I Recognize You

They can put you in a crowd
and place hundreds of people
around you
They can give you another look,
and cover you up
They can blindfold me,
Yet, I would recognize you
by the beating of your heart,
the whisper of your soul,
by magnetic love
Like I’ve found and recognized you
Lifetime after lifetime


The Dutch Tulip

The Dutch tulip moves in the wind,
dances around in the fields
and makes them look colourful
People from all over the world
come to look at her
Though her heart only belongs
to the American flower, the rose
When she and he meet each other
their scent, their colours merge
Dutch grounding and the
American dream blend,
as they make the fields burst
orgasmically into Spring


Where We Reside

In the soft bed of our hearts,
the gentle cradling of love
In dancing poetry
In sparkling magic
In the beauty of roses
In blooming desire
In melodic, touching songs
In the shine of the moon,
the stars and the sun
In always, eternal and forever
In this moment
That’s where we reside together



Many eyes look at me
But do you see that my eyes
only look at you

Do you see that they radiate
poetry just because they look at you

Do you see that the spotlights
shine on you and me
and that true love makes the show
go on and on



I felt you so strongly here with me
as though we both had stepped
through the veil
and our bodies touched
You wrapped a cloak of love
around my shoulders and pulled me
against your chest

It was more than a daydream
More than a wish or a desire
I saw by knowing, by feeling it
And in all those deep feelings
of love, passion, peace, harmony,
joy and laughter
I am united with you


I Sing My Song

And I sing my song
A song of a love so deep,
so eternal, so wide, so far
that it reaches out to you
to wherever you are

It makes the sky shower
glitter and glamour,
The heavens are my stage
The stars make a staircase
that brings me to your heart

Will you join
in a duet, in a harmony
Will you sing back your heart
up into the heavens and
right here next to me

Two voices that
find each other
in a grand finale
of true love


Moulin Rouge Finale ~
Come what may…
I will love you until my dying day

Video clip on YouTube watch here

The Wind Blew Them Together

And on the shore
she looked out over the sea,
she dreamed,
she flew on the wind
and danced her poetry
like a lighthouse
so that her songbird
that had flown out
from the other shore
could navigate his way to her

And she danced for days
and days became weeks
Weeks became months
Until time didn’t count no more
for all that counted was love

The songbird had a tough journey
through stormy weather
though he was determined
for what kept his wings,
his heart beating was love

And on a day out of time
the songbird saw land
and there he found her
or did she find him
as the wind of love
blew them together


The Chicken Or The Egg

Sometimes, it’s hard to know
what comes first
is it the feeling of love
or the thought of you

For when I think of you, I feel love
And when I feel love,
I have you on my mind
which makes me love you even more
And then the thought of you
becomes even stronger

So maybe, you’re both
the chicken and the egg
at the same time


Tarzan And Jane

It is a jungle in my mind
and I lie in the bushes
in my safari outfit
looking through binoculars
to observe what’s going on

Monkeys jump up and down
and back and forth
Elephants stomp on positive thoughts
Snakes try to poison me with fear
And a cacophony of birds
drown out the voice of my heart

Shall I Iift my hunting rifle
to destroy them once and for all
and restore my peace of mind
Or is it useless anyway

No, I have a better idea
Instead of fighting the wild life
Let’s play with it and make friends
My love, take your clothes off
Let’s swing through the jungle
of our minds
as Tarzan and Jane


We Stay Strong

It’s strange, how fast a sea can change
Calm waters can turn into a storm
Sometimes it’s a danger
that I can’t see coming
Was it a thought, a memory
and then the missing you
that came over me like a tidel wave
Heartache that made me drown
But I seek your hand, my love
to pull me out
That’s what we do for each other
We stay strong, my love
For it takes the two of us
to keep the ship afloat


Dancing Kisses

The sea seems to dance today
Waves roll loudly and happily
through my mind
and silence the inner noise
My feet, my heart feather light
as I dance along
With every step I Ieave
a footprint of love in the sand
I blow hundreds of kisses
across the sea
They dance on the wind
above the water to your shore
Will you catch them?


