See Your Light

See your own light
How it shines
so beautifully in your heart
See what I all see in you

And if you can’t see it
Please, look at my light
and see how yours is
reflected in me

For my light could only
shine that brightly
because it was ignited
by yours


To Another Universe

My head explodes with headaches
that blow up my mind
and suck me
into a black hole of nauseous pain

My love, with your arms around me
Let’s float away
to another universe
Where pain does not exist
And where together we count
the shooting stars
that fall as blessings upon us

And where what is One
will remain One always


Closed Doors

I’m locked inside a room
and walk into walls
You’re on the other side
and I cannot reach you
All doors are closed
Every way is blocked
And I scream into the wall
Can you hear me?

Through holes
I try to look outside
if I can see you
Desperate and helpless
I sink to the floor
Then I remember,
there’s only one way out,
one way to you
I need to go inside
And can reach you
through the door
of my heart
that will always
open to you



I disappeared
As I drank the poison
of past hurt and ‘I miss you’
And now, I am like dead
In a coffin I am buried
inside your heart
Where my memory,
my love for you lives on

Please kiss me alive
Let me resurrect
From my grave
And let me feel once again
what it is like
to have a body
that is pressed
against yours


The Day You Were Born

Happy Birthday, my love

Rose Girl's World

The day you were born
heaven came to earth
Flowers bloomed,
birds serenaded,
the sun shined
All celebrated
your unique expression of life
Angels blew their horn
and spread the word that
you had arrived
You, free spirit
that came flying from above,
held within the seeds
of so many songs yet to be sung
You were born to be love
and be loved
by me


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Burning Pain

A fire burns me down
I am the Notre Dame
My structure falls apart
My tower collapses
Brutal, burning pain
rages through my temple
There is nothing left to do now
but to pray

But see, my altar of love
is still standing
My holy grail for you is saved
And if everything inside me is ashes,
rebuild me with your hands
let your love be my foundation
from which I can rise again


Such A Scared Heart

Such a scared heart today
That is afraid to lose,
what it cannot lose,
afraid to lose you
And to have no control

It shakes, shivers and hides
around the corner of this poem
But makes itself known
by the noise of its loud, racing beat
Until even words stumble
and then freeze with fear


Cover My Eyes

If my thoughts project
too many fearful
images on the horizon,
Please my love, cover my eyes
For I want to be blindfolded
in your arms
And instead feel, know
and hope the future
with your heart inseparable
against mine


Your Sad Heart

I now understand
The purpose of why
you passed on your hurt to me
the rejection, the sense of betrayal
You gave me your tears
so I could cry them
And could fully understand
the depth of your pain

Your sad heart from the past
Is mine as well
I heal it for both of us
I won’t let us drown
in sadness no more
But we rise above in love
To break the cycle of pain
For once and for all

Give me your unloved parts
And I will love them for you
The parts that once have been
left behind in the cold,
the broken and sad pieces,
I’ll pick them up
and put them back together
with the glue of
the deepest compassion
as deep pain can only be healed
by the deepest love



I write your sky blue
And dance a sun into it
Please will you sing
the roses in my rose bush
And will you colour them
even more beautiful
in soft pink red
with the paintbrush
of your voice?
Let’s then sign
our piece of art with:
‘Made by us’


Catch The Moon By Daylight

If you close your eyes
and you don’t believe
then black is all you see

But if you do believe
Then the world before
your eyes will hold
infinite possibilities

Fuel your dreams
Imagine it real
Realize the love

Draw the stars down to earth
And catch the moon
by daylight

Even if nobody else believes it
It only takes two
to believe and to see
and to bring
our heaven to earth,
to light up the sky
by our flame


It’s All Here

It is all here
Right where we are
No step further
into a future that may look dark
or may look bright
depending on thoughts
that walk too far ahead
No step back
into a past that has thorns
and opens up old wounds
underneath our feet
But it all starts here
My hand in yours
If we just trust the love
then our feet know
which route to take


The One That Fits The Poem

And on a magical evening
When stars shined brightly
And the moon showed
a golden glow
she met her enchanted prince
The most beautiful man
she had ever seen

She wrote a poem for him
in which each word sang of his beauty
her lines were like a warm,
loving cloak around his heart
that fit him perfectly

The whole night they danced
while they stared deeply into each other’s eyes
In which they found a whole new universe

But when the clock chimed midnight
the spell got broken
The prince had to leave
and all of a sudden it was dark

In his hurry the prince left
the poem behind
that the princess had woven for him
with her tender words of love

The princess wept
She was heartbroken
and could not believe that
the subject of her poem was gone

She sent her servants of writing words everywhere
to find the mysterious prince
that fit the poem

Many men came that tried to
fit into her lines
As they all wanted to wear her cloak of love
But none of them had the size
that matched the beautiful heart
she described in her poem

But she never gave up
And one day she found back her prince of her dreams
in the land overseas
that so perfectly fit her poem

And once again she wrapped him
in her cloak of loving words
With which she made him her king
Never ending magic returned


The Red Thread

Scared that I will lose you
That you will float away from me
like a balloon in the air
And that I will never see you again
But while tears of despair
run down my cheeks
I see you in front of me
You point at your heart
then you point at mine
There is a red cord that connects
both of our hearts
‘Do you see this’, you say,
‘How can you ever lose me
with this strong energetic thread,
that forever bonds us?’


