That Star

When the night consists of pain
migraines that cut like knives
in the head
and make it hard to breathe
as the whole body contracts
Alone on a violent sea
The shore of the morning
yet far away
then you’re that star in the firmament
that my heart stays focused on



    1. Thanks, David. I’m sorry your wife had such debilitating migraines too! Yes it’s quite a challenge… I suffer from them since the age of five and over the years it has gotten worse to a point that I had it every day and was on heavy meds (injections). Recently, I started with a new, alternative treatment with a homeopathic doctor after I tried everything that I could possibly try. This new treatment gives some perspective again: I’m now without those heavy meds and have 3 migraines per week instead of every day. Although these last days are very heavy again, I’m hopeful that it will get better over time.
      Thanks again for your empathy.

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    2. P.S. It also makes that I don’t always have the space and energy to read and comment a lot on other blogs but please do know that I enjoy reading your poetry and other posts and then see my ‘like’ as an expression of that. I never give likes just for the likes… my like is always sincere

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