I’m Not Gonna Miss You

I wake up early in the morning
when it is still quiet and dark
I blow a kiss across the ocean
and wish you a merry Christmas
I close my eyes and find you
in my heart

I Iight a few candles
on the breakfast table
While I listen to ‘Ave Maria’
I bake bread in the oven
The smell of it fills the house

And I hear exciting children voices
My two sons have woken up
And I thank God that
their Christmas childhood memories
will be much better than mine

We have the days for ourselves
We are free to do whatever we like
Maybe, we will visit a palace,
have an ice cream
or do some ice skating in a park

And although I could miss you
(and I do, oh God, I do)
I’m not gonna miss you
I’m just gonna feel you here
with me



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