My Magical Kisses

My kisses are like my pen
They are my magic wand
And can take you wherever you wish
Do you want to be my king
I kiss you a crown
And with the next kiss
a horse and a cloak

Close your eyes
for this kiss is intense
Then open them again
And see how I’ve kissed you a castle

I kiss you some fireworks
on the inside and above us in the sky
The heat of a summer night
And fairies sing around us

Taste the love on my lips
Lick the sweetness from them
It will enchant you and bring you
in higher realms

I kiss your dreams come true
And kiss you into
a thousand and one tales
Let us take this wild ride
And then after a while
I kiss you back on your feet
And only we know
the magical stories
and where we’ve been



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