On A Bench

My fairy man, you sit on a bench
in a park in Utrecht
With a melancholic heart
you write poems in your notebook
Some stay on the page
Where others flow into a melody
and find their way to the strings
of your guitar

You sit under the trees
It seems you are lonely
You drown in the past
and look for me in memories
You reminisce about what you have lost

My love, look up
I’m not in those old films,
you rewind in your head
you can find me in the now
Look how close I am
as I cuddle up to you on the bench

Just dream and write, my poet
I trust you to shape our world
of love
away from the past
and to write us a new future



  1. I like the past, present and future elements that you put together. I smiled quietly at the Park Bench theme 🙂 I do like the way you express the present and how you can be found. Will the ‘fairy man’ reappear? 🙂

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