I watch trains arrive and leave
Passengers come and go
People walk into my life
and then all of a sudden
they are gone

Clouds float by
Time passes
Seasons change
Birds fly over
Poems find their way to me
and then they’re forgotten

And even we are not the same
no more
We aren’t who we were
when we first met
Much did we learn
But what is consistent
is the love that bonds us
as its only change is growth



  1. Because I have a feeling for being nomadic (I should have had Romany ancestors, or Bedouins) I rather like the life where people walk in and out and leave many memories. Having a number of friends who will walk the same path through the rest of your life is also important, and I am grateful and joyful for having such friends. There is never an ending to meeting new friends, however that may occur 🙂 🙂

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  2. What is more beautiful than holding hands and walking ahead in life, changing together, even expressions of love changing…but not love itself. Again you’ve expressed simple truth in simple words.

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