Only A King

Only a king can recognize a queen
Only he has the key
to a queen’s heart
And once he has opened it
Only he can touch deep, can caress it
and make it long for him

Only a king can make a queen dance
Only he can make her rise
above herself and make her write
poem after poem

Only a king can make a queen feel
at home in his arms
Only his eyes can enchant
and gaze their magic into her
Only a king is strong enough
to be always by her side
Only a king knows who his queen is
Only he can love her
like no one else can



I don’t write with the aim to get likes
to get fans or followers
I don’t adjust my lines,
adjust my colours to what others
may wish to see

But I write because I write,
because I am, because of love
Like a flower I bloom
my poems into the world
And simply do what I’m made for


Milky Way

The moon is round and full
like a pregnant lady
She births her light
into the dark sky

My heart is a full moon of love
that births poems like stars
for you to look at
Little lights in the night
A milky way for you to follow
A spiralling path
that sparkles you home


Eau De Parfum

You are like eau de parfum
A breath-taking, sweet, gentle,
sensual scent
that is sprinkled on my heart
and that tingles on my skin
A delicate odor of spring flowers
that makes my butterflies
whirl up and go wild

Wherever I go,
there’s a cloud of you
around me
I breathe you in
You penetrate all of my pores
So that within and without
I’m immersed in my eau de parfum



Look, my love,
the moon is almost full
Another cycle will end
But after every ending
There’s a new beginning
And so we dance
the seasons,
the moon cycles,
the wheel of life
We die many times
And we rise again
We let go of our leaves
We have our cold Winters
A new dawn in Spring
We blossom in Summer
But no matter how many times
we dance the wheel
In the centre is always
our immovable,
undying love


Air Kisses

Breathe in
through your heart space
and take in
my love for you

Breathe out
through your heart space
and send
your love to me

We let our hearts kiss
each other
with every breath
I inhale you
You inhale me
We feel
We reach out and receive

And as we dance on the air
we flow even deeper
into love


Two Pandas

We are like two cute pandas
We may be threatened
in the past
but we are a rare
true love couple
a species that is protected
so now everyone looks
at me and you
to see us cuddling up
in the poetry zoo

They all want us
to come together
and to court
so they can be reassured
that true love
will always live on


Take Care Of Yourself

The rose doesn’t feel well
Her head hangs down
She feels sick, weak and tired
I nourish her,
make a quiet place,
protect her space
so she can rest

I blow the worries from her petals
and caress her with loving words
I let her lean against a stick
so she can still stand upright
and receive the light of her beloved,
the sun

I take good care of her
that precious rose in me
’cause what’s dear to you
is dear to me
And as I take care of me
I take care of us


Put On Your Dancing Shoes

And I take my pen like I
put on my dancing shoes
to burn up the dance floor
together with you

What more could a poetess wish for
than to let her words dance
with those of her poet
To let images, metaphors and letters
make love with each other
and let them merge rhythmically
into one, musical poem

To dance the night away,
the stars from the sky
the ink from the paper
To step out of the lines
and even make poetry
of silence


Being Yourself

I want to be so naked with you
No defenses, no fears, no shame
Undressed and uncovered
My skin transparent
To let your eyes glide
over every spot of my body,
let them look into my mind and
gaze into my heart
Like your eyes are my own
I dance in your presence
in nothing but nakedness
in raw emotions, pure relaxation
And just be completely myself
The me I can only be with you
The you you can only be with me


Integrating Shadows

May I lie in your arms
and will you hold me,
will you embrace
the part of me that is afraid
and doesn’t dare to trust,
the part of me that does believe,
the part of me that’s in her strength,
the part of me that feels so helpless,
the part of me that feels
guilty and bad,
that is harsh and judges herself
the part of me that is soft
and self-compassionate

If you hold all parts of me
in the arms of love
I will be whole



When you hurt me
I was hurting myself
You were hurting yourself
I was hurting you

When your shadows came out
You were a mirror and
you showed me mine

So it’s not so much about
forgiving you
but it’s about healing
and forgiving ourselves
So that instead of shadows
Our mirror will reflect
even more of this pure love

For through ourselves
we love each other
Through each other
we love ourselves


Meeting Up

What are you doing, my love
Do you sit somewhere
with a cup of coffee
in your hands
Do you stare
into your daydreams
and you think of me

Like I sit here
with a cup of coffee
in my hands
I stare into my daydreams
And I think of you

Then maybe,
if we stare long enough
into our daydreams
we see each other sitting there
drinking a cup of coffee together


Truth And Dare

‘Truth or dare,’ they asked
‘I choose truth,’ she said
‘Do you love him?’
‘Yes I do’

‘Truth or dare,’ they asked
‘I dare,’ she said
They gave her
a challenge to prove:
‘Love him’

And so she loved him,
even when it rained and thundered,
even when the earth shook,
even when she needed
to have patience,
even when she was blindfolded,
She dared and
she spoke the truth



If something pulls you down
If your own thoughts grab you
If fears try to get a hold
If you are in anything lower than love,
just shift out of it, my darling
Let your fingers on the strings
play another melody
Shift into another rhythm
Let your voice find another song

Call me in and we shift together
We let our feet dance another dance
our hearts write another poem
and we find again the lightness
and the laughter