One Heart Of Two

All those people
that look and stare
into my eyes
As if they see something
unusual, unknown
Do they want to dip
into the nectar of love
I have for you in my heart
Do they want to look

As if they see that
it is not just a heart of one
But I have one heart of two



After a night full of rain
and a scarcity of sleep,
the sun breaks through
Curled up like a fetus
I lie on the couch
The clock ticks like a heartbeat
I let the sun be the womb
around me
that births me back into light


No Stars In The Sky

I look up
rain falls on my face
and washes my tears away
I can’t see the moon tonight
It’s all dark
No stars in the sky
Where are you, my love

The sounds of the city
in the distance
Cars chasing each other
Blended with the sound of rain
My beating heart within
tells me that even when
the stars and moon have gone
you’re never truly far away



May my words touch you
as though they are my fingertips
May they reach deep
as though they are my gaze
May you sense them on
and under your skin
lightly and gently
May you feel them in your heart
as though they make
breathtaking electricity

May my words touch you
as though they are me


Full Body Experience

And I cry
not just with my eyes
but with my whole body
A fluid ache of missing you
that flows like a turbulent
river through me and that
fills the emptiness
where your hands,
your arms, your body
should have been sensed

And I yearn for you
I yearn with every fiber
every cell
that calls your name,
calls you to my temple
An unquenchable fire
that rises up the spine

And I love you
not just with full heart
and full soul,
also with full body
As if every spot,
every piece of it
is a tangible expression
of my love for you
that can be sensed
that can be tasted
that can be smelled,
heard, seen and


A Heart’s Length

You can lose money
You can lose status
You can lose faith
You can lose your mind
Though your heart
will catch you
and you can never
lose me

For there is an
eternal love string
between our hearts
Wherever you may go
Wherever I may go
We’re never more than
a heart’s length apart



And I could scream now,
the deep ache
I could smash it into words
and into a poem
Raw love, raw pain

I could scatter it around
I could roar it,
the missing you
I could make my lines
thunder and shake
crawl and howl

But instead,
I hold my cup of coffee
and stare
I hold my breath

And not even my tears
want to come out
to relieve my heart



I listen to your music
and let your voice
massage the tight and tense
muscles of my shoulders
I instantly melt under
its sweet touch
Your tones that dance
on my shoulders
to soften them
as soft as you once
made my heart


Love Letters In The Sky

I look up at the sky
always and anywhere
I find you in the clouds
in stars, the moon,
in the sunset, the sunrise,
the twilight

As if each holds a message
a tender word of love
a fiery stroke of longing

As if we write each other
love letters,
paint out our hearts
on the wide, open canvas
of the sky


You Know Better

And she heard his voice
whisper within:

Don’t be afraid to trust love
For love is the oxygen you breathe
It is always available for you
and that, you cannot lose

Even though they told you
as a child many, many times
that you were unworthy of love
unworthy of oxygen,
unworthy of life
and you had no right to exist

And even though you believed it
for many years
Even though they now repeat to you
those same ugly messages,

You know better

You are not their words
You are not their darkness
You are an earth angel

So breathe in, my darling
Breathe love in
Just receive it,
it is for free

Fill your heart, my darling
Breathe my love in


Learning To Trust Love

Her biggest fear was to lose love
for she knew too well
what it felt like to be without
and not to feel loved
by your own parents

But when she met him
for the first time she felt that
she always had been loved
by him, by God
To protect herself from hurt
she had only closed herself off
to receive it

Still, she often didn’t trust
Many times she closed her eyes
then opened them again
She expected to be without
but then saw that love
was still there and had not left her


The Sighs In The Checkout Line

She finds romance everywhere
Even in a long checkout line
under flickering, artificial light
while people behind and before her
sigh impatiently

For her heart just starts
to beat poetry
Candle light burns within
Rose petals shower
before her eyes
She daydreams him
His gaze, his arms, his lips
and then, she is the one that




Yes I will face my challenges
Yes I will fight my battles
Yes I will set my boundaries
Yes I will heal my pain
I will do it for the sake of love

But just let me escape it all
for a moment,
Let me escape into the warmth
of your heart



If you were a piano
I would dance with my fingers
on your black and white keys
bringing light and shadow
together in a cohesive
melody of loving you

