Into The Real

Oh my storyteller, sweet daydreamer
My man of make believe
My lyric sorcerer,
Draw me in front of you
Paint my contours
Sing my colours
Fantasize my moves
And make me come alive
Do you want me to kiss you
Just let me kiss you
You can imagine me
to do anything you like
My wizard, make me dance
through your dreams
And then go a little further
and use your magic
to manifest me right there with you
into the real



  1. A beautiful and most enticing poem Marieke. The mystery is never a mystery for those who see through the mask. Wizards can indeed dance and kiss when released from caves, but sometimes you have to go and get them. You are so open in expression, for me there is usually a boundary as writing gets closer I tend to resort to the privacy of email. Have a wonderful day. I worked on a piece about faith this morning, a very different approach 😉😉😉

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    1. Thank you very much, David!
      It has been a whole process to become so free and open in my expression/ writing. A long journey. And sometimes my own nakedness in my writing still scares me. But I just write from the heart and I don’t want to build dams in that flowing river 🙂
      I’m curious to read what you have written about faith. Have a wonderful day too!

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