Throughout her life
she fought many battles
She grew strong like a tree
that stands on its own
and can’t be blown over
Yet, her heart remained
vulnerable like a blossom

Always, she carried a sword in her hand
Ready to protect and to fight
She was a warrior, a brave knight
And to have that precious sword
was often a matter of life and death,
her only means to survive

And now,
She stands before her beloved
and looks into his beautiful eyes
She sees the sun, the moon and the stars
She looks into the universe
She sees the earth
She sees all that he is
and hands over the sword to him
She allows him to hold it,
allows him to be the knight

Naked she is without her armour
She surrenders to him
and allows him to hold her
She sinks deep into his arms
softens and curls up
against his chest
as she trusts his strength,
trusts his arms to carry her
to the moon and back
and all over the world


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