May the tears that flow
from my eyes be the ink
I write with

May all of our pain
be transformed
into the beauty of poetry

May each teardrop
be honoured in a word
A building stone
of our cathedral

May they wash away
the past, the old stories
to make room
for a new beginning

May our tears be
a testimony of perseverance,
a test of will and strength

May they flow abundantly
and make an ocean
to show the whole world
the greatness of true love


Infinite Ways

Every day I discover new ways
to love you
Another angle to love you from
A deeper layer, a different shade
A new facet of the diamond
Another point of view, a new light
Higher in the sky
Deeper in the earth
Diagonal, zig-zag
Upright and upside down
All those new ways to love you
make an infinite universe to discover


Heart’s Desires

Even if the mind is like
a narrow alley
with thoughts that
cage the heart,
True heart’s desires
will always fly up like birds
to find the open sky
of possibilities
and to align with what
they wish for
and make things come true
For if you desire it
Then it’s meant for you


Soul Searching

Hold my hand, my love
as I go deep
in the underground caves,
in the labyrinth of shadows
Be my eyes so I can see in the dark
Be my ears so I can hear the music
on the other side of fear
Be my voice so I can still be heard
Be my feet that carry me
when I can’t move myself
Be my light so I can find my way out
Be you so I remember me


No Mistakes

There are no mistakes
on this journey of love
Every step taken was
needed to move forward
and to arrive
where we are right now

There is no right or wrong
As understanding comes
with experiences
Growth happens
when choosing new ways

For this love that is
much bigger than us
much bigger than our egos
can never be screwed up



We don’t need to become
a new person
or change into someone
we are not
But it’s about unlearning
all the programming,
all the beliefs and conditioning
that society, others, our brain
have put on us

To unlearn the fears to love
To unlearn the false characters
we played in order to belong
and be accepted
It is about undressing ourselves
from all the falsehood
and to dance freely
who we truly are


I Keep Finding You

Wherever I may wander,
No matter how far
I venture out in the world,
I keep finding you
in my heartbeat
When my chest rises to inhale
Every time I Iift my pen to write
my poetry
When I Iift my feet to dance
When I close my eyes to dream
When I open them in the morning

Even when I fear I’ve lost for good
When I’m lost myself
I keep finding you
in all those little signs around me
that remind me of you
In Autumn, Winter, Spring
and Summer
Maybe, because I’ve never
lost you at all


Where Avalon Can Be Found

Avalon is not an island far away
with an unreachable shore,
a myth that exists only in books,
idyllic romance once captured in tales
nor is it a dream that can only be dreamt

Its fruits can still be harvest anytime
Its enchanting magic is still there
Even if nobody believes in it
Avalon can be found every time
we cross the sea of our love
For at the place where our
naked hearts connect, lies paradise


I Feel, Therefore I Know

My mind can find many reasons,
many explanations, obstacles
theories and analysis
My mind likes to linger in the past,
to fear the future, to run in circles
It thinks that, to understand the facts
is to have control

But it’s only, when I sink into my heart,
when I feel you and feel the love
that has no beginning, no ending
that I truly and profoundly know


It’s Already There

What if all that we wish for
our bright future, our big dream
is already there, is available for us
right here in the now

What if we just need to tap into the energies
to feel it, become what we want
to let it roll into our world

Then, there’s no need for impatience,
for worry, for fear,
no need for needing,
for grasping and chasing
for we know, it’s already there
and it’s all ours


Your Heart Will See

And he said:

Can you trust me
as much as you love me
Can you trust me
so truly that even,
when you don’t see me,
your eyes won’t look for me
They won’t go after me
Your eyes will let me be free
and won’t try to capture
For you know,
when I’m not before you
I’m behind you to hold you
When your eyes cannot see me
then your heart will see


The Antidote

The rose drinks from the poison
of self-doubt
She shrinks and becomes very small
Her petals are hanging down
And all the demons laugh at her

