If The Voice Of Love Would Tell Our Story

If the voice of love would tell our story
It would speak of two hearts that once met
Eyes that recognized each other
As forever lovers of true love

There was and is a deep heart connection,
a sacred, fated soul bond
And even though,
there were some obstacles along the path
Their love grows stronger and stronger
And with their swords of truth and love
each battle can be overcome


Stop The Stories Of The Past

Stop the stories of the past
We don’t need them any longer
Our characters have grown
We can write new lines
every moment

When your mind starts to wander
Bring back your attention
to your heart
Feel me, feel our love
For it’s the only thing that’s real

Don’t let your mind be the narrator
but let the voice of love speak


Make It Move

And I stand still
I stay where I am
And wait for you to move
in our dance
As now, you have the lead

I am not going anywhere
As there is this cord
between my heart and yours
Even if I’d like to leave
I’d pull you with me

You are not going anywhere
Even when you tried
You ran from your heart
But your heart came after you

There is a tango playing
And the flames in our hearts
reach already high
for each other

Only your feet now,
that need to step
your arm, your hand that
will make it move


I Advertise Our Love

I let my poems fly out
in the world like birds
They all sing of love

I smile it to the people I meet
I live it through kind words
and a helping hand

I draw it in snow,
wave it in water,
Let my heart radiate it
And paint it in the sky

I dance it in the earth
Let it flame with fire
Everywhere I go
I spread and
advertise our love


Everything Reminds Me Of You

Here on the treshhold
of the night
I turn on the radio
There is the sound
of the Armenian flute
with its melancholic tunes

And in slow motion
I see us dancing
in small, subtile moves
Everything reminds me of you

I think of your dark brown, sad eyes
and wonder,
Are they still tied
to a history
that wasn’t yours?

And then my dark brown, sad eyes
we both tend to hold on
too much
to stories of melancholy


A Special Poem

My fairy heart flies out tonight
to bring you a special poem
You can feel it on your cheek
In the language of a gentle kiss

It will rhyme with your heart
as a metaphor of love
Its meaning will deepen itself in you
And will leave you speechless


In The Whisper Of The Wind

And in the whisper of the wind
I hear your voice
You’re so close, my love
We walk on the same land
We breathe the same air
And we feel the same cold on our skin

You lead me within
My heartbeat drums the love
I walk along with it
And the music it produces
comes from you

If you keep still, my love
And you listen carefully
Your face in the wind
Can you hear my voice,
my music too?


A Brave Heart

It takes no effort
to find the sun
in an unclouded sky
But it takes a lot
to find him
on grey, cloudy days

It takes courage
to brave the storm
and find peace within
to float on rough waters
and find balance
while surfing the waves

It takes a brave heart
to love against all odds
when there is nothing
to hold on to
but the truth in your heart
combined with blind faith


Conversation With The Moon

She cannot sleep
She is awake
And seeks the moon for company

‘Moon, how come
that you are separated from the sun,
the day is separated from the night
And I am separated from my beloved?

Why is the world that cruel
that an ocean can divide
the land in two
And the sky is that wide
and dark
that stars get lost in it?’

‘My dear, you look outside yourself
and see the world in two
You think the sea can split
But if you would look inside
you would see as one
your beloved and you

And stars shine that bright
that even if they would get lost,
In their shine
they would find themselves


Inner Child Healing

With my inner eye I saw a boy
It was your inner child
The little you had
a play hammer of wood in his hand
and monotonously and rigidly beat
on the same spot with it
He bit his teeth
I kneeled down with the boy
And asked what he would like me to tell
He showed me how he kept his
frustration, anger and pain inside
How adults and other children had hurt him
I told the boy it was okay and he was safe
to express all his suppressed emotions with me
The boy screamed and cried and jumped
Until he had released
I took him in my arms

I then saw a little girl with my inner eye
It was my inner child
The girl was sad
and was blowing bubbles
She showed me how she tried
to reach out to others
by messages of bubbles
but how they bursted and dissolved
And never got feet in the world
She wasn’t seen and heard
She couldn’t reach others
I told her she has her poems now
And those are not like bubbles
But together with her I planted
her poems in the world as solid trees

I then saw how the little boy and girl
The little you and me
happily ran towards each other
They were free and open
Peace had been restored


