When I go through a hardship
though I try to make
the best of it
and deep down I know I can,
I know I will
Yet can you hold my hand
can I tell you I’m scared
will you leap with me together
by my side
when despite my fears
despite I’m feeling broken
I take my steps



And if the darkness comes
early tonight
and I wander around
lost in the woods of thoughts
trying to find home,
a comfortable shelter
If I feel like
an unwelcome guest
at least, let me be welcome
in your heart


Seeing Me

Will you see me beautiful, my love
even if people see me as their worst enemy
if they project their own dirt,
all their ugliness on me
and they cover me with their hatred

Can you lend me your eyes to remove their lies
and to see myself again


Bend Instead Of Break

And I read your words
Bend instead of break, you say
so I won’t resist
I’ll flow upstream,
I will move upbeat
I will dance in the storm
and in the rain
I will move like branches
of a tree
like a flower in the field
As long as I follow the stream
of love and I dance,
whatever they may throw at me
whatever they may think or say,
I won’t break


Say A Prayer

And here I sit outside
with my back against a wall
Pain makes it so hard
to move and to breathe
Yet the sun shines on my face
and I soak the light in

My love, did you send the sun to me
did you ask it to find me
straight through the dark
and heavy clouds

Was it the answer to the prayer
you said
or was it mine that asked for you?

The light has found me
and touches, kisses my face
But it also makes the darkness
of the pain
so visible, so palpable

But continue to pray, my love
I continue to pray
even though it now hurts so much
It is the light that will heal



And while I lie on the grass
among wildflowers,
hear birds singing, wild cows howling,
see the water of the lake make ripples,
sense a light summer breeze on my skin
and watch the clouds in the sky make
different shapes,
the whole scenery,
nature only comes alive and starts
to make poetry
the moment I connect with you



There is a big parade,
a masquerade
People dance like robots
to rigid tunes played by others
Afraid as they are to think
and dance for themselves
They all look the same
They are all masked
afraid to touch, afraid
to come any closer
their breath of life taken away
their voices silenced

Except for the ones
who freely dance
to the song of their own hearts
they show the true face
of love and compassion


Making Rainbows

And the rain pours and pours
It cleanses our heart and mind
But after so much rain
We let the sun of our love
shine bright from our chest now
to dry our tears
and make our own rainbows
as we roll out love’s colourful carpets
to dance on
that embrace and lighten the world


Brave Love

When headaches and fears
project ghosts on the dark
screen of the night
and alone feels suddenly so lonely
my bed too big, and I’m too small
I think of you bravely
and let the love between our hearts
beam stars, beam light
into the darkness


The Shell

I take a shell in my hands
I once found on the beach of Portugal
A melancholic smile
on my face when I think
of the memories it contains
And I hold it against my ear
and hear it whisper the stories
I shared with you
every detail, all the laughter,
the adventures
but above all I hear the sound, the song
of our deep ocean of love



I can’t look into your eyes
to see the stars tonight
so I look up
to see them in the sky

How I miss you
A heart-wrenching longing
makes me grasp for the stars
my arm, my hand reaches out
for them
as if they all hold a piece of light
from you

But then love,
like a shooting star
pulls me back inward
and there I see your eyes again
and find my universe with you


Together Always

My love, I’m always with you
as you are with me
If you sometimes feel lonely
and you cannot see
it’s because there’s too much noise
in your mind
and I cannot reach you
so keep still and go within
to feel me, to hear
my words of love and guidance


July 14

Sometimes the now stands
in such a stark contrast to the past
The same number on the calendar
The same summer day
but a bright shining sun,
fireworks in the sky,
eyes that sparkled
when they met back then

And it’s cloudy and grey,
it’s raining today,
outside and inside of me
While my eyes restlessly
seek yours

Though there’s a knowing
there’s a feeling
that the sun from back then
is still there behind the clouds
and is strong enough
to beam its light
onto the future


I Need A Dream

I need a dream so bright
that it lightens my future
I need a dream so strong
that it carries me
out of the darkness
if I can’t go forward myself
I need a dream so big
that it is bigger than my fears
bigger than my aches
I need a dream so unwavering
that it believes in itself
and still stands
even if everything else
has fallen apart
I need a dream so enchanting
that it takes me to places far
and makes all of its content
come true
A dream so magical
that I just want to dream and
to dream and to dream
That’s when I dream
about me and you


May It Be Enough

When I’m so tired, so anxious
and hurt from the battle
as a warrior of my heart
fighting on the front line
for a truthful and
compassionate world for us
may I rest in your arms
may I be enough
even if I don’t fight

May it be enough
if I just breathe
and if I just love


The Reach Of The Sun

And while the sun on your side
of the world shines brightly
and marks the day,
here on my side of the world
I watch it with its last strength
make a play of colours
before the dark of the night takes over
As if the sun is you
and reaches out to me in its longing
stretches its arms of light
across the ocean
to yet paint the sky for me
and make a wordless serenade


Fairy Tale Kisses

My fairy prince,
I don’t like the tale I’m in
The night is so dark
I’m lost in the woods
and fears, thoughts and aches
are waiting for me
like a big bad wolf

Can you give me
your magic kiss
to put me to sleep
and a second one
to wake me up again
in our real love’s
everlasting dreamland


My Star

You’re always a bright
shining star
whether others may
recognize it or not
They may not look up
or they may not be
on the same frequency
as you are
and therefore cannot hear
the song of your heart

But that doesn’t say
anything about your light
how it illuminates the world
how it guides me to love you
every day even more

For he who has his heart full
of true love and beauty
is always a winner
and can never lose


When You Speak Your Truth

And if you stand up
speak your truth
and let yourself be seen
like a flower that grows
higher than the grass,
others can shoot at you
ridicule and shame you
but at least,
you can’t blame yourself
for you weren’t born
to just be like grass
you were made
to sing your own song
to show your own colours
to grow towards the light
and to follow your heart


Air Mail

And in the dark
I lie in my bed
Through the open window
I watch the night sky
And then the wind
blows over me
as if it brings
me a message
a gentle stroke of love
from you
And I reply
Through the open window
I send the wind back
across the ocean
to kiss and touch your skin
with love from me


Holding Love

I lay a hand on my heart
to feel the rhythm
of what is guiding me
to feel the movement of love,
touchable in my hand
To feel you
like music, like truth
like a feeling, a presence

And I cross skies,
oceans and time
as I let love expand
and hold you, hold us
in the radiance of my heart


Reading The Stars

And at night when the stars
start to shine
to weave their web of dreams
around me
and I look up to catch them
with my eyes,
my heart starts to yearn
for you even more
as if it reads
all our wishes, the prayers,
the story of fate written
on the starry ceiling