There’s only one antidote to save her
She needs to look up
She needs to let the sun of true love
cleanse her from all the poison
in her mind, the fears in her stem
And then, the light of love
will make her grow again



Throughout her life
she fought many battles
She grew strong like a tree
that stands on its own
and can’t be blown over
Yet, her heart remained
vulnerable like a blossom

Always, she carried a sword in her hand
Ready to protect and to fight
She was a warrior, a brave knight
And to have that precious sword
was often a matter of life and death,
her only means to survive

And now,
She stands before her beloved
and looks into his beautiful eyes
She sees the sun, the moon and the stars
She looks into the universe
She sees the earth
She sees all that he is
and hands over the sword to him
She allows him to hold it,
allows him to be the knight

Naked she is without her armour
She surrenders to him
and allows him to hold her
She sinks deep into his arms
softens and curls up
against his chest
as she trusts his strength,
trusts his arms to carry her
to the moon and back
and all over the world


Blue Tits

This afternoon three Blue Tits
came to visit me
They stayed for a while before
the window
and sang happily their songs

They say that the Blue Tit is
a good omen
as it represents trust, true love
faith, loyalty and good luck

The male bird creates the nest
and then attracts a female to it
through its singing
Like you, my love, once enchanted me
and sang me right into your arms

Blue Tits are loyal
and committed to each other
for the rest of their lives
Sometimes they fly out
though they never fly far
and they always return home



When we say goodbye to old times,
When challenges, experiences,
lessons come up
When the energies are intense,
Know that those are only there
for us to grow and expand
and to help us shift deeper
into our hearts, into this love,
as we walk this journey together
every battle won, every truth spoken
every time we stand up,
every choice for love
is a step closer to home


If The Moon Could Talk

If only the moon could talk,
She would tell you about
all the unwritten poems
that I’ve gazed up into the sky,
all the ‘I love you’s’ that
I’ve whispered into the dark,
all the prayers, all the wishes
that I’ve sent out into the night

Or maybe, she would only smile
and would tell you, every time
she appears to be seen by your eyes,
by the brightness of her glow
how much you are loved



It’s Halloween inside
The skeletons come out of the closet
Fears take me on a spooky ride
Phantom thoughts show their teeth
Vampires knock on the door
Old wounds are being ripped open
Old memories resurrect from their grave
Shadows come to haunt me
But your voice sings a sweet lullaby
and in your arms I’m safe
as I let love conquer it all


My Grounding

I feel you growing in me
You get stronger
Your roots grow deeper
and deeper into my base
and ground me within myself
When I tend to fly too high
When I float on emotions
When a hyena tries to grab me
You are a tree that I can lean against,
that I can trust to have my back,
that gives me the strength
to stand up for myself
and that always protects me
with undying love


Neither Of Us Is Left Behind

Two silhouettes run, dance
through the dark
towards the light
As they hold hands
they almost seem to fly

They want to be on time
to catch the dawn,
catch their dreams
and live their love
For they know
Now is the moment
Not yesterday,
not tomorrow

But right when they think
that they will make it
and there is nothing left
that holds them back
on their way,
she falls down to the ground
and finds herself lost

She starts to fear
The golden sun will soon rise
Its rays will show the doorway
Did he run further on his path
without her
Did he leave her behind
in the dark
Is he ahead
She screams for him:
My love, where are you!!!!

But then she hears his voice
right next to her:
I’m here, I’m always here
By your side, where I belong
Give me your hand
We can only reach
the horizon together
On the path towards the light
Neither of us is left behind


Get Up And Dance

When I’m down
on the ground
Take my hand
and pull me up again
Let’s just continue to dance

I’ll take your hand
and lift you up again
Let’s jive, let’s twist,
let’s shake
let’s free dance

As long as we dance
there is nothing
to worry or to fear
The dance floor is all ours
Our hearts have the lead

And it doesn’t matter
how many times we fall
if we just get up
and dance on
to the love tunes
of the soul


