You Colour My Sea

In an ocean of millions of drops
You are the only drop for me
that shines brightly among all the others
And colours the whole sea

In a field of hundreds of flowers
You are the only flower
that catches my eyes
And makes my heart bloom

In a sky full of stars
You are the star I gaze at
And wish upon



      1. I once sent someone a text with a Samsung phone and put emojis in it. And shortly after that that person (it was for work) called me, slightly upset. It turned out he had an I Phone and in the transmission his phone had made totally different emojis of it. It made the message really weird. So since then I am a bit careful with emojis as I learned that they can suddenly have their own life, so to speak. Man, they went out of control!
        Conclusion: it might be not such a bad idea to keep it basic

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