Fairies do not walk,
they fly
Unrooted in the earth,
earthed in the sky
If the path ahead
is yet unclear
They know,
Of trunks that block the road
their castles can be made
And even if
fairies hide behind the trees
They believe,
Love won’t hide away
from their sky


The Call Of The Forest

Tall trees reach out with their peaks
majestically into the sky

A magpie couple cuddles
on their bench of branches

The sparrows sing their songs
in a play of call and answer

While wood nymphs appear
Giggling in between bare trees

As Autumn took their coat of leaves
Leaving them heart naked

I walk our footsteps
On a carpet of brown and green
Silent thoughts, open ears

My dear, hear!
how the forest calls for us


The Moon of March

Chasing clouds
Shadows gather
The dark shoots
its arrows of fear
and haunts hearts
that lack faith

The Moon of March
holds memories
of a cold and distant Winter

Though the night
carries the seed
of the day
Like the moon is lit by the sun
The light can only be seen
because there is darkness


As One

The words sung in my head
Are they mine
or are they yours
Is it your echo
or my voice?

The touch I feel on my skin
Is it my own hand
that touches me
Or your hand
that left its imprint?

The flower that opens up
inside of me
Is it rooted in your heart
Or is its source
the sparkle of my soul?

As one we are
I am
your you
You are
the other me


Moving Hearts

Where are you, my love
Where am I going
On this train
That is rolling
in rhythm with fate

Fleeting shapes
behind the window

The landscape
is moving so fast
Or is it my heart
that moves me to you

we are
to our destination
towards home


Feet Off The Pedals

How the crows float in the sky
And the first crocus blooms
How Spring is on its way
The wind plays with my hair
While my bike takes me on a ride
down the hill

All is
Beyond what my hand can grasp,
my gaze can reach,
what doubts can turn around
Feet off the pedals
Heart off the mind
I exhale
When ties are loose
Hands are up
I don’t need to do anything but
loving you


Girl With The Secrets

She disappears
in misty clouds
For no one to see
Erasing her trails
Her inner landscape
full of caves
In which she hides
Scars and treasures

Behind closed doors
unexpressed words
are a knot in her throat
A wall to protect
becomes a wall
that divides

Though at the window
of her heart
She still looks out for him
As he too disappeared
in misty clouds
And both wait
for the sky to be cleared
To find out
they were never far away


The Song Of The Blackbird

Heaven birthed a child
Its skin yet transparent
And not to touch
Before it could land
It flew back to the other side

Though its never breathed breath
Is blown by the wind
And its voice can be heard
In the song of the blackbird

And it will be reborn
In every creation
In words written by hands
That are heart’s servants


Hanging Girl

Hanging girl
above the tops of worlds
above streams of
whispering voices

Upside down
she finally sees
the world upright
The four winds
change her direction

His face, her Sun, is
in the clouds
Each swing brings
her higher
No need to rush
to kiss his lips

As she knows
Life will carry
Life will provide

The light she perceives
in him
She has found it
shining brightly


My King

Lisbon, February 18th

My king of my heart,
I wait you here on the hill in my castle
Though do not expect wealth
As nothing here
is mine or yours
We do not own
the sun, the moon or the earth
But I promise you,
the one that holds the sword
of truth,
a river of love,
of flowing eternal gold


Shedding Tears

Lisbon, February 18th

When you shed your tears
And let them rain down
I will catch them
Cherish them
These fluid diamonds of your heart
I will make them a river
To flow into the world
It will fertilize the earth
And by the grace of your tears
New flowers will grow


Mouraria Poesia

Lisbon, February 17th

Ghetto of the Moors
With its steep narrow streets
Baracks between
colourful tiled houses
Cracks in walls
Scars of the earthquake
will not allow to forget

Cradle of fado
Shades of people who
lived here,
who died here
Their voices still heard at night
A resigned echo
during the day
Calmness and passion
rule the hearts
of those
who believe in fate

Laughter and tears
of ordinary men
and women
with shared
ordinary dreams
Just like ours


The Cathedral

Lisbon, February 16th

The Sé adorns the city
And graces its heart
Inside the wisdom of silence

And touched
by ages of devotion
I build my own cathedral
with words of elegance,
prayers of truth and love
To rise up to heaven
and honor
the poetry of life

And like a crusader
I dedicate myself to
my own divine path
Knowing that
glowing glamour
lies within


Tram 28

Lisbon, February 15th

I glide up and down the hills
trough the narrow alleys
on tram 28
This vehicle of romance
that shakes me into nightly daydreams

And suddenly
I am in a movie in black and white
And my heart starts to beat excitedly
Because – who knows –
At the next stop there is a guy waiting for me,
holding a red rose
in his hand


Wavy Patterns

Cascais, February 15th

The sea here at my feet
The world perceived in wavy patterns
Things come and go and come
In this carousel of life
My gaze at the horizon
There is only this ocean between us
A sea that divides the land

And I could walk over water
Or ride a winged horse to take me
all the way to the promised land
Or I could just stand my ground here
Firmly with both feet in the sand
And wait the sea to bring me
All that is meant to roll back my way


Dancing City Lights

Lisbon, February 14th

The dark is a comfortable blanket
that covers me in sweetness
Words of life caress the streets
Everything here breathes poetry
At the other side of the riverbank
I see the city lights dancing
And I could dance along with them
all night long
In the knowing that
The sun will rise again
at its own perfect timing
That life’s tides come my way
the way they do
That this city follows
its own unshakeable rhythm
And as long as I follow mine
I will never be out of tune


Ode At Sunset

Lisbon, February 14th, Valentine’s Day

He whose beauty I find in every sunset
He whose eyes I see when I close mine
He whose smile I feel in rays of happiness
He whose light guides my way
through the darkest hour
He whose voice sings me
into sweetest dreams
He whose embrace contains
more than the world
He whose soul I love
Beyond body, time and space
He whose heart stirs up these words
For him is written,
For him is sung,
While the sun glides off the earth,
gratefully this ode


Uma Casa Portuguesa

Lisbon, February 13th

It’s cold outside
So come on in
And warm yourself
In this Portuguese house
Sit here with me
at the fire
Lend your ear to
melodies of melancholy
Guitarristas play
The fadista sings
About a heart that burns,
that longs
A fire inside
that is so strong
It lights up true faces
As by the light
of a heart on fire
Only realness
does not get burned away


Picture: João Martins
“Fado Corrido” com Amália Rodrigues, 1964

Hold Up My Heart

Lisbon, February 13th

The sun meets me
Here on top of the hill
at the castle of
the brave knights
Past and present
dance together
In a fairy tale of
living happily ever after

The town down there
tells about the earthquake
Long time ago
That shaked up its sight
destroyed its buildings
Though left its heart untouched
Fiercely the city has risen
from ashes of
fire and water
Passion faces forward
into new beginnings

And here above time
I hear the church bells ringing
See the clouds floating
And I step forward
To hold up my heart with pride

Since here in this town
By the grace of the Tagus
The sounds of fado
The smell of sardines
The taste of victory
I am happy
to have you in my heart


Lisbon By Night

Vibrating dark shines
its beauty
upon Portuguese streets
The wavy tiles
of Rossio square
let me flow
into the magic
of a city
that speaks
of love
The fountains sing
their water
up into the air
A winter night
in Lisbon
is a warm
glowing heart
underneath the stars
Heavenly I find
you in every corner
of this town