The True Depth Of Togetherness

I have opened my petals for you
The sweet scent of love
is calling you home
I feel you get deeper and deeper
in me
as I desire you on all levels
in the depth of your emotions,
your body, your mind, your soul
in the depth of all your desires
of all that you are

And I embrace you
even closer than before,
Go deeper into my heart
And enter my wildest,
my truest and rawest depths

In intimate creation
we whirl, we wave, we merge,
we flow, we lighten
As we connect
deeper and deeper in love



  1. Brilliance with parts that are so sensual but the line that stood out ‘your body, your mind, your soul’ an embracement of love that is so much more than physical. A wonderful piece 🙂 🙂

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