To The Raven

And she goes outside into the garden
to the black raven that caws
on the fence and asks:
Oh raven, with your strong wings
and your shining feathers
Can you please help me out
I am searching for my beloved, everywhere I looked
In my dreams, in the open sky,
In every step I take,
In every corner, every street,
In every teardrop
But I can’t find him and now,
I am lost
Can you please seek my man
I’ll give you a piece of my heart
To be sure you find the right one
This part will perfectly fit into his
And then please tell my man
he is loved and he is missed


Out Of Tune

The sky misses the sun today
My feet can’t find their rhythm
Even with the flower in my hair
my smile won’t blossom

Every song I hear seems out of tune
My clothes don’t fit the weather
My words don’t have a melody
And my arms lack you

I miss you more than I could say


Wild Love – The Tornado

We tried to tame our wild love,
tried to domesticate it
and to adjust it to what we knew
As it came as a tornado
and it blew us both away

You then thought that the love
went crazy
since it seemed out of control
And everything in and around us changed

But maybe it is not the love we should tame and adjust
But the tornado is there to adjust us to the love
And it will whirl and stir up until
we are as pure and wild as our love


To The Temple

And together we go to the temple
Where we kneel down
Golden light shines upon us
I take your hand and pray

May both our hearts be fully free
May love flow abundantly between us
May all fears, all worries be released
Every blockage be removed
Our tears be healed
May we be fully open to each other
and meet again in tenderness
May we be blessed
May love be all there is and all that
will ever be


Wild Love

I was born a wild rose
But then got tamed
in a garden
with borders around
I forgot how to dance
And let thorns grow

Your sunlight
reawakened me
to my true nature
You made me remember
my wild heart

And with you I return
to the fields
to dance together
this wild love
we have
for each other


I Am With You

When you were bullied as a child
When the teacher beat you,
only because you believed in your dreams
When you moved to a country
where you didn’t seem to fit in
and you felt lost for so many years,
When you lost your dear ones,
When you felt betrayed and misunderstood
All the hardships you went through
All the times you walked in the dark,
Please know, my love,
You were never alone
I was always with you,
holding your hand,
by your side


Never Give Away Your Own Authority

And in the forest the bird was searching
For the answers to the
Why’s, the how and the when
She encountered several birds
that told her their opinions

And she thought:
‘They know better
As that one is bigger than me
And that one is older’
But in fact they never told her
more than what she already knew inside

And then there were birds
that asked her to sing
songs for them
And as she liked to please,
to have harmony,
or she thought, she owed them something
She often said ‘yes’
Although there was a ‘no’ inside

There were also birds
that wanted to take over
her place in the open sky
They said:
If you don’t like to fly there,
Just let us do it for you

She noticed
that those other birds
all had pieces of her
And she had allowed it
She had given away her authority

Until one day she decided
to call back all those pieces
She would not give herself away
like that no more
She would stand in her own authority
She would fully trust en follow
her own heart song

Even if that would mean
she needed to take flight
without the others,
without support, without any likes
and on her own
For she knew in the end she always has
herself, her beloved and God
by her side


I Never Knew

I never knew I could love like this
That my heart could dance
And my soul could write
I never knew there is poetry in eyes
And depth in an embrace

I never knew there is a world
behind the stories
And a door could be opened
to an infinite source of love
that creates

I never knew stars could shine that bright
And a rose could be that strong
Heaven is on earth
And it was there all along

I never knew
Until I met you


The Warm Breath Of Inspiration

Outside the rain is falling
It’s a dark, cloudy day
But here in my house of poetry
I only need to connect
to you, to our love
to let the warm breath of inspiration
blow her words around me

Words that are yet
flickering lights in the air
But I sit down,
drink a coffee
Curled up on the couch
And then,
they will eventually land
in me and make a poem


One Thing We Know For Sure

My love, I say goodnight to you
The curtains of the day
have been closed
I said my prayers
I made my wish upon the stars

And now,
sleep is calling me
The fairies are waiting me
to take me with them
into my dreams

I hold you closely
in my heart
I cuddle up to you
by loving thoughts

And we may not know
what tomorrow will bring
But one thing
we know for sure
Our love will still be there
when we wake up



And like a tree
I stand in the wind
My feet on the ground
My arms, my branches
are open to receive
As I blossom on love

My beautiful singing bird
come land here on me
Your heart’s song
will be heard and be echoed
As each of its tones
has its equivalent
in me


