Lost And Found

I’m like a lost object
stored on a shelf in the Lost and Found
Everyone is already gone
The light’s been turned off
The things around me that are left
behind, cast shadows
Though I know you didn’t forget
and you search for me
You look for me everywhere
For your heart is just as lost as mine
So here in this strange place
Where everything seems unknown
I wait for you to be found
and to be brought home


Stepping Stones

We stand with our feet in the water
Our fears lie like stones in between us
It seems that they are the obstacles
that prevent the water from flowing
But in fact, they are the stepping stones
And each fear we face, every step we take
brings us closer to each other


New Moon

Let’s dance tonight under the new moon
close to each other in the dark
In a dance of stillness
we don’t need to see but we feel
The seeds, the hidden roots
of this love we carry inside
In all its greatness, all its light
Like the black moon, though invisible
has in her the potential to be full
Out of the dark she will create,
out of the void she will arise


Born To Be Happy

When you have gone through
so much pain in your life
Then unhappiness is almost
like a secure coat
around your shoulders
Stitched with the well-known
feeling of ache

The coat may look old and outworn,
it may feel heavy
and it may not fit no more
But you’re used to it
like a comfortable second skin
that you think
protects you from even more hurt

But if you take off the coat
you will see that
it is you’re natural state
to dance, to play and to laugh,
to be light and to be free,
from fear and pain
For you are born to love
and to be unapologetically happy


Will You Hold My Pen

If there are words everywhere
to be written in a poem
But my hand feels too heavy
to hold my pen,
Will you hold it for me
Will you write my heart for me
with a soft embrace of your fingers
a loose dance from your wrist
let my words flow onto the paper
so they can hold you


Calling You In

If I scream your name
as loud as I can,
will you hear me
although there’s an ocean
in between

If I whisper your name
and the wind carries it away
to sing it into your ears,
will you hear me

Or is a silent thought of you
strong enough for you
to hear in your heart
To call you in
and feel you here with me



The tears that I cry,
are they yours
or are they mine
The sadness that I feel
Is it your heart I’m tuned in to
or is it my own pain

The deeper and the higher
we connect and entwine
The more our feelings
flow into each other

But then there is no
‘mine’ or ‘yours’
for as a team
we always cry our tears
and heal for us both


I Do Believe

If you feel completely lost
You’re stuck in your head,
A dark cloud hangs above you
Mountains everywhere
Your wings feel too heavy to fly
Inside of you it rains
You don’t know
how to move forward
If you don’t believe in the power
of the sun no more
for all you see is how it casts shadows,

I do believe in you
Let my faith be your hope



In this dark night under the stars
come sit with me by the fire
I hold your hand, do not fear
The ghosts you see are our own shadows
But even they dance with each other
And they are only visible
because the light shines brightly
and the flames burn fiercely
Do not focus on the shadows
for they are not even real
But look at the light of love
that shines in us and around us
and that even ghosts will leave untouched


The Soul Train

We both are on a train
that, regardless of the weather,
even regardless of us,
keeps rolling

The vehicle of our soul
that pushes us forward
and that keeps us going
as it knows our destination
and how to reach home

In the train we may be tired
we may be sick, feel desperate
and not wanting to travel further
Though the train keeps rolling
for not the ego, but the soul
is in control

And the more we resist
the more we will suffer
Whereas the more we surrender
the smoother we roll


But There Is Love

The mind seems very smart
and always finds a ‘but’
to put after every sentence
that disempowers
what is previously said

‘I want to take the leap and go to her
BUT maybe now is not the right time’

‘He will come to me
BUT maybe the ocean is to big
to be crossed’

The mind seems to like
the ‘but’ and not easily willing
to let go of it
So I made an even bigger ‘but’
that wipes out all the other ‘but’s’

BUT between us there is true love!


I Love Me

The sun shines on me
and lights up all parts
Its rays that embrace
are like your arms
And I treasure myself
I love the diamond that I am
You are in me
My heart is filled with you
The two of us entangled
in every cell of my existence
Your essence interwoven
with my core
So when I love me and see
my true beauty, I love you


Love Is Hopeful

Always have hope
Let it stoke up the fire
under your dreams
Wish on every star you see
Ask in your prayer
Light a candle
Drop a coin into a wishing well
Look out for rainbows
Expect miracles
Envision our bright future
Never give up on your heart
And always feel the flame
For love itself is hopeful



Let’s do this one
and right to the core
Let’s skip any prologue
No candle light,
no romantic discourse
No decent spelling
no proper rhymes
But raw nature
honest and pure
Let’s undress
ourselves quickly
from poetic allure
and grab these
naked words:
Oh man! I fucking love ya!


