Deer And Stag

The deer in the forest has put
her words like strong beacons
around her
To protect herself and to light up
the way home for her stag
The small animals on the ground
may think she is so strong
and invincible
but often she just stands with her big brown eyes
shaky on her legs
And then she is so scared that her stag
won’t find her
That life will send predators her way
and obstacles she can’t overcome
That she will be trapped and lost
in the forest forever

Oh dear deer just trust and relax
Squint your eyes and look
through the veil
See how an army of angels is there
to support you and your stag
And to bring you back together
as divine love is always divinely protected
You are both loved and safe
Just play around with the butterflies
Continue to dance and to write
For there is magic in the forest
And love itself will find the way



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