Under The Shower

And under the shower
I wash away the burden
of the night
and its headache
Hot water runs down
my body
and merges with tears
While its noise fills my ears
I close my eyes
The lamp on the ceiling
is like the sun
its rays shine down on me
I connect with you from within
And see the beauty of pain
For my tears tell me, tell you
How much you are loved


In The Sky I Write The Stars

Here in the dark
in the oldest town of the Netherlands
Where Romans paved the ways and
streetlights shine magically upon me
My writer’s eyes see us walking there
Two lovers that smile at each other

Come take my hand, my love
We step into our fairy tale
My pen is the magic wand
Our imagination is the gateway
I write us into our kingdom
My poet’s heart creates a palace
Our eyes shine like diamonds
And in the sky I write the stars


All That We Are And More

I am your wild rose and dance
playfully around you
I am your exclusive queen,
majestically and strongly I am yours
I am your fairy woman
that makes your dreams come true
I am your sexy Moulin Rouge girl that
passionately seduces you
I am your girl of poetry
that surrounds you with her songs of love

You are my king of love and strength
that has his throne next to me
You are my sexy guitar guy that plays
all my strings
You are my tender man of song that sings
straight into my heart
You are my fairy man, the man of my dreams
You are my man of beauty, the one and only,
that can’t be caught in words


I Put A Rose On Your Heart

Your beautiful heart,
it opens itself more and more
Vulnerable it feels
Breakable almost
Like a chick that steps
out of its egg
into a big,
overwhelming world

You put your heart to sleep
for so long
Safely in a box
you stored it
But when our eyes met
it awakened
And now it wants to break free
For what it has seen
has renewed its hope

I put a rose on your heart
It will protect you
And it will cover you
with my love


What Can I Say, What Can I Do

My love, tell me
what do you want me to do,
what can I say
so you will be less afraid
to let your heart fly out to me

Do you want me to make
a safety net with words of trust
Do you want me to strengthen
its wings with songs and poetry?

Do you want me to paint the sky full of love
So your heart will know where to go?

Do you want me to stay where I am
to shine my light
So your heart finds the place to land?

Do you want me to heal my own fears
And if I heal mine
I help you heal yours?


Heart Talk

All day long
I talk with you through the heart
Through the line
between your heart and mine
I whisper words of love

We speak feelings,
images and dreams
and exchange kisses
back and forth

Through the heart we talk
Through the heart I see
your eyes gaze at me
My eyes gaze at you
As we say
more than words
through this line
between our hearts
and its magical


Here In My Land

Each step you take
here in my land
May you feel me

From the sea in the west
to the woods in the east
The waters in the north
The hills in the south

May you hear
my words of poetry
sing and dance
all over the land

May each town welcome you
As though they are
my wide open arms

Here in my land
Where snow is falling
A cold wind is blowing
May you feel my warmth
glow in your heart

May my land be your land
The sky the roof
And the love our home


Your Soul Came Out Of Your Eyes

When you stood before me
And I looked you into your eyes
Your soul came out
And I saw
so much beauty
so much depth
all the treasures of your heart

I saw you for who you truly are
All the facets of your diamond
All the rays of your light

I can’t unseen what I have seen
Although sometimes
you don’t want me to see that much

For I see all of you
I see what nobody sees
Even with my eyes closed
And from a far

But maybe it is not me that sees
too much
but it is you that sees too little
when you look at yourself


A Wooden Doll

The muscles of my back and neck
are stiff and aching
I’m like a wooden doll
and can’t move no more

I am trapped in my body
Stuck on my bed
The tides that have thrown
a fish onto the land
And the fish has nowhere to go

The only thing that is fluid is
the waves of sadness rolling
through me
My ocean of longing for you
And I can only dance my way out
by poetry


An Unstoppable Force

Do you feel how the love flows
between us
Regardless where we are
This stream between your heart
and mine

How the love is stronger
and bigger
than any wall we may build

No continent that can split
No mile that can separate
No word that can block

Even if we build dams or fences
the love breaks through it
with its unstoppable force


In My Loving Arms

You are yet above the clouds, my fairy man
Your wings are spread

You came from far,
travelled all the way
from the land of the sun
to cross the ocean
And soon you will arrive
in the Dutch Winter cold

My fire is lit here for you
Let me warm your body
by my kisses
Your hands between mine

Tell me your stories
Your words will be welcomed
one by one

The journey’s been tough
Lay your head on my chest
Come and rest here
In my loving arms