You’ve said it long time ago
or maybe, you didn’t say it at all
but you dreamt it, wished it, hushed it
and now I hear its echo
in the still water surface of the soul


Stay Inside

Don’t go outside
farther than the border
of your skin
where you’ll find
a gap, an abyss
where eyes miss to see,
to be seen and to drown
where arms miss to hold
and be held
where fingers miss to touch
and be touched

But stay inside
where the heart
is full of him


No Place Like Home

In a picture of the past
you stand on a balcony
of an old building
in the Netherlands
where I was born
where lions once roared
battles were fought
music was played
life was mourned
and celebrated
And as you look
do you look for me
into the future
with eyes, with arms
that are my home
in a country that wasn’t



At night when the world has quieted down
the ties to bodies and thoughts
have been loosened
barriers are crossed
then there’s just you and me
in the intimate space of a dream


With You

I am with autumn
with leaves that fall like teardrops
I am with trees
that show their colours
I am with clouds that hide the sun
I am with mushrooms, chestnuts
and acorns,
But I just wish I was with you


Where Our Heart Is

Do you hear the loud wind
how it stirs up the air
between me and you
as if it knows we’re close now
and we only need a little push
We only need a written word,
a dreamed dream, a sung song
to make our feet go
where our heart is



Ground control to your heart:
Fly high and then even higher
Reach for the stars
As our hearts are connected
by a thread of love
the higher yours goes
it will uplift mine
from the heavy ground too