A Virgin White Page

A virgin white page before you
Your name written on it
Like you long for a new start
You own the story
But you don’t know yet what to
write or how to portray
the visions you have in your heart
Are they still too naked,
so much you and as pure
as the white of the page
Are you afraid to be seen
so bright
Or do you wait for the new,
for the blank page
to be filled up by me

My love, let’s take together
our first steps on the white
We make the page our dance floor
Just secretly when nobody watches
Just you and me
And we leave our footprints of pure love



  1. I think you are more than capable of filling the page for both of you. I love the image you have used here and such a pretty invitation to end the piece with. I usually see your work in the mornings, but today was a chemo day, but nice to return and read this piece. Your writing always full of hope, longing, and sometimes playfulness. Enjoy what remains of the day 🙂

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