And when the night fell
and all was dark
not even the stars
that showed themselves
in the sky
the wild rose standing alone
in the field, could not see
it anymore:

‘What if the name ‘a wild rose’
was never meant for me
What if I’m just a nameless flower
in the shades
Not seen, not shined upon by the sun
What if the sun doesn’t smell
my scent of love
And all that will ever be
are all the others and me just me
What if the poems written on my petals
won’t be stroked by his gaze
What if they just wither’

The wild rose sank to the ground
with her heavy heart
Pain made gravity pull even stronger

But then a night owl landed
beside her:
‘With my eyes and ears that can
see and hear in the dark
I saw your self doubt
and heard your lament
Do not overthink your heart,
dear wild rose
But let your heart overfeel
your mind
If you can’t see it outside of you
then see it within:
how special the love is
you are made of’