Strings Of Attraction

Is it my pen that pulls the line
that is tied to your heart
When I let my words dance
before your eyes
Do they draw you to me

Is it my body that wants to touch
and be touched
That wants to taste the love,
ground the love,
live the love on its skin,
sense it with its hands
feel it under its feet
as solid earth to walk on
Does my body radiates
its desires as far as the ocean reaches,
all the way to the other shore

Or is it your heart that longs me closer
The tides of its waters
that pull my ship
inwards to the depth of its sea

Or is it your mind that dreams
me to you
Your thoughts that manifest
what they yearn for
Is it my mind and my heart
that pull the strings

Or is the call of the soul
we both hear
that calls us home?



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