Closer Than We Think

Do you long for home
like me
For our bodies to connect
Our arms to entwine
Our eyes to lock

Sometimes it feels so close
that you can already taste it,
smell it, sense it
As if you only need to reach out
your hand to open the door

And at times the mind may
fool the physical eyes
and it may look like home is
miles away, a world apart
And the journey seems so long
and exhausting
You seem lost and you wonder
how long it yet will take

And sometimes, it feels like
you have arrived
and you are home
You feel me, I feel you
As if we’re already there
And you taste me, I taste you
You smell me, I smell you
In the arms of the heart
we have enclosed each other

Home is here, my love
It is waiting for us
Do not let your mind,
your eyes fool you
But feel it, taste it, smell it
and our feet, our hands,
our arms, our eyes will follow


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