Remember Your True Essence

Oh wild rose, why do you have
all those heavy teardrops
on your petals
that make you unable to move
in the wind
Did you forget about your wild nature
Do you miss so much your beloved
that you forget he has special powers
and he can be with you in the blink
of an eye

Just call in your fairy man
In fact, he is already there
For he never truly left
It is your mind that put up barriers
That only your heart is able to cross
Let him sprinkle his magic upon you,
Kiss each of your petals
His lips take away those teardrops
Let him caress your stem,
pull out the roots that are still
in old stories
and nourish the roots that grow into your dreams
Just look into his eyes
and let him reflect your true essence
Let him remind you of your wild nature
And then I’m sure you again
will start to dance in the wind



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