My Acropolis

First you need to climb up the hill
Your head in the clouds
to find my acropolis

Only you have the keyword
to unlock the door
and to enter my holy temple

Athena guards the portal
First speak your truth of love
to have full access
to all that is yours

Inside Aphrodite resides
Together with Freyja
She stokes the fire of love

Oh my apollo,
See me waiting for you
at my altar
Let’s dance
into higher realms
To find the highest peak
of the Olympus


When All Elements Come Together

Eyes that recognize
And do a soul dance
Sealed by an eternal kiss

Air is exchanged
We breathe inspiration
into each other
Love as the force
that keeps us both alive

Heart to heart
The waters of
feelings and thoughts
flow into each other
Rivers in motion
When love becomes liquid
and deeper undercurrents
have been touched

Dormant fire ignited
that has awakened us both
We know, we remember
It’s been you and me always
Flames burn higher and entwine

My earth to your earth
Female fertile soil
and male solid rock
Two bodies unclothe
become their naked truth
And root sacred love on earth



In the light of my sword of truth
I can see the darkness even better
The owl on my arm makes me see
deeper than my eyes could reach
Courageous is my heart
My sword may be sharp
but is compassionate

Justice shall prevail
The truth of soul will reign
and will liberate you
from the darkness of the mind

My sword penetrates reality
and makes you see
everything for what it is
Love as the only thing that is real

I have Nike by my side
Victory is always near
For those who believe,
who are true to themselves
and choose love


Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin

There is no place like home in Irish
Literally: there is no hearth like your own hearth

I ride my horse along the Irish
coastline on the green cliffs
The fog that comes from the sea
makes drops of moist on my skin
Or do I feel my tears

Every day I ride to the hightest point
and watch the bay, the ocean
Many sailors left the land
Many never returned
The wind tells the tales
of the goodbyes that were said
the hearts that were broken

I never said goodbye to you
I left the door open
They told me to forget you
But how could I forget the other part of me

Every night I pray
and ask God to bring you back
I ask the wind of the four directions,
the fairies of the woods,
the spirits of the trees,
the angels from above
the fire within me,
that it may never fade
but burn brightly
to be your lighthouse
when you conquer stormy seas

Here on the green cliffs
Spirit gave me the visions
to keep hope alive
to keep my blood running

The mist gets thicker now
A veil of smoke around me
But the cliffs taught me to trust
my heart more than my eyes
My horse that follows
the direction of my thoughts

I see a figure emerge from the fog
I hear a singing voice
A man on his horse
Is it you?
Are you even real?

Did you hear my call
Can you see me
through your spiritual eyes
I knew your heart would always lead
you back to me
And one day you would return
to taste the fruits of home
to warm you with its fire

I knew you would


Be In Me

Be in me
as my courage when I feel fear
Be in me
as my rainbow when I lose hope
Be in me
as love when I just want to be loved

Be in me
when I miss you
And fill up the gap
from within

Be in me
when I’m lost and I seek
Let me find me in you
and you in me

Be in me
when duality and separation
knocks me down
Let me feel
there is no you, no me
But there is us
and we are always
together and one


Even Out Of Dark And Dirt Beauty Can Grow

Under a roof of roses in my garden
I drink my morning coffee
write my poems, dream and
look at the stars and moon at night
I cherish those beautiful flowers of love
I wear them proudly in my hair
And they make me smell of roses

I thought my roses bloom so beautifully
because of all the love I feed them
How wrong was I….

One evening when I took a shower
suddenly all the water came up
from all the drains in the house
and as well from the toilet

In a panic I called a repairman
And already quickly he made the diagnosis:
the problem was in the sewage
outside under my garden:
The roots of my rosebush had grown
into the pipe and had caused the obstruction

So all the time I had thought
my roses grew on love
where in fact,
they grew on shit

Though it does give hope
Even out of dark and dirt
beauty can grow


Nothing More

I don’t need a castle,
A white horse, a fairy tale,
poetic words, golden skies
Soft grass to lie on
Flowers at our feet
or the sound of the river
in the background
But I just want your arms
around me
your heartbeat to sink in
and nothing more than


1001 Nights

When daylight fades
and the night falls
come sit with me under the rosebush
I keep you warm with my tales
I light up my magic lamp
we look at the stars and
I tell you my 1001 wishes
and how my desires shimmer in the sky
Each is a tale and sparkles my magic upon you
While the sweet scent of roses
caresses your nose
And you feel the light touch of my hand on your arm,
look in my glittering eyes
and read all those 1001 and more nights
I want to spend with you
And know that Arabian nights
are passionate and long



We dug deep
to explore all the layers of us
and to expose them one by one
The outer curst was solid first
with rigid tectonic plates
We used to wear them as masks

But underneath things were more liquid
And hidden undercurrents
and seismic waves could make
the upper layers shake

We dug even deeper
And the deeper we went
the more the temperatures increased
The magnetic fields pulled us
Forces we couldn’t resist

Until we reached
the deepest depth of love
And we both melted
in hot burning magma
that could only go up
In a fountain of lava
the volcano erupted


