Mijn Lieverd

I’ve written in several languages
poetically about you
Most in English as it is
the language we share
But I also wrote in German,
and in melodic, sensual French
I took you into a fado song
and called you ‘o meu amor’
in Portuguese
And in Dutch, my native language,
you are ‘mijn lieverd’ and ‘mijn lieveling’
And maybe, one day I’ll also write
in Spanish and in Italian

From all the single languages
I’ll take the best words,
the most beautiful
timbres and colours
But still, the best language
to express myself to you
is the palpable language of love



  1. So true… you can take all the words in all languages and it will still be impossible to perfectly describe love. Excellent!

    Liked by 1 person

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