It’s The Heart That Makes A Queen

She looked at her beloved, her king
Then looked at herself and said:

You seem to have so much
and I seem to have so little
The words with which I build
my poems are not perfect
My house of poetry
doesn’t look perfect either
Does that make you
a big tall tree
on your high throne
for everyone to see
and to be admired
and me just a small wild rose
hidden in the grass

The king kneeled
down before her,
took her hands and smiled:

You don’t have little
You have the whole world
inside of you
We both are two tall trees
that reach for the sky
and dance gracefully in the wind
And we are two wild roses
that colour the fields
with their love
It is not about the perfect words,
the perfect clothes
with which you dress
yourself up
But it’s about the light
that shines through,
it’s the heart
that makes a queen,
it’s the heart
that makes a perfect poem


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