Roar Love

You look in the mirror
and you see a scared cat
instead of a brave lioness

You think you’re small
unworthy of love
You doubt yourself, you doubt life
And want to hide in a corner
till life passes by
and just forgets about you

But you came here to love
and be loved
And be that lioness
Do you hear your own heart and his
calling you out?

How can you fight
and stand up for love
if you allow your own thoughts to mutiny
if you allow your mind not to respect
the authority of your heart

You may think there’s something
wrong with you
’cause that’s what others told you
But the brighter your light shines
the more it will light up their darkness

Does that mean there’s something
wrong with the light
Or do they just see their own shadows?
Who has tamed the lioness inside
was it you or the others?

Roar, lioness, roar!
Roar in poetry, roar in dance
Roar love and let it silence your mind


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