Potato Love

The way to a man’s heart
is through the stomach,
they say

So here in the country
of potato eaters
I found a potato in heart shape
In the boiling water of love
I let it bubble and become hot

May it taste good to you
and set you even more on fire
when it glides through your throat
to find the way to your heart


Taking A Breath Of Love

All our thoughts,
the world around us,
we put it on hold
and we take a deep breath
of love together
The now expands
if we take in the air
of eternal love

Let it flow through us
Let it move us
to where we need to go
Let it be easy, effortlessly
Our path unrolls itself
before our feet

Let’s stay together
in the space of this breath
the space of this love
in this infinite moment
for then we know exactly
what to do


Looking At The Moon

My love, let’s wipe away the tears
and look up
Do you see the moon in your night sky
Here in my blue morning sky
I can still see her

Look a bit closer
and see how she reflects my smile to you
and how she shines on you my kisses
I see your gaze in her
She reflects to me your loving eyes

Seen from where the moon stands
Any distance perceived on earth
is negligible
And if we both look at her
and at the same time
feel inside our hearts, we know
distance between us does not exist


Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Every day you sink deeper
into my heart
and you find depths
that I didn’t know they existed
In every corner you reside
Every day I feel you stronger
here with me
Your presence in every minute
that passes

Every day I miss you more
and I find deeper layers of longing
My heart that craves with every beat

And those are two sides
of the same coin


The Map Inside Our Hearts

We both have a map
inside our hearts
that directs us home
I have one part
you hold the other
And when we put
those two pieces together
the pathways click
My river flows into yours
Your green grows seamlessly
further onto mine
And then it shows
home was closer
than we thought
we only need to make
those two pieces
fall into place
for my territory and yours
to become one


From Head To Toe

There is no part of you
which I do not love
For I love you from head to toe
from the left to the right
to the center of your heart

Every thought in your mind
Every emotion that flows
through you
Your light and your shadow
Your proud parts and the ones
you are ashamed of

The parts of you that you do
not love yourself, I love even more
for those are the parts
that need my love the most


Where Perfection Can Be Found

On this grey Sunday morning
a lot of things are not perfect
Rain falls continuously from the sky
In my head a headache thunders
And I am here, while you are far away
on the other side of the world
But then I think of you
and feel you in my heart
where boundless love resides
and that is just so perfect that
even on a grey, rainy Sunday morning,
perfection can be found


Like Sand

Our love is like the sand
of a vast, endless beach
My words are small sand molds
with which I playfully
try to put the sand into form
I craft with my hands
and make poems like sand castles

But all the forms
are just temporary
a strong wind, a big wave
and then they are gone
Whereas the sand
always remains


Becoming Visible

As a child I learned the art
to be invisible
Like a ghost I wandered around
so others could do me no harm
they could not blame me
and I would not bother anyone

But even though I hid
for the world and for myself,
you saw me
Like no one had ever seen me before
I came alive by your gaze
as your eyes made me visible


Owning Your Space

As a little kid there was always
the threat
of the unpredictable rage of her father
He didn’t need a reason to beat her up
Nowhere she was safe
not even under the sheets
in her own bed

As she longed for a safe place
she took all the coins
from her money box
and went on her own to the store
to buy a lock for her door

But her father was like a wild monster
when violent rage came over him
that the lock on the door of her bedroom
could not protect her from
He just thundered through

So then she withdrew more and more
and made her own space very small
a small corner within herself
with walls around it
was all what was left

And also later in life
many people violently invaded her
Until she learned that
in order to keep her space safe and protected
she didn’t need to put a lock,
nor did she need to withdraw

But she needed to make her space bigger
She needed to own it
Instead of fear, she filled up
her space with true love
and let its strong and bright
burning torches protect her


From A Place Of Freedom

I want you to be free,
my beautiful bird
Not tied to anyone,
to any place or situation
But I want you to fly
and to discover yourself
and the skies
to float in higher realms
by the wings of your heart
For if you choose
to land in me and in love
I wish for you to choose it
from a place of freedom


Earthly Moon

May the full moon witness
while she looks down
from her throne
in the sky
and glows with the light
that the sun, her beloved,
shines on her,
that here on earth
my heart glows
even brighter and fuller
for it is lit up
by love and by you


Love Is

Love is the light
at the end of the tunnel
It is the morning sun
after a night full of rain
Love is the lifebuoy
on a rough sea of emotions
It is the silver lining
around a dark cloud
Love is the thought of you
in a mind full of turmoil

Love is
When everything else
falls apart


If You Want To Be Held

My knight, if you come ride
out of the dark forest
where you have been lost for so long
If you are exhausted
from the battles you fought
mainly against yourself
You followed the light
and now you just want to be held,
The door of my heart is open to you
for my home is yours
So put your armour down
and lie naked in my arms
Rest against my chest
and feel the comforting warmth
of everlasting love


I Learned

I was taught
not to trust the water
for waves can roll over you
rivers can whirl and overflow

I was taught
not to trust the wind
for a light summer breeze
can easily turn into a tornado
that takes everything
and hits you mercilessly
in your face

I was taught
to not trust myself
for there are others
who have more authority

I was taught
to not trust love
for love is like the wind
and the water
A dangerous force
that should be controlled
Love can be taken from you
You need to earn it
before you can receive
and maybe you’ll even
never be worthy enough

But then I met you
and I learned that
love can be wild like the wind
It can take you high up
into the sky
It can be the powerful force
behind your wings
It can be continuously flowing
like the water
unconditionally given
and there is always enough

And then I started to trust love
like I’d never trusted anything before
And the more I trusted love
the more I trusted the water,
the wind and myself


My Guru

I was a seeker and looked for something
that could guide me
Something, that would give an answer
to all my existential questions,
why I was here
and that could explain
the mystery of life

I read many self-help books,
articles on spirituality
I listened to inspirational talks
I did meditation courses
and practiced yoga
But nothing that could
quench my thirst
and could satisfy my hunger
Until I met you and found
what I had been looking for
The holy grail,
the philosopher’s stone
is in my and your heart
For my guide, my guru is
true love