Full Body Experience

And I cry
not just with my eyes
but with my whole body
A fluid ache of missing you
that flows like a turbulent
river through me and that
fills the emptiness
where your hands,
your arms, your body
should have been sensed

And I yearn for you
I yearn with every fiber
every cell
that calls your name,
calls you to my temple
An unquenchable fire
that rises up the spine

And I love you
not just with full heart
and full soul,
also with full body
As if every spot,
every piece of it
is a tangible expression
of my love for you
that can be sensed
that can be tasted
that can be smelled,
heard, seen and



  1. Your thoughts and pen must explode most days with such passion. This is a beautiful testament to the love you hold inside and out for that special one. Beautiful work, MS.

    Liked by 1 person

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