There is this battlefield around us
An army of fears, pain
disturbing thoughts and shadows
comes our way
My darling, we don’t need to fight no more
We don’t need to fight with ourselves, with life
For love is no game of win or lose
Our love, strong and unbreakable,
can never be defeated
So put your sword down and retreat
You don’t need to strive for love,
all is already gloriously yours
Go within and find me there
I retreat and find you too
In our hearts that know
all the answers
that know which way to go
And that, with every beat
pulsate love through us
fluidly and naturally
in an everlasting, connecting,
peaceful stream



  1. ‘You don’t need to strive for love’
    We can learn so much just by pausing and reflecting on this line, or I can anyway 🙂 The love that moves two people towards a relationship is stronger if all seems to come naturally, there is no need for force. Indeed I would say force can hinder not strengthen the bond. I have read your next poem and I was thinking, it is nice to have those three little words, but the love that knows they are always there is also magical. I like it when a line from your poetry stands out for me Marieke 🙂 Long may you write 🙂

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