The Composition

The piano starts to play ‘Für Elise’
a composition Beethoven once wrote
for a girl he wanted to marry
but was too shy to ask
And while this music plays
we zoom in on a scene
in the Dutch countryside

It is the 14th July, some years ago
It is a sun shiny day
and in an idyllic, green landscape
with an old farm barn and cows
and horses around,
another musician meets his girl
They look each other into the eyes
Like they have done it already many times
But this time they seem to find
a whole new universe
as they merge with one another

And a lot could have happened
They could have done and said
so much more
Like they both have dreamt
this moment over and over
But just like Beethoven
he was a bit shy
and instead of telling his girl
Later he wrote a composition to
express what he feels for her
and to play and sing for her
what is alive in his heart



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