Treasures Of Beauty

When we met, you dived into my sea
You found my treasures and
showed them to me
I could not believe they were mine
I let the tides take them as if
they didn’t exist

I dived into your sea
I found your treasures and
showed them to you
You thought they weren’t real
You threw them back
and walked away from the waterside

Though we both could not unseen
what we had seen
Now we knew what was
deep down in the sea
We could not just float
on the water surface
or look the other way

So then I took the leap
I dived into my own sea
to seek my treasures
You had shown me they were there
And indeed, I found them
and recognized them as mine

You too returned to your sea
and dived into it
to find back your treasures
But this time, you could see
they were yours and real

And when we met again
proudly we showed each other
our treasures
I gifted mine to you
You gifted yours to me



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