Alive And In Love

My fairy man, please take my hand
and dance with me around the fire
As the sun reaches the height of his power,
Let’s celebrate the light inside of us
The flame of our ever burning love

We dance on the line between Spring and Summer,
on the Solstice when the sun seems
to majestically stand still
We make the longest day ours
We dance through our tears,
through the ‘I miss you’s’ and
the longing for each other
We dance for we are both alive
and in love

I crown you with a garland of
wild flowers on your head
You’ve always been and always will be my king
Crown me too and take me as your queen
like I always was and always will be

May the sun once again marry us
May we wear the ring of light, love and hope
And as the fire reaches higher
May it take all our wishes,
our dreams and our prayers
up into the heavens
And may it be shined back on us