Don’t Cry For Me, Lisboa

Don’t cry for me, Lisboa
Although I didn’t visit you for a while
Bright city at the river Tagus
You remind me too much of my beloved
and all that is missing
Memories are captured in every tile

Tales have nowhere to go
I have been lost in your streets
and I was nowhere to find
I don’t want to make the Tagus
overflow with my tears
Or fixate the horizon
with my yearning gaze

But don’t cry for me, Lisboa
Wait for me instead
Keep me and my beloved alive
Honour us in your brightness,
in your poetry, in your fado songs
Pray for us in your churches
Cheer on us in the castle
Shine your light on in our hearts

Each night in my dreams
I dance with my beloved in your alleys
We make love under your stars
And one day, when fate aligns
I will return, I promise
to once again pick me and my beloved up



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