A Funky Poem

At the start of this poem
I turn on some music, a funky beat
And then we dance together
we move the words, as if
they are our bodies
And we dance the lines
We turn and twist
and let letters touch each other
Come a little closer, hold my waist

Let those words dance, my love
Shake your hips, move your feet
Let this poem spark, my love
Shine your eyes, light your heart

Set poetry on fire, my love
Move my curves, move my hips
Let your body rhyme with mine, my love
Lead my heart, lead the verse

And even if around us
it may seem a mess
It may rain and storm and
things collapse
We just dance as our love
has got the rhythm
Our feet find their ground
and we just funk



  1. How do you make funky sound so sensual? Ask Marieke seems to be the answer 😉 Some of your more recent pieces feel as if you’ve turned up the heat and the temperature is still rising. Lovely work. Touch of envy here 😁

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