At The Sacred Pool Of Love

Here in the woods
at the sacred pool of love
I wait for you while
the moon shines upon me

I defeated the old evil witch
who enchanted me to eat
from her illusive candy
I broke the spell
battled with demons and shadows
to find my magic,
my own healing powers

I left a trail of bread crumbs for you
to follow the path home
But hungry birds took them and
ate them all

So then I made a trail of
pieces of my heart and yours
Our hearts that shattered when
our physical paths parted

If you follow the trace
and pick them up
You’ll find me
And our hearts
will be once again whole


It Is Not What It Seems


A still image on the surface
Like nothing happens
and all is hopelessly the same

But underneath
It moves and whirls,
heats and waves,
streams, vibrates
What cannot be seen
though can be felt

Under Winter’s death
Spring grows, tingles
And brings the earth in motion

Silence that asks for patience,
that asks for trust


Little Suns

I take both your hands
And stroke their palms
A kiss on each

Those little suns in them
Of give and receive
That have channels
to your heart
May they be balanced
in what they take in and bring out
And care for themselves

Your hands that craft
May they create
more and more
and make all your wishes,
all your dreams tangible

And know that
while one hand explores
and touches the world,
the other one is always
safely held by me


Strings Of Attraction

Is it my pen that pulls the line
that is tied to your heart
When I let my words dance
before your eyes
Do they draw you to me

Is it my body that wants to touch
and be touched
That wants to taste the love,
ground the love,
live the love on its skin,
sense it with its hands
feel it under its feet
as solid earth to walk on
Does my body radiates
its desires as far as the ocean reaches,
all the way to the other shore

Or is it your heart that longs me closer
The tides of its waters
that pull my ship
inwards to the depth of its sea

Or is it your mind that dreams
me to you
Your thoughts that manifest
what they yearn for
Is it my mind and my heart
that pull the strings

Or is the call of the soul
we both hear
that calls us home?


The Infinite Blue Sky

Those two scattered clouds
that float in the sky
They both seem lost
In the way they fan out
they try to connect to each other
With white long arms
they dramatically yearn
May the wind bring them together
May they release themselves
from all the heavy moisture they hold
and may they merge as one
in the infinite blue sky


Crystal Tears

My love, rest in my arms
Let me hold you so closely
My naked body as a second skin
around you
that protects you from
the fierce wind that blows

Your tears, just let them flow
on my skin
Each is a crystal
Each holds the memory,
the longing for love
In each I see the mirror image of me

See how they slowly run down on my body
My fertile soil that takes and
transmutes them into gold
See how we both make roses grow
and bloom with those tears
and create our meadow of love,
our heaven on earth


Poem 999

What shall I write in poem 999
Shall I take you to a beautiful meadow
where we dance and we sing and we laugh
Colourful wildflowers all around us

Shall I kiss you with words of love,
let your eyes touch the hills and valleys of my body
and put a campfire underneath this poem

Shall I put on little lights in the sky
Stars that shine upon us
We can hold each other tightly
and make love under the moon

Shall I tell you again
how much I love you
Even if I already said it 999 times,
I could never say it enough
999 poems, almost 1000,
though I’m still not done

For as long as there’s
me and you, there’s love
And there’s ink to write
So the story will just
go on and go on

In this beautiful meadow
On a bed of wildflowers we fall asleep,
smiling in each other’s arms
And when we wake up
under the rays of the sun
that shine on our hearts and our
we just make poetry


Separation Is An Illusion

Here we stand
with this etheric veil between us
I see you so clearly
Do you see me?
Our fingertips that touch each other
The veil is so thin now
Do you feel my breath on your skin
Your lips almost touch mine

Do you hear my whispers,
my longing thoughts
I hear your desires
Do you feel this energy
that takes us,
that blends the two of us
Do you feel this love

It never was a dream
It’s not this that is an illusion
But what is illusive is the veil
As in fact, there never was
any separation
Feel within your heart
Not even your own skin
that separates me from you


Your Special Magic

Oh my man from overseas,
my beautiful muse
from the far land of the sun
Did you bewitch my pen?
For I write and I write
all day long in trance
I don’t even know
where all those words come from
Except that they flow from my heart
Did you do your special magic
that makes me think
all the time about you
and makes me feel this extraordinary love
My fairy man, please
will you never ever break this spell



I lay my head to rest
and curl up in the intimacy
of these words of love
I send to you
Those tender cuddles
wrapped in paper of
love letters
Your name handwritten
in gold on it

When you receive
and unpack them
find me there
hugged between
these words and
curl yourself up
next to me


Understanding Duality In Order To See Above

My strength, I have gained it
Not just by walking through sunny,
peaceful fields of flowers and bees
But through brutal battles and dark nights
When merciless swords were pointed at me
and stabbed wherever they could

I have gained it while being beaten,
kicked, tortured and locked up
I have gained it in moments
of deep despair while facing death

I gained strength, not in my armour,
my muscles or in my masks
and defense
But in the openeness and softness of my heart
For only by understanding the darkness
I could truly understand love and light


You Made Love To Me With Your Eyes

You made love to me with your eyes
You let me find everything I needed
everything I ever wished for
in the depth of their ocean

