To Love Fully

You handed me a gift
It was wrapped in several
layers of paper
It took me many years
to unpack it

At times, when I took off a layer
and I got a glimpse of
what could be inside,
I got scared
and again, quickly covered it

At times, I even put it aside
stored it on a hidden shelf
But it always seemed to
catch my attention
and to demand my
devotion and courage

The more layers I removed,
the softer it felt
and the more love glowed
from inside

Until I was brave enough
to fully face it,
to not run away from it no more
Until my eyes were strong enough
to handle its brightness
Until my mind had become
humble enough to serve
Then I took off the last layer

I saw that you had gifted me
my own heart in all its beauty
and purity
You had made me unpack
its ability to love wholly and fully
And there, I found you inside


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