Rocket Science

Since this love is rocket science
Do not think about it too much
Do not try to understand
But trust what has been entrusted
to you by the universe
and make your rocket ready
for take off
Outside the earthly gravity
I’ll meet you among the stars


Storm Of Love

I don’t want to stop these words that are blowing from my pen and that just want to come out and fly, whirl fiercely and move the air They don’t want to be interrupted by a dot or any punctuation Not even give space to a white line in between or make room for any interpretation A strong breeze that blows all ego fears over With one breath one stroke of the pen they make a tornado They take the stage take the whole paper It is no rage no thunder but a storm of love


I Recognize You

They can put you in a crowd
and place hundreds of people
around you
They can give you another look,
and cover you up
They can blindfold me,
Yet, I would recognize you
by the beating of your heart,
the whisper of your soul,
by magnetic love
Like I’ve found and recognized you
Lifetime after lifetime


The Dutch Tulip

The Dutch tulip moves in the wind,
dances around in the fields
and makes them look colourful
People from all over the world
come to look at her
Though her heart only belongs
to the American flower, the rose
When she and he meet each other
their scent, their colours merge
Dutch grounding and the
American dream blend,
as they make the fields burst
orgasmically into Spring


Where We Reside

In the soft bed of our hearts,
the gentle cradling of love
In dancing poetry
In sparkling magic
In the beauty of roses
In blooming desire
In melodic, touching songs
In the shine of the moon,
the stars and the sun
In always, eternal and forever
In this moment
That’s where we reside together



Many eyes look at me
But do you see that my eyes
only look at you

Do you see that they radiate
poetry just because they look at you

Do you see that the spotlights
shine on you and me
and that true love makes the show
go on and on



I felt you so strongly here with me
as though we both had stepped
through the veil
and our bodies touched
You wrapped a cloak of love
around my shoulders and pulled me
against your chest

It was more than a daydream
More than a wish or a desire
I saw by knowing, by feeling it
And in all those deep feelings
of love, passion, peace, harmony,
joy and laughter
I am united with you


I Sing My Song

And I sing my song
A song of a love so deep,
so eternal, so wide, so far
that it reaches out to you
to wherever you are

It makes the sky shower
glitter and glamour,
The heavens are my stage
The stars make a staircase
that brings me to your heart

Will you join
in a duet, in a harmony
Will you sing back your heart
up into the heavens and
right here next to me

Two voices that
find each other
in a grand finale
of true love


Moulin Rouge Finale ~
Come what may…
I will love you until my dying day

Video clip on YouTube watch here

The Wind Blew Them Together

And on the shore
she looked out over the sea,
she dreamed,
she flew on the wind
and danced her poetry
like a lighthouse
so that her songbird
that had flown out
from the other shore
could navigate his way to her

And she danced for days
and days became weeks
Weeks became months
Until time didn’t count no more
for all that counted was love

The songbird had a tough journey
through stormy weather
though he was determined
for what kept his wings,
his heart beating was love

And on a day out of time
the songbird saw land
and there he found her
or did she find him
as the wind of love
blew them together


The Chicken Or The Egg

Sometimes, it’s hard to know
what comes first
is it the feeling of love
or the thought of you

For when I think of you, I feel love
And when I feel love,
I have you on my mind
which makes me love you even more
And then the thought of you
becomes even stronger

So maybe, you’re both
the chicken and the egg
at the same time


Tarzan And Jane

It is a jungle in my mind
and I lie in the bushes
in my safari outfit
looking through binoculars
to observe what’s going on

Monkeys jump up and down
and back and forth
Elephants stomp on positive thoughts
Snakes try to poison me with fear
And a cacophony of birds
drown out the voice of my heart

Shall I Iift my hunting rifle
to destroy them once and for all
and restore my peace of mind
Or is it useless anyway

No, I have a better idea
Instead of fighting the wild life
Let’s play with it and make friends
My love, take your clothes off
Let’s swing through the jungle
of our minds
as Tarzan and Jane