A Restless Seeker

There are moments that are perfect
when I feel you so strongly with me
as though you were here
Your energy as a presence
around me and within
That makes me feel complete
and deeply in love

And there are moments when
energy is not enough
And I crave for your physical presence
To feel your arms, your skin
Your body
To hear your voice directly
To smell you and look into your eyes

And then I’m a restless seeker
Cut into two pieces
Soul pain that is physically felt
A body that is homesick
And I could scream, run
look everywhere
for you, my other half
The way Isis sought
her Osiris
The way Juliet grieved over
her Romeo
And then I’m just an earthly
character in our story
And can do nothing but
to wait for angel wings
to save me once again
as they let me rise above
the illusive world



  1. I feel really attracted to this piece, perhaps because of the way it resonates with me now. The declaration of feelings, followed by the ‘craving’ (a good word to use) that affects feelings, then try and be rational only to end up with hope. I know your love will be strong enough for those angel wings to find you Marieke 🙂

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  2. This reminds me of a Green Day song, a particular lyric: “I searched the moon/I lost my head/I even looked under the bed/I punched the walls/I hit the street/I’m pounding the pavement looking/I’m missing you”
    I relate very deeply to this ❤
    I hope your craving is fulfilled soon! ❤ ❤

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