The Clumsy Fairy

She was a fairy that looked
for a tale to fly into
She searched everywhere
but couldn’t find a tale that suited
Until she saw one in which
her dream prince walked
She jumped from above
right into his arms
Though the prince was shocked
and started to run
She chased him and screamed:
‘Please stop, my dream man
come to me, I want you’
The poor man was overwhelmed
and said: ‘Who are you?’
She said: ‘I’m the fairy
and you need me in your tale
to have a happy ending
But besides that, I do love you!
And besides, besides that
I’m the one who makes the stories
How come that my lines,
you don’t follow?’
He answered: ‘Because I’m a fairy man
and I have my own magic
Sure, we can together make
a happy ending
But first, I need to know
if you truly are my fairy woman
Show me your magic!’
Thus the fairy started to write,
she wrote more than 1000 love poems
But when she was finished,
she looked around and saw
that her man was on the ground
so much love had completely
made him pass out
So quickly she kissed him back alive
But then because of her nerves,
accidentally, she kissed him into a frog
Though she didn’t care
for she loved him unconditionally
And it was a good opportunity
to kiss him again and again
until she found the right spell
to kiss him back the fairy man
who now was convinced,
after so much magic,
that the clumsy fairy truly was his



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