Ripples Of Love

Come my fairy man,
we go deep into the woods
Where white butterflies flutter around,
robins sing their song for us
and trees wave with their branches
as we walk together
to our sacred pool of love
Look into its water with me
Do you see those two reflections
in the mirror
You and me, he and she
The masculine and feminine
The more we balance them
within and without,
the more the water of love
merges them into one
Yin and yang that flow
into each other
Clearer becomes the water
Purer become our hearts
Let’s walk into it together
We let our bodies bathe
in each other
Your yang surrounds me
My yin takes you in
Lips find and unite
And every touch,
every kiss makes a ripple,
has an impact
and causes us to grow
bigger and wider in love


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