My Night Owl

Tired of moving through emotions
I lay myself to rest in bed
While I sleep
will you please watch over me
like a night owl
with your wise, sharp eyes
that see me
right through my dreams
Can I curl up
under your loving wings
And will you keep me warm
and safe there
till the next morning


Building Trust

Something in me has freed itself
since I let myself fall free
into your love for me
And for the first time
I truly trust it

I trust there is love for me
and it can never be taken away
I trust there is you,
always there will be you
and your love for me
My only guarantee in life
I thank you

And if needed, if fears return
I will just do it over and over again
With open heart
I will let myself fall free backwards
into your love
And over and over again I will feel
how your love catches me



All those small attachments
hidden in my subconscious
belief system
that come to the surface
to be seen and be freed

Of how I think that things should be
How things should go
How you should behave
Like a leaf that still wants to hold on to a tree
My mind wants to have control
by clinging to those thoughts
and holding on to the old

But this love is so free and so full of acceptance
unconditional and pure in essence,
moving me through
the waters of change
Like a stingray
I flow and let go of the old
to welcome you anew


Tame The Wild Emotions

And the wild emotions come,
Stubborn and overwhelming,
Like wild bulls in the arena
of your inner space
They bring turmoil,
sadness and despair
as their wild legs whirl up
a raging inner sandstorm
that troubles the eyes
and makes everything unclear

But do not jump on them
For they will take you on a ride
leaving you wounded and
defeated in the end
But take a step back
breathe and observe,
see what triggered them


Connect to your wounded self
Heal it
And release

Make the wild bulls your friends
that guide you
to find more inner peace


Humble Words

My words are humble
and kneel down
for they know
I love you more
than they could
ever express
No matter how hard
they will try,
the stunning images,
the metaphors
and beauty
they will use,
they will always fail
and never be able
to picture the love
in all its greatness
and glory
For which in the end
they can only
silently bow


A Place That Can Boast Such Beauty

A text written in Latin on a railing
in the Valkhof Park in Nijmegen asks:


Can you tell me of a place
that can boast such beauty?

For centuries they might have thought
that it was this spot
that overlooks the river Waal
But they didn’t know then
that the place that can boast
the greatest beauty
is located in your heart


Notes Of Love

My dear, what do you want me to write
Do you want me to construct a castle of love
With the strength of my pen
I can write strong pillars
underneath each of your dreams

Do you want me to heal your wounds
with the ink of compassion
Do you want me to write a safe shelter
in which you can rest and hide
for the world
Do you want me to write a rainbow
in the most beautiful colours
A hopeful horizon for the two of us

Do you want me to make you laugh,
make you dance with playful words
Do you want me to write sensual lines
that kiss you passionately
and light up the flame in you
even more
Do you want me to write the pieces
into the puzzle
and connect all single dots

Or do you want me to write,
Just to continue to write
To write further in your heart
all my notes of love



In the center of the wheel
the midst of north, east,
south and west,
Earth, air, fire and water,
I center myself within

And like a lighthouse
I shine my light in all directions
For I’m grounded in,
I’m flying with,
I’m watered and
set on fire by the most
powerful force of nature,
the force of true love


Seek & Be Found

All those restless years I wandered
All those years I searched and yearned
I was lost but didn’t know
who could find me
I dreamed but could not yet grasp it
I looked but could not yet see it
For I didn’t know what I sought
until love found me and I found you


How Love Communicates

You come to me in so many ways
In the songs I hear
In the sigh of the wind
In the shapes of the clouds
that float by in the sky

In an ordinary Saturday morning
while I walk in town
In the kind words of a stranger
In this feeling inside
In an image in my mind
In the smell of a flower,
In the sweet taste of a piece of
apple pie

In all the things
that appear in my world
that remind me of you

In the love that we share that
we send back and forth
throughout the day
That we see, feel, hear,
smell and taste around us
in so many ways


Surfing The Waves

The dark wave hit me hard and deep
and spewed me out onto the land
Leaving me exhausted,
begging for mercy
and gasping for breath

And now, I try to get up again
and let my naked body
dry in the sun
The waters, though rough,
washed my soul a bit more clean

And I look around in wonder
I can still stand on my feet
First thing I notice is
I have you on my heart
even stronger


