To Be Found

Forest creatures gather
around the wildwood flower
as they watch her tears glimmer
in the light of the moon

‘Oh dear wildwood flower
why do you look so sad?
After all that you have given –
you gave the earth
your dancing footsteps,
the birds your songs
your troubadour your heart
you gave love your poems
you gave and you gave
and now it’s finally time
to happily receive

The waters, the air are flowing
towards you to bring your troubadour,
to bring good news

Is it almost too good to believe
and do you doubt that
it is really meant for you
that not only the woods, the birds,
that your troubadour matters
but that you matter too
to be loved, to be respected,
to be cared for, to be cherished?

Dry your tears and get up
you don’t need to get lost,
to wait or to search anymore,
But now, it’s time to be found

by your troubadour
by happiness
by love’