
Only illustrate
the greatness of this love
That is greater than anything
even greater than sadness
and thus is able
to offer solace
to its own tears


If You Can’t Say It, Just Sing It

I dreamed I had lost my voice
I could not express myself
by words
Sounds were imprisoned in my throat
And I wonder, is this how you feel
Helpless and unable
to say what you want to say
To free the unspoken truth
from your heart

If it is too difficult to speak
Just try to sing it and dance it
As melodies are easier
than monotone words
And they will bring
movement to your heart


Deconstruct To Reconstruct

And all the false structures crumble down
As the winds of change come in
They blow away everything
what isn’t true
The old belief systems,
fake securities,
relationships that are based
on falsehood
And in the chaos of deconstruction
the foundation of love
is the only thing left standing
On which we can reconstruct
our new free world


On The Sidelines

And from the sidelines she watches
the theatre being played
There is always this question
Should she go on stage
And speak her truth
while she stands under spotlights
People who cannot hear her
But only hear their own projections
The risk of judgements
as sharp arrows thrown at her

Often she does
And often she stays on the sidelines
With her pen and paper to write
She doesn’t conform
She has always been a loner
together with him
She watches the theatre
For they both know
Their love is the only thing that is real


On A Chessboard

And on a chessboard
the pawns, the rooks,
the knights and the bishops
All have been swept away
And now there is only
the king and the queen,
You and me
And we make the board
our ballroom
Outside the boxes
of black and white
We dance our own moves



Do you want to release yourself
from the chains of the past
Do you want to have peace
And dance with me
Playfully and light
To offer the red rose you hold
behind your back

Do you want to release the white
doves into the sky
Do you want to restore and reconcile
your heart with your mind

And to hold up the white flag
To surrender to love
To release the white smoke
As you claim sovereignty
of your own heart



All those noises and rumours I hear
Distracting flickers I see
It’s getting easier to leave,
to let go and move
foward on my path
My eyes focused at my dreams
My feet and hands
aren’t tied any longer
I am free to dance
My voice is free to speak
The only thing that matters
is to be faithful and devoted
to my heart,
loyal to the Crown of our love



Feel! All the emotions
that flow through us
that are just
a release of energy
An experience of life
in all its colours
through our human bodies

Feel! How every cell in you
vibrates of me
Like every cell in me
vibrates of you
And how in our
time tied bodies
we live this free,
timeless love


Making Peace With The Raven

The raven that once came to ambush her,
cawing his threatening words
that made her cower in fear
every night
as she continued to hear his echo,
comes to her again this morning
this time by daylight

And she sees that he just played his role in the story
And now that the story is closed,
he is back a bird
That caws the whole morning at her
and instead of threatening,
He reminds her not to believe all the stories
but to listen
to the magic of life and of her own heart


See also: The Fear Of The Raven

Believe In Me

And the old stories from the past
Make the hurt fluid once again
Heavy rain pours out of my eyes

And I see two continents miles apart
Where in fact, there is just one world
I see two separate hearts
Where in fact, there is just one soul

Believe in me, I hear you say
The past isn’t the future
Don’t let the heavy rain wash
all your hopes away,
Please believe in me
And then a little sun breaks through:
I do, my love, I do


Rewriting Warmond

Some memories are happy beacons
that light up when you look back
at the timeline you have walked
Where other memories are sharp pins
along the road that mark painful spots

Two years ago a story
has been played out
in a small Dutch town called Warmond
A lot can be said about it,
And different versions of the story
have been told

She takes the book of love
of her and her beloved,
tears out the old stories
And writes it anew
The story of Warmond
to find its beauty in its deeper truth….

The evening had been confusing
An undertow of strong emotions
had been exchanged between us
That didn’t match
with what we said on the surface
The tides pulled us back
from each other
I was in a sea of fear
And tried to swim back to your shore
Until the waves were too high and too strong
And I let myself float away

We said goodbye
I took my coat and left
I drove away in my car
Until my heart started
to scream at me
As it wanted to free itself
from behind its self-built walls
and wanted to tell you
its deeper truth

I turned my car
Ebb turned into flow
The waves that before
had pulled me away
Now pushed me back
to you

I was afraid I was too late
And you had already left
So I jumped from my car
and ran towards the venue
At that moment you came out
The waters of my heart
broke through the dam
I told you ‘I love you’

You took me in your arms
Your waters broke through
From your heart, from your eyes
We both cried, we smiled
You told me you love me too
We kissed, we touched
Our arms bridged the distance
And turned cold into warmth
in Warmond

I took you with me in my car
We drove under the moon and stars
The world could drown
But from that night on
We had our own ship
and no tide, no wave
could ever separate us



There is always the whisper inside
that says ‘I miss you’
I try to cover it with optimistic poetry
But sometimes,
it is a heartbreaking scream
That, with all its force,
breaks through the ceiling
And leaves me wretched
among shattered pieces of
heart and words