The Hummingbird

Hummingbirds make their wings
hum when they fly
And I make my thoughts hum
when I dance
They are just a tone, a sound
All what counts
is the present moment

Not to fight, to battle
with here and now
But to move fluidly with it
As peace and connection
with you can be found
in every movement

And I overcome myself
as I arrive at where I am,
at where things are
And hand it over to God
It’s all in the womb of the universe
The stars hold all my wishes

In the meantime
I just need to dance, to hum,
to fly, to sing and to love
and make peace with
the present moment



And she dances
to a sad fado song
that echoes from the inside
and plays along
with her heartache

And maybe the pain
will leave her
If her feet
are loose from the ground
Maybe the clouds
will catch her
If she whirls
around and around

And if she just moves
her body
then maybe
things will move again
If she just closes her eyes
and then opens them

Maybe she will see him
smiling at her
reaching out
his hand
to dance
together with her



The Days Without You

My love, the days without you
are empty spaces,
I can’t fill up with words no more
The days without you
are like sand that slips through
my fingers,
happiness I can’t truly hold
Even the heavy, solid tears
that drop from my eyes
leak through

My days, my hands,
empty, bottomless
as they want to hold you


On The Ruins

The earth shook,
wept, screamed
and burst of pain
The town came down
Only ruins remained
And this morning
it is so quiet that
you can hear tears fall

But why, oh why
does the sun still rise
why oh why does it make
the light dance
that shines on
the broken pieces

It is love that can’t stop to love
that comes as the wind,
strokes her face,
caresses her wounds
and moves her once again
to get up


Down On My Knees

When in the darkest of the night
you lie down on the ground
With swords stabbed in your back
Wounded and unarmed
All what is left is to surrender
to die and to shed
another layer of you
To turn your head to the side
to look at the rising light
of the dawn on the horizon
For there’s a power
much greater than you


Library Of Love

And I look at my work
All the poems, the stories,
the songs I have written
One by one
I catalogue them,
honour and preserve them
in our library of love

Each is a step in our journey,
a piece of the puzzle,
a stone of the cathedral
a truthful testimony
Documented with
the ink of true love


How The Heart Stream Of The Queen Brought The King Back Home

And when the king left
as he went on a quest
to find his own heart,
the queen could not stop crying
Day after day she cried her tears
for her beloved,
each teardrop a drop of love,
a drop of pain,
a drop of missing him

Rivers and rivers flowed
from her eyes
and dropped from the window
Until the people of the land
got worried:
‘Oh queen, you drown the kingdom
with all your tears.’
But the queen could not stop
the showers
that came from her heart

The land got overflowed
by the queen’s waters
Her liquid heartache
had caused a big flood
It reached all the way
to where the lost king
was wandering
And to save his world,
he built an ark

The heart stream of the queen,
all the fluid, shimmering love
took the ship
and brought the king
back to his kingdom,
back to where he belonged
with his queen he found his heart
that he had been searching for

After the queen had cried her last tears
above the land a rainbow appeared
a strong sun dried up the land
and on its fertile ground
the king and queen
built their new kingdom


Love Is A Free Verse

My heart cannot be caught
in rhyme schemes
Its butterflies cannot be caged
Limerick, Sonnet or Haiku
Love doesn’t want to be put
into concepts,
imprisoned in fixed forms
or placed in perfect structures
But it just wants to flow
into a river of
raw, poetic words
for love is a free verse in itself



In a world with so much fakeness
Where a word like ‘amazing’
is outworn and hollow
as it is used all the time
And where ‘I’m doing great’ only means:
‘I don’t want to show you
how I truly feel inside.’
My love, let’s be real together
with true, authentic hearts
for we don’t need to be
anything other than
the real you and me


Sleep Well

On your side of the world
the night has fallen
Just go to sleep
Surrender to the dark
behind your eyes
and fly high in your dreams
Here on my side of the world
I will hold up the light,
hold up the sun for you
and will root you in love


How Are You?

