Holding His Heart

He and she,
two flowers, two lovers stood
next to each other in a meadow

She saw how his head hung down
and his stem leaned aside
Though she continued to bloom
and opened her heart even more
The other flowers were confused:

Why are you not holding his stem
and giving everything to hold him upright?

She replied: I hold his heart inside
and fill it with love
so he can find his strength again
to hold himself


Writing Love

I wish I could write you wealth
I wish I could write you security
I wish I could write you two arms
and physical company

I wish I could write you good fortune,
joy and ease
but I can only write you tons of love
And then maybe, you can find in that
everything you need


Keep Your Heart Up

Soar like a bird in the sky
Fly over mountains,
over rivers and seas
And dream

When you’re high up
everything that’s
going on on earth
the valleys and the peaks
will be relative
and irrelevant
for what is above all
is love

Dance in the wind
Balance your wings
And when you do need
to go down
always keep your heart up
remember your dreams
And land in my arms


A Day Without Words

While I sit in my backyard
in the quietness and the promise
of Easter morning
I cannot find the right words
and then maybe,
love expresses itself
through the butterflies
with beautiful colours
the bees that hum
the birds that sing
and the apple tree that blossoms
and then maybe,
this is just a day without words


Stay Home

If thoughts try to attack
and the outside world looks
scary and unpredictable

If the ego mind creates
the illusion of separation
and spreads its virus
of doubt and fear

If you search for me in the past
or on the empty spot
next to you in your bed

If your own thinking
tries to pull you away
from yourself

Stay home with me in your heart
and reside with me in love


Planet Of The Birds

I walk through the woods
and it’s so quiet here
There’s no one around
but birds that sing
a beautiful symphony
Now the humans
are forced to stay inside
nature takes over
I stand still and listen
In my thoughts I put
my hand in yours
and I think
how perfectly, how naturally
how purely
your tunes, your voice
our love would fit
into this choir of birds


Make The Air Dance

And when the air
feels thick and heavy
filled with droplets
of sadness and longing
with what was
and what will be
but what is not yet,
I breathe some love
into it
May its lightness
dissolve the clouds,
fill our chests,
fill the moment
and make the air
dance again


Sharing Love

Two birds that kept their song
for themselves
only singing it on their own side
of the forest
though always hearing each other
in their hearts,
now find the courage
to sing together
Still in their own tree
softly they sing little hearts
up into the sky
But their tune will become
louder and stronger
as they grow in sharing their love


Finding Peace

Give me your hands
I’ll put them on my heart
let them find peace there

Let them sense
movement and sound
Let them find harmony

Let them rise and fall
and dance to my breath
Let them hold my heart
and receive
all the love I have for you



Sometimes the word
that does not rhyme
is the perfect word

A song sung slightly
out of tune but straight
from the heart
is the perfect song

An image grainy,
pixelated but made
with clear vision
is the perfect picture

Love depicted
Love expressed
in your own way
is the perfect way


Who Is Watching Whom?

On this spring day
I sit in my backyard
with a cup of coffee
in my hands and watch
the birds and cats
– or do they watch me?

As I think of you and watch
your image
projected on the screen
of my heart
my smile shines
a thousand rays of poetry
upon the world
– my love, do you see?



We might think we find
safety and security in
money, in possessions, in work
in a location or in certain people
but when it all falls apart
we learn that true security
can only be found in ourselves
in surrender, in trust
and in love


More Presence Of You

I see more fire in your eyes
a stronger intent and
more presence of you
As if you’re more comfortable
in your own heart
Did love awaken you

I see dreams in your eyes
Not far, not out of reach
But they’re more tangible now
Your eyes do see
much more
than they’ve ever seen



If we can’t go outside,
if the world is closed
we go within
where we have worlds
to discover
we wander together
in thoughts of each other
and follow the traces of love

We journey in
feelings and images
in glitter and magic
and find freedom
in the spaciousness
of our hearts


