To Make It Ours

And although
you can always
live and see my world
through my eyes
feel it through my heart
and follow
my footsteps
in my images and words
I wish you could see it
with your eyes,
I wish you could
make your footsteps
next to mine
and find your own words
in my world
to make it ours


Cosmic Kiss

As Saturn and Jupiter
are conjunct tonight
and shine together as one
as the long-awaited Christmas star
to bring a message
of hope and love
at the Winter Solstice,
the darkest day of the year,
go up with me into the heavens
we cross the ocean between us
and meet halfway
to have our own cosmic kiss


Lights On The Map

Here in this town time seems to fade
as memories whisper to me
in images,
in eyes that find each other
in arms that embrace

We left our traces
in all the towns we’ve been together
where our hearts once met
and made electricity
those places still light up
and mark the map


The Nuances Of ‘I Miss You’ And ‘I Love You’

It can rain in many ways
Rain can fall short and heavy
or it can fall long and soft
but enough to make you drown
Ice cold or bittersweet
light, grey or stormy

The sun can shine in many ways
it can burn hot, ecstatic
gently comforting or tingling
And although a cloud
can try to cover it
it will never fade
but always shine on
as the hope, the inner knowing
within the rain


Running Away

When she tries to run away
from the dark
tries to hide
to cover her eyes
but wherever she goes
wherever she looks
back or forward
it all seems so dark,
she forgets that
she has nothing to fear
for she has light in her heart
she only needs to shine love brightly
and then the dark will run away
from her


Lie Here With Me

Fly with the speed of thought
across the ocean
and lie here with me in my arms
feel me all around you
and rest
Rest in the knowingness
that we don’t need to fear or
to struggle
we don’t need to do or
to achieve anything
but we only need to be
in love



I drive on an endless road
all the way from the east
to the west
through the vastness and beauty
of the countryside
until the ugliness of the port
of Rotterdam appears
And I watch the wiper wipe rain
from the windshield
as my eyelids blink away tears
from my eyes
I let love wipe worries and fears
from my heart
so I have again clear view
of you and me