Poem 999

What shall I write in poem 999
Shall I take you to a beautiful meadow
where we dance and we sing and we laugh
Colourful wildflowers all around us

Shall I kiss you with words of love,
let your eyes touch the hills and valleys of my body
and put a campfire underneath this poem

Shall I put on little lights in the sky
Stars that shine upon us
We can hold each other tightly
and make love under the moon

Shall I tell you again
how much I love you
Even if I already said it 999 times,
I could never say it enough
999 poems, almost 1000,
though I’m still not done

For as long as there’s
me and you, there’s love
And there’s ink to write
So the story will just
go on and go on

In this beautiful meadow
On a bed of wildflowers we fall asleep,
smiling in each other’s arms
And when we wake up
under the rays of the sun
that shine on our hearts and our
we just make poetry



  1. I think that I could be at risk of being addicted to your poetry. There are some very sensual moments in this piece that reflect your love. Your king must be pleased to have such a consort 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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