Your Perfect Imperfect Love

And I want to do it all so perfect
on this journey with you
I want to write the perfect lines
Say and do the perfect things
Be your perfect woman,
be your perfect love

But please will you still love me
even if I screw up
if my words do not rhyme
if my English fails
and I say the wrong things

Will you still love me even if
I’m out of tune,
if I stumble and I’m clumsy
If I do not look like a queen

Will you still see my beauty
even if I’m messed up
Will you still love me if I’m just
imperfect and then
can I be your perfect imperfect love?



  1. Perfection is perception and little more. If you decide your true love has to meet too many requirements then they may always fail. I’m not a big supporter of ‘love at first sight’ either. I think love is shared and grows, and continues to grow, if nourished. Then that concept of perfection would involve two people not one. So that is my perception 🙂 🙂

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    1. True love isn’t about perfection. and it is unconditional. I know and experience that. But sometimes some fearful thoughts may arise and this is just an expression of that.
      Thanks for taking the time and effort to comment

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