She Kept His Heart Safe

Once adults lied
They betrayed
and fooled a boy
into taking
a big, metallic bird
to a foreign land
He left his heart behind
on the other side
of the ocean

Oh boy, oh boy
there was no going back
he was lost
for so many years
Searching for a place
that he could call home

He dreamed of a girl
he had never met
But he knew,
she was out there
somewhere on the other side
her fate closely tied to his

In the years that passed
he sang his songs
and let the wind
carry them far
hoping that
she would hear his call

She heard the melody
within her soul
She sent love
Love, one day,
found him
and built a ship
to take him
once again across
the ocean
and to reunite him
with his heart

And it was the girl
he had longed for
that, all those years,
had kept it safe
for him
within her own chest



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