How are you, my love
What’s going on inside you
Please show me around
in your heart and mind
And together we’ll walk
through your rooms

You can even show me
the basement
the dark and the hidden
The thoughts that live there
the strange and the weird ones
the bold and the braves

The memories you stored
in the attic
The dreams you look at
through the windows
The monsters that haunt you
in your sleep

The feelings
of your inner climate
The cold and the hot ones
The showers
and the ones of fear

At all I will look
with a heart full of love
Because my image
on the walls everywhere
tells me
I’m here already well-known


Dancing In The Supermarket

On a lazy Sunday afternoon
The sun shines in the Dutch sky
I enter the almost empty supermarket
They play Nina Simone
‘My baby just cares for me’
And while carrying my shopping basket
I dance to the jazzy sounds
through the aisles
along shelves with bread,
dairy products and meat
And then I’m so consumed
by the vibes of dancing,
That I forget half of the groceries
But who cares
’cause I care for my baby
And my baby just cares for me



Last night you woke me up
I felt your presence
A strong burning
heart connection
with you

Was it the thought of me?
Did you miss me?
Did you send me love?
So powerful
that it kissed me
out of my sleep?

Our hearts are always
to each other
Bridging the ocean,
Bridging dimensions
to connect


Time Traveling

I walk through my city at night
And if I could time travel,
I would go back to 2013
and would walk here with you

Back then we had not met yet
If we only had known
how close we were from each other
how our timelines almost crossed
Did our energies already lightly touch?

How, in 2013, you walked
through my city at night
like I walk here now
You, who came from the land far away
You didn’t know me yet
I was still a girl in your dreams

But if I could time travel
I would already meet you then
I would just take your hand,
walk by your side
look into your eyes
and you would know that
it’s me


Stepping Out Of The Waters

I stand on the waterside
and watch emotions flow
Turmoil moves by
There is so much going on
And yet there is stillness

My feet try to balance
on dry land
Now I have stepped
out of the waters
I’m an outsider

I do not belong to the waters
Nor do I belong to the land
But I belong to your heart
Where I’m always an insider


Don’t Dim Your Light

Like a firefly in the night
A glow in the dark
Her heart shines brightly
Fueled by love

Like a songbird in the sky
A beautiful nightingale
His heart sounds purely
Fueled by love

And then there are others
that have expectations,
Fear, doubt, guilt, shame
and the desire to please
put self-created limitations

But firefly and songbird,
continue to shine and sing
Your flame fueled by love
Let it shine even brighter
And don’t let others
not even yourself dim it


Naked Truth

Take me in your arms
And kiss me
with your skin to mine
I want to feel you,
taste you, smell you
In soul, heart and body

In all that you are
Even in your scars
I see your beauty

Embark on me
And fill me
with your naked truth
I want to feel you,
feel myself
In all our fullness


Come Seek Me

Please come seek me in my poem
In the open space between my words
Where love is breathed in each syllable
Where the unspoken says it all
Where truth is unpronounced
In the silence between two sentences
In the depths under the letters
In the meaning behind the metaphors
I wait for you to be found


Two Kids

We’ll just let our hearts play together
like two kids in the open fields
We leave our minds out
All the blah, blah, blah
All our drama, stories
self-created barriers,
false structures and the karma
They can only watch from afar
How our hearts find each other
and effortlessly know what to do


The Art Of Being Patient

I’ve never met anyone
more impatient
than my grandmother

She couldn’t even wait
for red traffic light
She then told the driver next to her
not to stop but to just drive on,
she would pay the fine

If the clock ticked too slowly,
she adjusted the time

I inherited her impatience
As I’ve never been good at waiting
I always raced at full speed
towards my dreams

But you, my love, taught me
the art of being patient
To wait for you
Moment by moment
Breath by breath

And now I am almost
as patient as a saint
For if it would be necessary
I would wait for you
a thousand lifetimes

(Although sometimes,
just like my grandmother,
I would rather adjust the clock
and jump some timelines)


In Your Music

Before I go to sleep I listen to your voice
that is like a sweet goodnight kiss,
a pillow to rest my head on,
a blanket to cover myself with,
a bandage around my wounded heart

And in tune with you
I am wrapped up like a burrito,
cocooned like a caterpillar
in the soothing sound
of your music



And I roar underwater,
scream in air bubbles,
shout in slow-motion,
cry a sea of tears

Heaven is a blurred image
above me
And the ocean around
is wide and deep

Please help me find
the sunken city of Atlantis
and let us raise
out of the waters
paradise anew