You embraced me with the portals to your soul
They undressed me
layer after layer
and saw me for who I truly am,
right into my core

They pulled me to you
They kissed me fiercely
ignited my fire
Burned their mark forever in my heart
Naked and pure I stood in front of you

Your gaze entered me
filled me with its tingling starlight
touched me into my deepest depth
Your eyes that saw me beautiful
made me a goddess
They lifted me up
Poetry exploded like fireworks in the sky
As your eyes made me find
true fulfillment
in my purest, my wildest self


All Is Well

If you feel lost
Then find yourself in my arms
Lay your head on my chest
And listen
to the poetry in my heart
How it sings of you as it oozes love
how you are safely held in every beat,
embraced by the loving space in between

Find yourself in its comforting rhythm
In its desires,
the rise and fall and rise of its tides
In its playful melody, its warm timbre
Just flow on the waves of my breath
And know, all is well


My Audience

And I am free to write
whatever inspiration whispers to me
From the well of love
I draw my words
As I don’t need to please anyone
I don’t need to think of
what readers may like or not
It’s always just you
I have on my mind

And you’ve always been
enamoured of every word
that flows from my pen
Your eyes and your heart
as my audience
make that my words have
the best fanbase
they could wish for



I watch trains arrive and leave
Passengers come and go
People walk into my life
and then all of a sudden
they are gone

Clouds float by
Time passes
Seasons change
Birds fly over
Poems find their way to me
and then they’re forgotten

And even we are not the same
no more
We aren’t who we were
when we first met
Much did we learn
But what is consistent
is the love that bonds us
as its only change is growth


Lucky Stars

How lucky you are
to be the one and only star
my eyes are fixed upon
while I let my poems
shimmer in the sky
and serenade you my love

How lucky I am
to have a star that shines
solely on me
and each night sings
his songs
in which he makes me a star
the rays of his voice reach
all the way to me

How lucky we are
to be both lucky stars
that only shine that brightly
for they are lit up by love


Create With Me

I am your Freyja, your Goddess
I liberate you from all your
‘musts’, ‘shoulds’ and ‘don’ts’
We ride the waves of pleasure
shamelessly together
We are free and only belong to our love

Fertile is my ground
Create in me, through me, with me
Touch my poetry deep within
and make it come alive

Trace my lines, my curves with your fingers
I flow in the form of your hands
I vibrate to the song of your heart
Celebrate each part of my body,
make it dance with yours

I am your warrior
I strive our way tirelessly
high into the sky
And as we unite fire and water
we make a lightning bolt


Will You Be My Spring?

When it is Winter inside of me
My garden bare
Words hidden
Pain goes underground
and deep
Then will you be my Spring?
that melts the dark and cold
Will you come over me
warm and soft
will you entice me
to come out to blossom
in the light of your eyes
under the touch of your hands


Stay At Home

And while she wanders in the woods
the ravens caw to her:
‘Oh girl, why did you leave your house of poetry
And now walk lost here in circles?
Go back, you need to be at home
for your man
Always leave the light on
And don’t go outside and chase shadows
Stay at home, in yourself,
Stay where your soul resides
so he can find and you can receive’


We Keep In Touch

You often said:
‘We keep in touch’
And only now I understand
its true meaning and depth
Our hearts that stay
in touch with each other always
as you are in my heart
and I am in yours
Every step I take, in all what I do,
all what I see and hear,
my daily encounters, my adventures
every moment
if I live it from the heart
I live it together with you


After The Storm

A storm raged over Holland
It blew everything upside down
My beliefs, my social network
All that I thought was a safe foundation,
is now shattered

The storm took my mind
and shook it up,
let me lose,
all that may not serve
Though it left my heart
with you as its keeper intact


On Loss

And the oak stands weary
in the rain
as it has lost so much and
so many

Some leaves just drifted away,
Some leaves the oak itself let go
And others were roughly taken
by the wind

Yet, it still has its own stem
And there is the hope,
the soothing promise
of the songbird to return
to make once again
of the oak’s branches his home


Enchanting Voice

Your singing voice entices me
Sounds that first fly around,
move the air and then
stroke my skin

Tunes playfully kiss my ears,
charm my heart
and warm me from inside
to enchant every part of me

And I let myself
willingly be carried away
by your voice
into your musical sanctuary
where I’m all yours


The True Depth Of Togetherness

I have opened my petals for you
The sweet scent of love
is calling you home
I feel you get deeper and deeper
in me
as I desire you on all levels
in the depth of your emotions,
your body, your mind, your soul
in the depth of all your desires
of all that you are

And I embrace you
even closer than before,
Go deeper into my heart
And enter my wildest,
my truest and rawest depths

In intimate creation
we whirl, we wave, we merge,
we flow, we lighten
As we connect
deeper and deeper in love


No Defense Needed

Such a relief and freedom
to be like a wild flower
People look at it
and may say that it is ugly or beautiful
One may say its colour is red,
the other may call it pink
But the wild flower is just the wild flower
And doesn’t feel the need to defend itself
It let people have their opinions
and their projections
while it continues to dance in the wind