When Pixels Lie

Sometimes, when I see you
on the screen
and I look only with my eyes at you
when I forget to look with my heart
everything is painful
as if every pixel is
a thousand miles distance
the ocean between us filled
with tears of missing you


Paper Airplanes

We look out the window
of our rooms
Inside two candles burn
Two flames that dance together
to remind us that no wall
can keep us apart

You and me, we keep
looking at the sky
where clouds, sun, moon and
stars float by
from me to you

I write you love letters
and make paper airplanes
to cast out of my window
The wind takes a deep breath
and sighs them all the way
across the ocean
where they land
on the sill of your heart


We Feel, We Know

I started to write
as I wanted to tell you many things
about what’s going on
I could fill many pages
with my words,
write many poems
to depict my life, my heart to you
But then I put the pen aside
as I realized
we can say everything
to each other
with no word at all


Fairies Like Us

It is quiet here in the woods
where we only hear birds singing
and the sound of our breath
My fairy man, the tears that flow
from our eyes,
are those tears of joy or tears of sadness
But does it even matter
as the weather always changes
everything always changes
Except the love in our hearts

And although we may long to stay here
safe in our dreams
where we always hold each other
and where the outside world
can do us no harm,
fairies are meant to go out and go up,
to play, to fly, to sing and to dance
and to create and tell their tales
to spread their love and magic
sparkle their dreams
for we need each other
and the world needs fairies like us


If I Didn’t Have You

If I didn’t have you
your presence always with me
your song in my heart
your sun in my eyes

If I didn’t have you
in these tumultuous times
of illness and insecurity

My words would have no source
and would have nowhere to go
My days would lack the music
My feet would have no reason to dance

For if I didn’t have you
I wouldn’t have the bright light
of love in my heart that,
no matter how dark the darkness,
shines me through it



She had seen the most beautiful things
Sunsets and sunrises
Views from the top of mountains
Fields of flowers, pieces of art,
palaces, cathedrals
that left her breathless
Beauty that brought tears to her eyes

But seeing her man showing his heart,
showing himself pure and vulnerable
how he had changed and had grown
and was facing his fears
Although she had seen the most beautiful things
there was nothing more beautiful than that



I breathe your love in
like it is my oxygen
that softly fills
my infected lungs
to heal them

Your gold that finds its way
through my bloodstream
and transmutes the virus
as you let my cells vibrate
at the frequency of love


Almost Live

When I lie in my bed alone
and awake at night
and my heart catches your heart
broadcasting love
at the other end of the world
Radio waves that come to touch
and stroke me
And almost as if you’re ‘live’ here
beside me,
you lullaby me into sleep


Ancient Wisdom

And somewhere in the woods
where the sun shines magically
through a roof of branches and leaves
two wise owls, two old souls
sit hugged up
with each other on a branch
and they smile peacefully
Whatever may happen outside the woods
Whatever is going on around
the turmoil of the world cannot
truly reach them
For they have the gift of
multidimensional sight
and see clearly, even in the dark
Thus they know that the soul,
know that their love is unshakable


I may post a little less than usual
these days as I am dealing with
health issues

May The Spring Sing

May the Spring sing
all over the planet
may it sing its song of hope
and rebirth
May its gentle breeze
warm the scared and
lonesome hearts
May its light shine
into every corner
find every crack
May the Spring sing its promise
that it will come
that things will change
even when the Winter
is tough and harsh

My love, may we be
the harbingers
may we dance in the forefront
for we have love blossoming
inside our hearts


The Calling

Sing me a song
a soft, soothing melody
to pull me out of fear
and sadness
and back beside you

Back to my place
where I belong
We’ll sing together
of our love
We’ll shine our light
in times of darkness

As we both hear
the call on our soul
the inner song
an ancient tune
to take our place
and stand strong
to share with the world
what’s in our hearts
our treasure of love