After The Storm

A storm raged over Holland
It blew everything upside down
My beliefs, my social network
All that I thought was a safe foundation,
is now shattered

The storm took my mind
and shook it up,
let me lose,
all that may not serve
Though it left my heart
with you as its keeper intact



    1. Yes I am. Thank you for your concern, Punam! 🙏🏻❤️
      We had a storm here last night, it was scary. I didn’t dare to go to sleep. It caused some damage, though I wasn’t personally affected. But at the same time there was also figuratively a storm going on in my life that removed some things from me.
      So the actual storm was a metaphor for the figurative storm. A synchronicity.


  1. The worries whilst a storm is raging are scary but after the storm I feel there is a freshness, particularly after a summer thunderstorm. Rather like a cleansing action to give a new start and new thoughts 🙂 🙂

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  2. Goodness! I hope you and your house escaped unscathed? As someone with a phobia of storms, it makes me shiver to think of the storm that caused the destruction in the picture. I hope you’re okay! ❤

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    1. Thanks, I’m okay ❤️ Yes, two nights in a row we had a big storm here. In my area it was even a tornado which is very rare in the Netherlands. There is more storm expected, unfortunately. I am mostly very scared of thunder and lightning. In combination with storm and heavy rain during the night it is very frightening.
      Thanks again for your concern ❤️

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