The Fruits Of Avalon

My love, I take you on my boat
to Avalon
The island where apples grow
all the year round
We don’t need to fear abundance anymore
No fruit that is forbidden
The love that we tasted
The apple we once took
The snake that awakened us
It was a love that we first had to
grow strong enough for
Our hearts had to heal and expand
We had to travel solitary
on rough, dark seas
through the underworld
of separation and duality
in order to find back the light of our Avalon

And now that we have shown
that we can hold such a love
with dignity and grace
We can taste all its fruits
and don’t need to fear no longer

My love, we can be naked again
Pure as our fruits
Please, lay me down on a bed
of rose petals
and make love to me
with all what is in your heart
Let it be a dance of love and passion
wild, sweet and tender
We reunite the heavens with earth
and enjoy all the fruits of Avalon