When Poetry Cannot Soothe

I miss you so much, my love
Sometimes it almost drives me nuts
This feeling of missing you
that no tear can cry off my heart

Though I always feel you with me,
it’s the look of your eyes
The embrace of your arms
that I want to see and feel
And that I miss so much

And I could try now to make
a beautiful poem of it
To take some metaphors
But sometimes reality
is not that poetic
And poetry cannot soothe
an ‘I miss you’



The wind spoke:
‘You say you are so strong now
You have so much faith
in this love for him
But what if a dark, lonesome night
without sleep falls over you
What if I blow fiercely
How deep are you rooted
Will your branches still reach out
for your dreams
What if strong headaches crumble down your crown
Vultures of fears and doubts
will dive onto you
that make you so afraid
to lose your beloved?’

She replied:
‘My mind may shake,
my body may be bruised
But my heart, my base
remains unshakable’


If She Would Die Today

And if she would die today
it would be written on her grave:
‘She doesn’t regret one single thing
for she has been true to her heart
and has loved him, her beloved,
in infinite ways;
fiercely, unconditionally,
deeply and passionately
and she still does
even beyond this grave’


It All Makes Sense

All the hardships I went through
The storms, the thunder,
the dark nights
All the people that came and left
The lessons I learned

They gave me strong arms
to swim against the current
To depend on nobody else
but on myself
To see light even in darkness
To have faith and courage
to believe against all odds
It built up resilience and endurance
A strong heart that leads the way
Strong eyes to see truth
through the fog

It all makes sense
As it was a prelude
It all led up to,
helped and made me ready
for this love with you


Merging In Love

It’s not about ‘making’ love
as our love is not to make
The sun and moon don’t make
the light together
Light as a life force
is already there,
they only need to radiate it

It’s about allowing love to flow in
to open up fully to love
to merge in love
and be the love
to radiate it together as one
into the world


When Things Come Together

When stars align
and storylines come together
When roads cross
When bodies walk towards each other
When eyes meet, lips touch
When two hearts come together
Like two gearwheels
that have their cogs
locked into each other,
It all comes together
And falls perfectly into place
To generate and accelerate
the power of love


How She Looks At Him

And she stands backstage
while her man sings his songs
How she looks at him
and embraces him
with her eyes full of love

She believes in him,
so proud of him
And she wants him to be happy,
she wants him to have the whole world

And with her eyes, her heart
She is fully with him
without losing herself
as she stands strong
on her own

And he looks at her
every tone he can find in her eyes
Eyes that sing along with him,
encourage him
and let him sing one more time
from the depth of his soul

They look at each other
Eyes that are in love like teens,
lightly dance with each other
Though a love that has the depth
of a soul bond


My Night Owl

Tired of moving through emotions
I lay myself to rest in bed
While I sleep
will you please watch over me
like a night owl
with your wise, sharp eyes
that see me
right through my dreams
Can I curl up
under your loving wings
And will you keep me warm
and safe there
till the next morning


Building Trust

Something in me has freed itself
since I let myself fall free
into your love for me
And for the first time
I truly trust it

I trust there is love for me
and it can never be taken away
I trust there is you,
always there will be you
and your love for me
My only guarantee in life
I thank you

And if needed, if fears return
I will just do it over and over again
With open heart
I will let myself fall free backwards
into your love
And over and over again I will feel
how your love catches me



All those small attachments
hidden in my subconscious
belief system
that come to the surface
to be seen and be freed

Of how I think that things should be
How things should go
How you should behave
Like a leaf that still wants to hold on to a tree
My mind wants to have control
by clinging to those thoughts
and holding on to the old

But this love is so free and so full of acceptance
unconditional and pure in essence,
moving me through
the waters of change
Like a stingray
I flow and let go of the old
to welcome you anew


Tame The Wild Emotions

And the wild emotions come,
Stubborn and overwhelming,
Like wild bulls in the arena
of your inner space
They bring turmoil,
sadness and despair
as their wild legs whirl up
a raging inner sandstorm
that troubles the eyes
and makes everything unclear

But do not jump on them
For they will take you on a ride
leaving you wounded and
defeated in the end
But take a step back
breathe and observe,
see what triggered them


Connect to your wounded self
Heal it
And release

Make the wild bulls your friends
that guide you
to find more inner peace


Humble Words

My words are humble
and kneel down
for they know
I love you more
than they could
ever express
No matter how hard
they will try,
the stunning images,
the metaphors
and beauty
they will use,
they will always fail
and never be able
to picture the love
in all its greatness
and glory
For which in the end
they can only
silently bow


A Place That Can Boast Such Beauty

A text written in Latin on a railing
in the Valkhof Park in Nijmegen asks:


Can you tell me of a place
that can boast such beauty?

For centuries they might have thought
that it was this spot
that overlooks the river Waal
But they didn’t know then
that the place that can boast
the greatest beauty
is located in your heart


Notes Of Love

My dear, what do you want me to write
Do you want me to construct a castle of love
With the strength of my pen
I can write strong pillars
underneath each of your dreams

Do you want me to heal your wounds
with the ink of compassion
Do you want me to write a safe shelter
in which you can rest and hide
for the world
Do you want me to write a rainbow
in the most beautiful colours
A hopeful horizon for the two of us

Do you want me to make you laugh,
make you dance with playful words
Do you want me to write sensual lines
that kiss you passionately
and light up the flame in you
even more
Do you want me to write the pieces
into the puzzle
and connect all single dots

Or do you want me to write,
Just to continue to write
To write further in your heart
all my notes of love



In the center of the wheel
the midst of north, east,
south and west,
Earth, air, fire and water,
I center myself within

And like a lighthouse
I shine my light in all directions
For I’m grounded in,
I’m flying with,
I’m watered and
set on fire by the most
powerful force of nature,
the force of true love