The Mirror Of My Eyes

You stand before me
Please, look into my eyes,
look into their mirror
see what they show you
see your own reflection in them

Do you see that man
with his beautiful, pure heart
A man that is loved
beyond the moon and stars
Do you love him like I do?

Do you love his flaws and his struggles,
his gifts, his talents, his body,
his mind and his soul

Do you love the child in him
his past, his path
how he once came from far
the man he has become

Do you love all what he creates
Every song, every poem
every piece of art that he makes
and that is all part of him

Look a bit better, look deeper
Can you see now, this man
that is reflected in my mirror,
that this is you?

See how the love sparkles and flows
from my eyes
Can you now receive
From yourself, from me?



  1. Marieke, this piece is awesome, going far beyond simple expression of love. I was drawn to read it through several times, almost drinking each line in. Wow! That is some deep expression there 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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