Eyes Closed

If I just keep my eyes closed,
I won’t see the raindrops
that slide down the window
through which I look
at the world,
I won’t see all the colours
that are missing,
the yawning gaps
between words

But if I just keep
my eyes closed
I see you


A World Together

Whatever pain we are going through
whatever hell we witness
in the outside world
My love, we have a world together
behind our eyes
that expands beyond our skin
with every heartbeat
Where we live in each other,
share our dreams
and make the impossible


The Promise

You look unhappy, my love
Do you toss and turn
in your bed, tired
of all those miles,
the mountains that seem
fearful and unbridgeable

Close your eyes, my love
and have a dream that
will bring you to me
I’ll hold you, I’ll kiss you
And as we look
in each other’s eyes,
look into ourselves,
we remember our wings,
who we truly are and
what we’re here for
we remember the promise
that we together
are meant to fly


In The Fire

Woden thunders in the sky
It storms and it rains
And the world is on fire
and I stand in the midst of it
but don’t get burned
for I don’t fear the flames
as they only stir up
the fire inside
and make my love for you
burn brighter



I may be not like all the others
with their perfect pictures,
perfect art
I’m like the wind
and blow my words
into a poem
without knowing in advance
how they will land

I’m not the others
but I’m me
Enough to fit
perfectly into your heart



I look up to let my eyes fly
along with birds
I sing a song
and let my fingers
dance on strings
I think of you and let poetry
well up in me
to find harmony
in chords, in words, in love
when in and around me
it seems a shaky mess



And I come home
after a strenuous day
I turn the key,
open the door
sit down, sigh,
think of you
and come home
to love

And then outside
there may be chaos
it may storm, rain
and thunder,
in my heart
I’m warm and safe
with you