Take Your Pen

My arms lie on my desk
My head rests heavily on them
‘Take your pen and write,’ an angel
whispers in my ear

‘No, I can’t do it anymore,’ I reply,
‘I am too tired, the journey is too hard
My heart is full of sorrow
And it doesn’t matter, whether I write
or not
He knows I love him more than
anything in this world
When my words knock on my door
I will just let them sing silently
within me’

The angel whispers:
‘Take your pen and write
Words that knock on your door
need to be written
Your voice that sings within you
needs to be heard
An angel that whispers in your ear
needs to be listened to
For it is your own soul that pushes you
to do what is right
You cannot run from your destiny

Take your pen and write
For your pen is your sword of truth
It is your magic wand
Love needs to be written
And light needs to shine’



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