If you were a piano
I would master the master pieces
and dance Rachmaninoff with you
rising and falling together into
the heights and depths of tones
in a way that it would even make
the maestro blush


In My Mind

You’re always in my mind
Even when life challenges
demand my full attention
You’re there in a corner,
whispering words
of encouragement
by your loving presence
Only waiting to take
full space again
and to fill my mind
with blue skies and poetry
with music and you
and you
and you


Still There

I’m like the wind
I whirl around you
You can feel me strongly
as I hug you and move you
You can fly with me
to unprecedented heights

And at times,
it may seem like I’m gone
But if you keep still, just like me
and you close your eyes
you’ll feel my soft sigh,
you’ll feel my loving breath
on your cheek, on your lips
And you’ll know

I’m still there



Keep still and let my words
quietly touch you

You don’t need to respond in words
But a sigh, a smile is more than enough
My words don’t need no
no word for a word
As they speak for themselves
they stand independently
on the paper

For they know they will be heard,
they will be seen, they will be felt
by the one that they are meant
to touch


To My Sons

Good night, my sweet boys
Dream of Lego castles
Discover new playgrounds
I will lovingly watch over you
when you sleep

Know that I fight like a lioness for you,
standing up, standing tall
and remove anything toxic around us
so you don’t need to carry
my familial and ancestral burden
and we all will be free

I promise, I will take care of myself
So I can best take care of you

And if you need any comfort
if you need a smile or just the truth
always feel in your hearts
how much your mommy loves you


Keep My Smile Safe

Will you keep my smile safe for me
for I’m afraid to lose it
My laughter, my light dancing steps
Store it carefully in your heart

When life’s challenges keep
crashing onto me
like tidal waves that brutally
seem to take it all away

Please keep my smile safe for me
So I can always find it back with you


Setting The Tone

Take my hand and
we leave the old year
the old year
There may be tears but
there is love

I turn on some music
Dusty Springfield’s
‘I only want to be with you’
fills the air and
here we are, a new start,
a new year

I dance you around
in my heart, in my words,
in my arms
’cause there is love
Oh gosh, so much love
there is

So dance with me
with your heart,
with your soul
with your lips,
with your hips
to set the tone
to set the love
for new year


The Poetry Of Yoga – A Love Practice

With both feet on the ground
I stand strong in my foundation
Strong in love
Like a mountain, I stand in faith

And I breathe in
My arms reach for the sky
I look up and between my hands
I hold a ball of light
I hold you, my beautiful sun
that lights me up
Big stretch and
an opening of the heart
I let you sink in even deeper

I breathe out
and bend forward
Hands to the ground
Right foot, right leg backwards
I rise up like a warrior
a warrior of love

And I balance myself
to the other side
I balance myself within
to balance with you without

I breathe
lots of love in
lots of love out
With every breath
I move my body
and flow with you

Feet step back
next to each other
I rise
Anjali mudra at the heart
Both hands before my chest
honour you inside of me
And I salute you, my love


Matching Hands

I tend to rush towards the end
of the story
Eagerly and impatiently I devour
the pages
My right hand burns with desire
as it holds the pen that dances
towards the fiery climax

While your left hand goes beautifully
through the chapters and writes them
one by one and step by step

Our matching hands that balance
For we need your hand to build
a foundation,
solid and peaceful
And my hand to burn
the fire onto the pages
as we write together our perfect love


The Hand Of The Sun

The moon hid herself
and left me alone
in the dark, cold winter night
And I wandered in circles
in a maze of impenetrable thoughts
where I searched for you

I screamed my yearning
to the moonless sky
that kept silent
But just when I thought
I was lost forever
The sky lit up
as the sun stretched his hand
to take mine and
lead me back to myself


The Devil And The Angel

Missing you is like a little devil
on my shoulder that tells me:
‘Look, your eyes can’t see him.
He isn’t there, he isn’t there!
Your pen can’t reach him
Your words die a silent death’

While the angel on my other shoulder
softly whispers:
‘Look with the eyes of your heart
He is there, always
You cannot miss
what fills you up inside
True love cannot be separated
Not by a devil,
not by physical eyes
You don’t need your pen to reach him
As love connects purer and truer
than words’